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  1. LondonWindsor


    Oh wow, ha ha haaa :D
  2. Mine: :)
  3. Thanks Pleeb, it's all there now :)
  4. The 'Off-topic (archived)' forum shows up as completely empty so I'll just believe that I won instead :cool: Seriously though, bye off topic xD
  5. *presses doorbell* DING DONG The winner is here :cool:
  6. Ich bin der Gewinner, und Sie sind alle Verlierer! :cool:
  7. Du kan aldrig flyga månen upp hår på blåbärspaj och svenska krusbär
  8. 010010101101010101 1010101! 010101001100110101 010101... 1010101 101010101?
  9. Why did the boy drop his ice cream? Because he was hit by a bus.
  10. QWARTZ Also I win! Good day, cheerio!
  11. but u didnt win tho ;n; ololololololo