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  1. Yeah can we get the script because there's no way I can find the time of the day to listen to someone talk for hours on end without losing interest? Would also be useful for people who have difficulties in hearing or are just plain deaf.
  2. We really need a rule against posting things off-site unless there's a really good reason for it. This is smelling like an ad for your blog and that's gross. Also probably more like an article instead of a guide or tips and tricks material. Possible dangers in here with the usual "think happy thoughts!!" method of dealing with issues that actually doesn't deal with issues. Meh.
  3. Or more like don't listen to tulpa001's extremely unscientific and outdated models. Anyway, you have one more s?he in there you might want to fix, but otherwise it's definitely approvable I'd say. Approved for Tips and Tricks.
  4. General tag is only for tulpa creation guides. This one should use the Misc tag instead. Bundled memories: It's quite acceptable in English to use "themself/themselves" even if not a plural when talking of a person of unknown sex. You can definitely go with him/herself or something if you wish, but you could also go with something else. Similarly instead of saying "she" in your guide when talking about a tulpa whose gender you don't know, you could say "them" or "their" etc. Picking a gendered pronoun and sticking it is just fine too, though. Or s/he or something. This goes for both of your tips. Start of the sentence should start with an upper case letter. Also you speak of a "her", but you have yet to define it in your guide what you mean with this. I assume you mean the tulpa, so you should probably write that instead of her. Like, "send it to your tulpa…". Though "show" might be a better term to use than "send". Guide sections aren't really for your personal experiences, but as this isn't just pure personal experience, there's some leeway. Personal experiences can be useful in guides, after all. Just consider if you want there to be more of your personal experiences in a tip meant to help others than the actual method itself. Dream staging: You mention that it uses switching, but I can't really see where it would do that based on your explanation? Alright, so. As is trying to aim for a more scientific community and have some basis in science, talking of a "the subconscious" is not really the way to achieve that. Especially when you refer to it as something like "the" subconscious, which makes it sound like a place or like, a single thing or entity. Subconscious is also a word that has been taken over by various new age-y stuff and always has been very poorly defined, so it's not a good word choice. Scientific communities talk of "unconscious" things rather than "subconscious" – but that doesn't mean "the" unconscious is any better, because it brings with it the same issues. The ancient models of these "the" subconscious places are very outdated and don't have much of a place in our current models. Think hard what it is you are trying to say and see if you can work around that or just say you're talking of unconscious memories or thought or desires or feelings or whatever it might be. Did you intend to use the question mark here? Steps like these can be difficult to explain, sometimes just stating the basics is clear (like I'd consider send/show in your previous tip even without any extra explanations), but giving more space to the tulpa might not be quite to simple to most. Just giving an example of symbolism doesn't cut it here, as it's too personal. Do you have any non-symbolic ways you think you could explain this step to the readers? Keep in mind that there are people who don't have any experience who also read these guides, so some things can be quite difficult to grasp at first to them. How you follow that step also is quite personal despite it being a pretty important next step: don't write about what you did or felt, write what we should do. If you think adding what you also did or felt is useful, go ahead – but it's something extra, not the whole thing! Same thing about the personal experiences as in the comment about the last tip, plus the stuff about "the/my subconscious". The conclusion adds some nice extra things to consider. Overall the first tip is written better, I feel. Basically approvable at this state, though think of the suggestions. The dreaming tip has some weird pseudoscience and too personal touches in it that I think you should work on.
  5. Those of us who have been around longer will understand concepts newbies won't, because we've most likely felt/done them ourselves or at the very least heard someone else propose the idea. But we have to also make sure they're understandable to a wider audience, even a complete outsider with no previous experience of anything like this. Symbolism can of course be added to a guide and it might help some understand the idea even better, but first you have to explain how to do it without. If it's about symbolism or no symbolism, the method with no symbolism will be understandable to more people than the symbolism method. But nothing stops you from having both of them, the best of both worlds.
