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  1. Far from it. The next person that posts usually doesn't care what kind of music he/she listens to.
  2. The title says, "What does your forcing session look like?" My answer: It's not something you should...look at. XD My forcing 'schedule' is passive force when I feel like it and active force if I'm really up to it. I could start in the early mornings, especially because break's coming up...that would be a good idea, yeah.
  3. Okay, I'll admit, I guess I was dead. :P NO NOT LIKE THAT! XD Anyway, Shirai and Louie have been very interactive as of late. I haven't tried posession yet, but I did talk to (or lurk upon their conversation) someone with a very developed tulpa, and they were telling me all about the joys of it. Another thing. Recently--starting last month--I've been doing hypnosis. By that I mean I've been using a hypnosis file from a wonderful hypnosis community. Here, I'll give you a hint on what it's for: Think Twilight Sparkle's family, brother to be exact. I'll fill you in later.
  4. Me: You know, you're getting more and more like your fictional sister. Shirai: I don't have a sister. Me: No, no--'your' sister from the show. Shirai: This isn't a show. Me: You're confusing me. Shirai: You're confusing ME! D:
  5. I only wish. The next person likes fast-paced music.
  6. So...I'm not dead or anything. Recently, personality happened. Shirai's become more of a wisecracker, but still awesomely cheerful. Louie seems to like napping, and he's mellowed out. By mellowed out I mean he's less of a jokester.
  7. Thanks, I was hoping for that. :D Agreed. Haha. I just walked in the other day and there were yellow scribbles all over it. XD In other news, Midori is no longer Midori. His form has changed to that of Kuroko Shirai of A Certain Magical Index. So now I'm calling him--well, her, now--Shirai.
  8. So, recently, we colored the wonderland yellow. With crayons. Well, actually, it was just Midori and Louie. I can visualize them both better now, and without closing my eyes (which was a problem when I was mowing the lawn). In other news, I read that one depressing PR (The Baptist Tulpa one), and, well, it was depressing. Although, I don't think tulpae go against Christianity, being one meself. How can a creation of your imagination be of the occult? (I just wanted to put that out there. ;) That's enough psuedo-psychology coming from me, I guarantee you that when I sound like I know what I'm talking about, I don't. XD) I has question time. So, theoretically, could a tulpa, accessing your memories, help me learn the hiragana kanji alphabet faster if I have seen charts for it?
  9. Just a small quick update. (Hey, that actually made sense given the context of the post up above. XD) I asked Louie and Midori what they thought about what I was reading and they thought it was crazy. TVTropes for reference. Then I said it was hilarious to me and they looked at me funny.
  10. I was taking a nap during band camp today when I wasn't playing. Then I realized that it would be an appropriate time to force. I would have gotten more done had it not been so loud (it's band camp, whaddaya expect?) but it did confirm one thing. They're vocal! I asked them if they were vocal, one at a time, and got a response in Midori's voice (it wasn't really a word, unless 'mm-hmm' counts) and Louie responded with a distinct yes before I got done with the question.
  11. Sounds like it's coming along really well. I like the idea of what you said when you were talking about Red for the first time. :)
  12. I'm glad you're making progress! :) I myself have a little bit of trouble with what you mentioned about tulpae and thoughts, but since neither of my tulpae are yet vocal, then I can't really talk here. But they use body language right now, so I can sort of relate. :3 Good luck!
  13. I can't put the cape on Louie anymore unless I'm concentrating. Don't know if I should be sad about that or not. Anyway, yesterday our new youth pastor was doing his first youth group session thing whatever, and I decided to kinda retreat to my wonderland and use what I was seeing as a TV screen. I asked Midori what he thought of the pastor, and he just smiled adorably like he always does. Louie's body language said something like 'meh'. I told him he was probably going to turn out to be a good pastor. Then I realized that if Louie said that, then I gave him access to my memories. This was something of a big step, because I laid them out in a Gaia Library-like format, but I didn't notice those two actually doing anything with it until now. :D I also did a little bit of passive forcing in History this afternoon, but nothing really happened. :<
  14. I've never done possesion or anything like it before (Midori is one month old and Louie is a couple weeks old anyway), but Destiny sounds awesome. Just realized that this was pretty recent. So this happened today? Sheesh. Fill us in if anything else like that happens. :3
  15. It was the Sausage MLP Forums.