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  1. Yeah can we get the script because there's no way I can find the time of the day to listen to someone talk for hours on end without losing interest? Would also be useful for people who have difficulties in hearing or are just plain deaf.
  2. We really need a rule against posting things off-site unless there's a really good reason for it. This is smelling like an ad for your blog and that's gross. Also probably more like an article instead of a guide or tips and tricks material. Possible dangers in here with the usual "think happy thoughts!!" method of dealing with issues that actually doesn't deal with issues. Meh.
  3. Or more like don't listen to tulpa001's extremely unscientific and outdated models. Anyway, you have one more s?he in there you might want to fix, but otherwise it's definitely approvable I'd say. Approved for Tips and Tricks.
  4. General tag is only for tulpa creation guides. This one should use the Misc tag instead. Bundled memories: It's quite acceptable in English to use "themself/themselves" even if not a plural when talking of a person of unknown sex. You can definitely go with him/herself or something if you wish, but you could also go with something else. Similarly instead of saying "she" in your guide when talking about a tulpa whose gender you don't know, you could say "them" or "their" etc. Picking a gendered pronoun and sticking it is just fine too, though. Or s/he or something. This goes for both of your tips. Start of the sentence should start with an upper case letter. Also you speak of a "her", but you have yet to define it in your guide what you mean with this. I assume you mean the tulpa, so you should probably write that instead of her. Like, "send it to your tulpa…". Though "show" might be a better term to use than "send". Guide sections aren't really for your personal experiences, but as this isn't just pure personal experience, there's some leeway. Personal experiences can be useful in guides, after all. Just consider if you want there to be more of your personal experiences in a tip meant to help others than the actual method itself. Dream staging: You mention that it uses switching, but I can't really see where it would do that based on your explanation? Alright, so. As is trying to aim for a more scientific community and have some basis in science, talking of a "the subconscious" is not really the way to achieve that. Especially when you refer to it as something like "the" subconscious, which makes it sound like a place or like, a single thing or entity. Subconscious is also a word that has been taken over by various new age-y stuff and always has been very poorly defined, so it's not a good word choice. Scientific communities talk of "unconscious" things rather than "subconscious" – but that doesn't mean "the" unconscious is any better, because it brings with it the same issues. The ancient models of these "the" subconscious places are very outdated and don't have much of a place in our current models. Think hard what it is you are trying to say and see if you can work around that or just say you're talking of unconscious memories or thought or desires or feelings or whatever it might be. Did you intend to use the question mark here? Steps like these can be difficult to explain, sometimes just stating the basics is clear (like I'd consider send/show in your previous tip even without any extra explanations), but giving more space to the tulpa might not be quite to simple to most. Just giving an example of symbolism doesn't cut it here, as it's too personal. Do you have any non-symbolic ways you think you could explain this step to the readers? Keep in mind that there are people who don't have any experience who also read these guides, so some things can be quite difficult to grasp at first to them. How you follow that step also is quite personal despite it being a pretty important next step: don't write about what you did or felt, write what we should do. If you think adding what you also did or felt is useful, go ahead – but it's something extra, not the whole thing! Same thing about the personal experiences as in the comment about the last tip, plus the stuff about "the/my subconscious". The conclusion adds some nice extra things to consider. Overall the first tip is written better, I feel. Basically approvable at this state, though think of the suggestions. The dreaming tip has some weird pseudoscience and too personal touches in it that I think you should work on.
  5. Those of us who have been around longer will understand concepts newbies won't, because we've most likely felt/done them ourselves or at the very least heard someone else propose the idea. But we have to also make sure they're understandable to a wider audience, even a complete outsider with no previous experience of anything like this. Symbolism can of course be added to a guide and it might help some understand the idea even better, but first you have to explain how to do it without. If it's about symbolism or no symbolism, the method with no symbolism will be understandable to more people than the symbolism method. But nothing stops you from having both of them, the best of both worlds.
  6. Then please resign from the guide approval team if you are not going to uphold the standards. You are just hurting the writers by giving out mixed messages and the others who are trying to make sure that the guides and tips that are approved aren't just personal symbolism bits. If you approve this, you would literally have to approve every other guide of pure symbolism that is submitted, as long as it's written in understandable English. That would be the end of GAT, because then the approved sections would be pure garbage where you have to dig deep to find anything useful, just like they used to be when we just had one board for guides and all the good bits were mixed with crap. A lot of crap. You know, the reason GAT was created in the first place, to filter the personal and the useless stuff from the good stuff. We wouldn't be needed if we're just going to return to that.
  7. It's less so about the method and more about how it is written. You can't ignore the balloon symbolism, it literally is the only thing we are given. That isn't acceptable, a reader is not supposed to jump through hoops to try to understand what is under the symbolism. That is the writer's job. If you start accepting guides that are literally nothing but symbolism, you start filling the tips and tricks section with stuff like "got trouble concentrating??? Just imagine you are in photoshop and there's noise in your layer and you delete the layer and you're done!", which is way too personal and not useful. If you want to be a useful GAT member, you need to keep an eye out for stuff like this and push the writers to reconsider their message.
  8. Well... It's simple, but I'm sure someone can get some use out of it. Approved for tips and tricks.
  9. Approved for tips and tricks. There's just one odd capitalization issue here: >Using the cellphone increased my overall Forcing time, even if was in smaller chunks through out the day. Why Forcing?
  10. To all GAT members approving this: this is pure symbolism and thus not approvable in its current state. Beatles, there might be an actual tip in here somewhere, but it's currently buried under symbolism. Symbolism is fine as an extra thing or an aid to an exercise, but it can't just be symbolism. You need to dig deeper into what it is you are trying to tell us, remove the symbolism and write that. Your current balloon symbolism can be added as an extra suggestion.
  11. Well, not sure if I'd say most of them use a d20 and most of them don't have higher being better, either. Though usually it is the case. You get to use a wide variety of dice if you play plenty of systems. Did make me think... About your coin flip method. You could have an alternative where depending on how good a character is at something, they get to flip the coin multiple times and count the heads as successes which are then compared to a target number. A bit more interesting than a 50% chance, in case they don't have a die on hand. Could also be throwing more than one d6 if you want more outcomes. Could have the fabled snake eyes and boxcars be something extra special failure and success wise. You wouldn't need something different for each possibility, though.
  12. There's just one submission board, we figure out where the submissions should go as we review them. The last gaming guide was in Resources, so I'd put this one there too. It had the Forcing tag, so it might fit here. If not, then Misc. Overall this one's fine. Few odd phrases and stuff: Creepy implication. Say host rather than human. Why? When? What is the basis for this claim? I think you might want to look at this paragraph again and rewrite it to be a bit more like the tulpa one right after it. A bit of a wonky sentence. "Tulpas who are not fully developed can quickly gain independence…", perhaps? Choosing one pronoun to use for an unknown person is fine, though often "they" is used instead of he or she as a gender neutral option in English. Up to you if you want to use that. For the dice section, usually in PnP games it's nice to also have a great success that has better outcome than expected, not just a normal success. Right now your d6 has 1/6 chance of succeeding without any issues in any case, too. Is that too harsh?
  13. Afraid I've never bothered to go that far as there rarely is anything interesting on anyone's profile page and everything necessary can be accessed directly from your posts, but sure.