  6. Then please resign from the guide approval team if you are not going to uphold the standards. You are just hurting the writers by giving out mixed messages and the others who are trying to make sure that the guides and tips that are approved aren't just personal symbolism bits. If you approve this, you would literally have to approve every other guide of pure symbolism that is submitted, as long as it's written in understandable English. That would be the end of GAT, because then the approved sections would be pure garbage where you have to dig deep to find anything useful, just like they used to be when we just had one board for guides and all the good bits were mixed with crap. A lot of crap. You know, the reason GAT was created in the first place, to filter the personal and the useless stuff from the good stuff. We wouldn't be needed if we're just going to return to that.
  7. It's less so about the method and more about how it is written. You can't ignore the balloon symbolism, it literally is the only thing we are given. That isn't acceptable, a reader is not supposed to jump through hoops to try to understand what is under the symbolism. That is the writer's job. If you start accepting guides that are literally nothing but symbolism, you start filling the tips and tricks section with stuff like "got trouble concentrating??? Just imagine you are in photoshop and there's noise in your layer and you delete the layer and you're done!", which is way too personal and not useful. If you want to be a useful GAT member, you need to keep an eye out for stuff like this and push the writers to reconsider their message.
  8. Well... It's simple, but I'm sure someone can get some use out of it. Approved for tips and tricks.
  9. Approved for tips and tricks. There's just one odd capitalization issue here: >Using the cellphone increased my overall Forcing time, even if was in smaller chunks through out the day. Why Forcing?
  10. To all GAT members approving this: this is pure symbolism and thus not approvable in its current state. Beatles, there might be an actual tip in here somewhere, but it's currently buried under symbolism. Symbolism is fine as an extra thing or an aid to an exercise, but it can't just be symbolism. You need to dig deeper into what it is you are trying to tell us, remove the symbolism and write that. Your current balloon symbolism can be added as an extra suggestion.
  11. Well, not sure if I'd say most of them use a d20 and most of them don't have higher being better, either. Though usually it is the case. You get to use a wide variety of dice if you play plenty of systems. Did make me think... About your coin flip method. You could have an alternative where depending on how good a character is at something, they get to flip the coin multiple times and count the heads as successes which are then compared to a target number. A bit more interesting than a 50% chance, in case they don't have a die on hand. Could also be throwing more than one d6 if you want more outcomes. Could have the fabled snake eyes and boxcars be something extra special failure and success wise. You wouldn't need something different for each possibility, though.
  12. There's just one submission board, we figure out where the submissions should go as we review them. The last gaming guide was in Resources, so I'd put this one there too. It had the Forcing tag, so it might fit here. If not, then Misc. Overall this one's fine. Few odd phrases and stuff: Creepy implication. Say host rather than human. Why? When? What is the basis for this claim? I think you might want to look at this paragraph again and rewrite it to be a bit more like the tulpa one right after it. A bit of a wonky sentence. "Tulpas who are not fully developed can quickly gain independence…", perhaps? Choosing one pronoun to use for an unknown person is fine, though often "they" is used instead of he or she as a gender neutral option in English. Up to you if you want to use that. For the dice section, usually in PnP games it's nice to also have a great success that has better outcome than expected, not just a normal success. Right now your d6 has 1/6 chance of succeeding without any issues in any case, too. Is that too harsh?
  13. Afraid I've never bothered to go that far as there rarely is anything interesting on anyone's profile page and everything necessary can be accessed directly from your posts, but sure.
  14. But the people reading this in English might not want to use English. The people reading your future French guide might not want to use French. It's just such a weird wording when you can so easily add in that people can use whatever language they're comfortable with. Please do, however. I still have no idea what you mean and I am getting the feeling that your definition of this "the subconscious" is extremely unscientific. That should not be accepted in a community that attempts to be scientific. Tewi is stating a lot of my own worries about this and other terms. But we've talked about this so many times and you never cared, so I don't think you will care now. Maybe in version 9. Well, you did take a side in your guide. Just saying that while you can start any controversies you want, do you want abortion to be the one in a guide about tulpas? Possession is and has been, yes. However, co-fronting is not a possession term. It's not even a .info term but comes from outside, from other communities with head people. They lacked a term for possession, in turn. Co-conscious does sound a lot better here.
