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  1. You were right. i explained that i was just confused and stuff, i feel bad for killing it now.Killing something you created is hard, but when you think they are sending you creepy voices in your head you just dont know what to believe.I feel so stupid right now. Now then, on with getting a new username. i cant believe i actually believed that >dick Deleting account, thanks for tha help everyone. <3
  2. Thanks. You saved me from becoming stupid beyond belief. 100k internets for you. Edit: 1 last question, sorry, If i reanimate my tulpa back, will it get bitchy at me?
  3. So you are saying im not going to get possesed by something i created? Also, I want to know if its safe to make it physically reappear or not, because the guy said i should do that.
  4. I swear to you, i am not a troll. i am simply asking if i was misinformed.
  5. seriously guys, im not crazy, i just want to know the truth.
  6. Okay, i know i might have been told wrong, but i actually did it...i killed my tulpa. It all started when i was chatting online with someone, when i started hearing voices, not from my tulpa. I dont know its possible, but i think it got stuck inside my mind. The man i was talking to happened to be a psychologist and told me that im going to be taken over by the tulpa and that it cant die, and is trapped in my mind now. I am starting to doubt this, but then again, he was a psychologist. Yeah, i know you might think im crazy because of my name, but hear me out, i am scared to death right now. Please help me. He also told me i was going to die soon.