  15. Back to this again, huh? Well, it's a very long one and I've been kind of busy, so I couldn't really read it in one go and that might mean some things will be a bit off or repeated or something. Or maybe you repeated something in the guide and I didn't catch it because I forgot what was said earlier. Keep that in mind. No idea if you already managed to change some things while I was working on this because other people mentioned stuff uhh Using terms like tulpamancy, systems and plurals etc. is still pretty silly-looking. If you are planning on using said terms right from the start and looking at the style you have written things, I would suggest you explain the terms in passing the first time you use each term, for newcomers. Having a list at the end doesn't help with this, because we start from page 1 and not page bajillion. Having a list at the start just clutters it. A simple quick definition when needed would go a long way. "Subconscious" is back with vengeance. Too bad I still have no idea what you actually mean with it. You say you don't mean an entity (I think?) but you always make it sound like one and you have written about "subconscious entities" in your text in a way that doesn't suggest you don't believe in them… The further I got into this, the more I started to wonder if shuffling everything around works. You used to have a list of exercises for people, which made it easy for people to pretty much skip all the stuff and head right to them for help. Now you have sprinkled the exercises around, which does work better with a guide format, but… It makes the assumption people will read the whole thing. They won't. It's long. That's kinda what people do. Was there a huge disclaimer at the start about there being exercises in pretty much every chapter to help with the contents of said chapter? Most people will scroll over table of contents and miss it, but would start reading the actual text parts. This might help people find the exercises that are now much more hidden than before. As the citations aren't clickable (I think? I don't think it's going to even be possible?), it's pretty difficult to check them in the middle of reading. When looking at your creation guide, you do refer to personality/form/voice as the first step, second step and third step. But technically you don't really need any of them. Maybe make a note that they're the first etc. step as far as it comes to your guide? Considering the rest of the tone of what you have written, someone might very well take it as some universal truth. Then some stuff. Typos and questions and objections and all that good old stuff. Intro [hidden] That is how it started. I guess in that way, the "base" indeed does come from there. But not much of that "base" is around anymore. Are the newbies from various chans? They don't really seem to be having the skin for being able to handle such a culture, so I am skeptical. Seems more Tumblr/Reddit crowd, honestly. Plural, surely? Warriors? Maybe I'm just tired as I read this, but I can read this both ways. They don't have issues or they do have some issues with that. Which one do you mean?[/hidden] Intro otherwise fine. First chapter is mostly fine (though is the last sentence in the intro supposed to be there?). Some subconscious talk. I have no idea what your definition of sapience is though, if you're claiming computers are sapient. We don't have AIs of that caliber yet. gonna start hiding chapters because long, chapter two [hidden] >all beliefs are false until proven true, is not a very scientific mindset and I find it weird that you have kept this in this chapter. The symbolic zapping ritual/distraction aids for intrusive thoughts gets mixed in with the rest of the list in 2.2, it should be made clearer that they are connected to the intrusive thoughts bit. Are they? First time I've heard someone use this term. Was this term coined by one of those people who likes those "brain is like a computer" analogies? Again, can we not? This stuff is creepy. You can't tell people how they should feel about someone else. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm pretty sure we lack the required tests to say this is what is happening. Focus on this instead. Isn't this a "fictive"? Say "soulbond" to me and I see people fantasizing about their favorite fictional character in their favorite media until it talks back – not them creating a character and doing the same. It would also be a better term due to having you know, less baggage. Still not seeing hosts as a particularly empathetic group. >nosebleeds shiiit has someone actually ended up having their nose bleed when forcing? This still exists? I don't think you have tested these "all other drugs" to be able to claim that they will not have any effect on forcing or that they might hurt. Reword this. Or gee I dunno, any other reason you have been prescribed medicine for – which includes way more than "mood stabilization". Again. You should not tell people to drop their medication without them talking to their doctor about it first! Are you understanding how harmful your advice is? How it's potentially fatal? You might be perfectly healthy yourself and that's great, but don't think everyone has a choice.[/hidden] Chapter three [hidden] >Relax more, and it works more better. is probably a joke but in case you want, "work even better". >It is an undiscovered country. would also sound better as "unexplored territory", though Shakespeare's fine I guess. It's a bit strange for you to mention centering in the emotional control bit and not follow it up with the exercise, when you have added ways to do things after whatever you have talked about previously in the guide. But eh, I guess it's close enough… help You keep changing this, always missing the point. Your tulpa is not cut from the same cloth you are. They can be. They are not. A lot are very different, even exact opposites. False advertising. wow… I know what you mean, but it's pretty dangerously worded. Out of context I'm thinking abortions, and I'm thinking this might be taken out of context even if people do read the whole thing. Are you ready for the pro-life/choice fights? You're mentioning the tulpa's side, but only really looking at the host's side. What could a tulpa do? Should they allow themselves to stop existing? Can they prevent it? "We don't know" is probably the answer, but does that mean you shouldn't even try? Uh. You mean the lotus position or? It's back. Still not fixed. Still not clear it's symbolism (you say it is, but then you might be saying it isn't, or that it is, or that…) and you're still treating it as an entity (but it's not, or it is, or it isn't, or it is…) and that's why "subconscious" is a confusing word.[/hidden] Chapter 4! [hidden] >You Say hello. Caps. Can we not? But baby, we've been doing this for so long… But the whole chapter you've been saying we don't have to do these things? It's back. Man this subconscious mind is great. Moment to thank you for rewriting the PTSD bullshit when it comes to characters becoming tuppers, it's so much better. Still?! Pretty sure there are plenty of stories that aren't like that…[/hidden] Chapter 5 [hidden] Accidental space. Incorrect. A paracosm is a constructed world. A constructed world might not be a paracosm: a paracosm requires enough depth and complexity a constructed world might not have yet – or never will. It doesn't make it less of a constructed world. Seriously. Constructed world. It's in the name. A world you constructed. Man this subconscious guy is always one step ahead of me. The arm. Not just the hand, the whole thang. And not particularly "giant"… I feel that you have failed the step you are putting in this exercise and you don't actually understand how a bird's wing bones relate to a human's arm bones. This might help[/hidden] Chapter 6 wow [hidden] Sentence seems incomplete? Subjective. I sure didn't and it took way more than a few days. Innovate Reminder that not all people will use English. This kinda reads like parroting is when the tulpa uses a voice, well, themselves. As in not parroting. Slight reword? This is a bit strange after a part saying that the host might not have one. A lot of your exercises are written from your previous point of view which was extremely you-centered, while the new stuff isn't as much. It just jumps out in parts like these. This one's still [citation needed], isn't it? Scientific forum.[/hidden] Chapter 7 [hidden] You can add in >the horn to your mental list. I don't think it's as rare as you think. Was this part meant to be bolded? Odd capitalization too. Man, the subconscious just keeps on giving, huh. You have no idea how much I enjoy the fact that you didn't use "subconsciously". Oh. :< Oh hey I think this actually works now, giving people lots of things (including actual things!) and not just your magic stuff. Not sure if you should put the obscure thing you like as the first thing, when something like lucid dreaming would be more known and well. Studied and all. A?! I think they capitalize Wikipedia. Trust exercise still reads badly and like the usual just believe/trust (they are synonyms if you can easily replace the word with one or the other and have the same message, which you do in this case) bullshit.[/hidden] Chapter 8 [hidden] Considering that you have put in images in your guide, why not have an actual image of this? I still question this claim. If some communities or people in this community use it, the question then is should it be used. I have suggested against soulbond before due to the baggage it comes with. Kinda like furry/brony. You really don't want to use those terms unless you want to be labeled as everything negative these communities are. Odd capitalization. "Old school" section, it's a bit strangely names when it talks about both "old school" and "new school". Shouldn't it be split? Renamed? SCHOOL WARS?! Do we hosts? A question that can't be answered with what we know now. Even more difficult to answer when your definition of subconscious" is still a great big mystery to me. Freud isn't modern psychology. While you're free to present theories, I think it's clear here which one you consider the best one despite it being grossly outdated. If it exists? I don't think you should be making such claims on a forum that tries to be scientific. I suggest you make a search on "subconscious" and see what kind of wild claims you have made throughout the guide. As for hypnosis and tuppers in general, afraid I don't really have any experience, first hand or second hand. Hypnosis isn't really my thing. Still, seems needlessly negative. There is nothing wrong with self-hypnosis. I suggest you add that in there somewhere. Obviously it's a bother if you weren't aiming for it, but the way you've written it makes it sound like it's DANGEROUS and BAD. Which in turn might hurt people who did accidentally do it and panic. Man this subconscious is the greatest.[/hidden] Chapter 9 [hidden] Capitalization. This one still lacks scientific proof. Still unclear if you mean it literally. I think you do believe this is possible literally. But that's for the other part of the forum. Otherwise this chapter is pretty nice and something I feel your earlier ones lacked in message.[/hidden] Chapter 10 wow?! [hidden] Missing word or typo? Than, maybe? Most of the time you use subconsciously when you mean unconsciously, but then you're like "but that's totally different!" and I have no idea what you're even talking about. Intentional caps? Also what energy limbs the same way you do imposition? Uh oh! Cancerous mindset alert! It's back! Ps. there is no "the primary thinker". Again, you make it sound like a tulpa will always feel this or that way by doing this. They might. They might already be as far as they can be. You need a disclaimer about this being an aid in case they are having trouble with these things. A lot of the exercises were just symbolism here, which is a bit disappointing but I guess they tried to at least explain like, the idea behind them and all.[/hidden] Chapter 11! [hidden] It does for some. I suggest wording it to be "which might not work too well" or something. Overlooked, I assume? They who? I assume the tulpa, but you never actually said who the them/they is before you started to use that. Also maybe reread that sentence and say if it flows well to you. I feel this is unclear. They are seeing from their perspective but it is not first person? It's not normal for a tulpa to have a first person view of things when imposed? This part in general is a bit off. It's about what the tulpa experiences, but all you're talking about is looking at the environment from different angles. You need more about the actual experiences. A pointer about them obviously not able to see things you're not aware of. A tupper won't know what's behind the corner if something changed there, for example. Obvious, but some people do want to hear that. Lewd……….. Still missing hand from this list, when a ton of tuppers are human-shaped… lewd…………………………..[/hidden] Chapter 12 [hidden] But it's not the final chapter at all! Better. Still implies there is a more alert thinker in the equation. Wrong term. Still no, if you don't make a disclaimer that this is something that might happen. As it is currently written, it still seems like a claim of this happening every single time. Wrong term. About fronting and co-fronting, I thought fronting is when there is just one person looking and co-fronting is when there's multiple? As in, that's what possession usually is, with switching being where you have that true one front-er. Last I heard about the non-tulpa communities that actually use the terms fronting and such, it has nothing to do with who is in control. Just mentioning it like that – especially when it's a pretty obscure term even in .info where it was named – is pretty confusing. I guess you explain it almost right after this, but it did make me go "huh?". Man that subconscious is still so good. Yes? I didn't cut that off or anything. The name does not match the definition at all. I suggest putting "aka full-body possession" or something in this one, as it's a common .info term. It might not. Always a good idea to mention that, even if the majority won't experience that, because people might then think they're doing something wrong even if they're doing everything absolutely right. It might not. Especially as the tuppers get better at moving things. What period? What takes days or months based on age? Not feeling exhausted? Does old mean OLD SCHOOL method tuppers or just old as in age? Was there actual science in this? I think we were looking for citations last time and couldn't find them? Did you find them now? I still don't know if this is a joke or not. With you, it's impossible to tell. So grim… I hope you ask for permission first! Intentional capitalization?[/hidden] Chapter 13! [hidden] Not capitalized. Knowing my audience, what about a religious person? Any pointers on how to tell them about tulpas? I hope people don't say that kind of crap to people in real life too… Okay? Uhh. Okay? Right now you're making it sound like human = host, not human = tulpa. About "how switching feels like", lucid dreaming might be able to added there. Say that to the premature ejaculators who cum before they even manage to stick it in. Or get it out of their pants in some cases. Hi waffles I'm just checking if you're reading my comments. Uhh. Are you saying that as in just normally or when it comes to religion? Uhhhhhno? The freaky abilities section is weird but I guess it's under the meta bullcrap so who cares. Some citations for the first part of this chapter might be nice, as you seem to be stating facts and medical research stuff, but no links.[/hidden] Chapter 14 wow >Paracosm: Synonym of wonderland. please dont Overall, I think you've worked on your tone and actually done research on things, which is good. You've also fixed or at least attempted to fix some of the issues I have had with your previous stuff. But the exercises feel like they are like, five versions behind. They're written very much like how you used to write things and that means some of them just read poorly and make wild claims you have toned down in most of the other parts. I'm not gonna do back and forth this time because it took a forever last time and basically didn't go anywhere until you decided to rewrite things I guess. So here, take this and do whatever you want with it.
  16. There's still some typos and such you haven't fixed, but I assume this is still a work in progress? Let us know when you think you're ready for us to take another look by posting in this thread, we don't get notifications if you just edit the first post. And I could use that example image of the more detailed graph so I can properly go through the steps for that. The note about the shape is pretty good, I like it. Also you did add another part, but I don't know if it's really required. At least I think I got it without this explanation, unless you're saying the bit I rewrote was wrong? It seems like you're saying the same things that have been said in the guide already. I can go through it, in case you want to use it or work it into some other step.
  17. Makes me wonder what kind of conversations you're taking a part of, really. "Us tulpas" or something would be pretty strong and could imply you know, every tulpa. Just like "us men" or "us women" or "us people". But other than that, I can't help but wonder. Tulpa001 pretty much said the things I expected would be said and those aren't something that confuse us, unless you never define who "we" are to other people. So I could say like, I'm taking the tuppers out to the beach and everyone would understand. Someone could say Shaniqua is gonna take them to the beach and that's that. I could say "we" are going to the beach, but you wouldn't know who we were unless we have been having a conversation where I have told you I'm hanging out with my dad, for example. Or maybe that we is the host and the tuppers. Tuppers aren't really any different. That's what makes "system" so snowflakey. And potentially very damaging, like, how often do you actually have things where everyone agrees to something the same exact way? When you have to say "our system thinks..." instead of "I think..."? Talking of us as a "system" that always has the same thoughts about everything either makes me think that they're not fully separate or that it's a very bad rolemodel to new hosts and tuppers who think this is how it should be. It really shouldn't, if we're separate beings with our own likes and dislikes? We took over this thread now whoops.
  18. Alright, I think I got the triangle. I was thinking that maybe the shape had some greater meaning though, but it seems like the parts where you write are very small and narrow? Is there a reason why it's not like, a circle instead? Or even a half circle? There would be more room to write things. I'm also a bit confused as to why there are these horizontal lines (they are the layers, I get that) but then you're also using red lines that go through the levels… Maybe instead you should be offering a blank triangle with just center triangle and vertical center line, so people can draw the lines of the layers themselves as they see fit? Okay onto the typo fixes! The one above is what you have written, the one below the one with a fix. I'm not pointing out every time there's an extra space or a lack of space before or after every comma and period, so you should keep an eye out for that yourself. I'm also not pointing out everything that sounds or reads a bit stiff if it's understandable. >Well recently I started to creating Nana, my first tulpa but I've… >Recently I started creating Nana, my first tulpa, but I've… >or simbolitzation(aka imagination) over plain text. >or symbolization (aka imagination) over plain text. Also like was said just before me, warning is a bit excessive. There's no danger here! >if you want the easy one less complex one you… >if you want the easy, less complex one you… >(have caution because the second one is more lengthy) You wouldn't really be saying "have caution". You could say "use caution", though caution is a bit of a strong wording for this. Maybe "keep in mind that the second one is more lengthy"? And I guess it's usually lengthier but more lengthy is also acceptable. >(that apart from what you explain in the first one) Not entirely sure if I am getting what you're trying to say here, but removing the "that" at the start would get us something. >then its time to explain the method in itself… >then it's time to explain the method… >Here i'll be explaining… >Here I'll be explaining… Okay now we get to your method itself. I'll be doing some rewrites but do keep in mind that you don't have to take my suggestions and it would be better if you wrote things with your own words, but I'm trying to help a bit more in case you think you're having issues with putting your thoughts to English. Still trying to use your wordings as much as possible. >Well that was hard to explain. I don't think you need this! I'll skip over the second template explanation for now. I think I could use an example here too, just to make sure we're on the same page? What are "the panels"? You're describing shapes and I guess it's probably the one left out, the uh rectangle that is kinda squished inward? No idea what that shape even is called, I'm sure someone knows… I assume you're not using a normal rectangle because it looks too similar to a square and this is all about the visualization? >ONE LAST THING: THIS METHOD IS JUST A VISUALITZATION OR SYMBOLITZATION OF THE NARRATION METHOD AND IT ONLY BRINGS ONE NEW THING: THE DEPTH OF UNDERSTANDAL OF ONE PERSON Doesn't need to be so huge and in all caps! If you think it's important, bolding would be better than changing the size. "Understandal" is not an English word, visualization and symbolization are misspelled. >PD:English is not my native language so please pardon me for any gramatical errors. PD? PS maybe? Grammatical. >1RST EDIT 1st, not 1rst.
  19. Well, this definitely is different and new. It might indeed be of use to some, though I'm not entirely sure if I get it. Could you have an example image where you have filled in the blanks for some pretend-tulpa so that I know for sure what you're trying to say? That way we can help with rephrasing confusing parts. There are typos and weird phrases, but I think instead of fixing them right now in case they will be rewritten, we'll focus on that after the other fixes.
  20. If you were with a group of friends and wanted to refer to yourself and them, what would you say?
  21. "Those you share a body with" could also be used in some cases. I don't think there's an exact 1:1 replacement word, but I don't know if there has to be. Especially one that is like, well. That. It took a long time for "system" to make its way into this community and somehow we dealt with that just fine. Tulpa creation guides often are written for the host to read, so that's when you tend to get away with just "your tulpa(s)". As for Shinyuu, well, it's not that it has to be a guide. Looking at it from the perspective of having tulpas is surely useful. It's just that you tell us that why we might need it and well, I don't think it would convince us newcomers to start it, even if it might actually help? A simple "what it is and how you do it" might gain more interest in the practice? Wouldn't even have to be more than a few sentences - unless this is so complicated you think you need way more than that? I mean, it's not exactly necessary and you could just copypasta the Wikipedia blurb if you cite your sources and such, if you want something but don't want to put in much effort in it. But you might be able to explain it way better with fewer words yourself.
  22. I don't do meditation myself, so I can't really offer much to help and it's difficult for me to say how useful this kind of things are. As someone who had no idea as to what this thing is, the fact that you don't actually define the meditation (what it is, what for, how do I do it) left me completely in the dark and I'm not sure if I still really get it. I guess you linked that site, but there's always the chance that the site will go down. Even a short introduction would help, I feel? We also don't really use tulpamancer/tulpamancy/system here. First two are joke terms to compare ourselves to wizards, the last one is special snowflakey. Not exactly the kind of stuff a community that tries to be scientific would want. Tulpamancer often means the host and host could be used there easily, sometimes you might want to say hosts and tulpas (tulpamancer alone doesn't really convey "tulpas too" in my eyes, so when that's the case, hosts and tulpas is the superior one in every way). Tulpamancy could be forcing or creation and such, depending on what it is you're trying to say exactly. System, well, again. Hosts and tulpas is pretty good, or something along the lines. As someone with no experience in meditation, I feel like this is some good information for those who have tulpas and want to do this kind of meditation? I could be wrong, but that's what I think. It would be great if people with more experience could chime in here.
  23. Have you ever actually taken a look at the resources section, the place where we have the meditation stuff people have submitted? That was a typo on my part, thanks for pointing it out. Has been fixed. Back to the guide stuff! Alright. Well, I consider it optional as far as pranayama meditation goes, so if that's what people want to do, they could stop at step 2. Saying that step 3 is optional doesn't mean I'm saying it's bad or useless, it's a pretty nice addition to the exercise. But if you consider it a very important part, then it should be revised so it's not all just symbolism. I already gave a tip about how you'd go rewriting it, all you have to do is state what you do without the symbolism, but then give us those additional symbolism ideas afterward, yeah?