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    I'm 18 years old, and currently trying to create my first ever tulpa, its going really well and she's called Celena :)
  1. Not much progress so far today, created a few new little things in my wonderland with celena but nothing big, last night we tried a little proxying with my friend who also has a tulpa, and we've been trying really hard on improving her possession, so far she's managed to lift one of my arms, manipulate my fingers and raise my hand, all her movements are slow and a bit jerky, but she's getting there :)
  2. I asked Celena about this a few minutes ago and she pondered for a bit before replying with "19", so she's a year older than me but is only actually 6 days old (she is my first tulpa)
  3. Currently working on developing my first tulpa Celena, she's a wolf furry :) And an original character
  4. so this morning I woke up about an hour ago, and immediately got to talking with Celena (she made me get up, she's not a late sleeper apparently) so we started talking about how bad I am at visualising, and how my wonderland was somewhat....lacking (Only went there once about 3 days ago) so I asked her if she couldn't try and make us a house there (nothing massive or fancy just a little base of operations) so I gave her about 20 minutes, and when she was done I followed her to my wonderland, in which she had built us a cosy little cabin in the woods, there was a bathroom, a small kitchen in the corner and 2 bunks and a separate bed for her in an alcove (which after a little bit of pleading the wall was removed and I turned one of the bunks into a single bed, which I then pushed close to her bed so that we can chat while she's in bed) it also contains a small incinerator in the corner and various other cool things, then I added to the house (which is on a hill in the middle of a large woods with two mountains on the horizon) by expanding the hill a bit and adding a nice tree with a rope swing on it, I made the seat the comfiest seat in the world, but here's the best part, I could actually feel the seat when I sat on it! I also worked a bit more on Celena's form to a point where we were both happy with it, she is now wearing a pair of faded jeans and a tan tank top. I turned her feets fur into black fur for a joke, which she swiped at me for until I changed it, but while I was changing it I had an idea, I made the soles of her feet into jet-black fur, which she liked the idea of, but then asked me to make them red instead, which I did with a fair amount of ease. I have been having some problems with her face as well, so I FINALLY managed to smooth that out and now she is very happy with how she looks :) thought I'd share this with you, as I had no idea that tulpae could alter and construct the wonderland.
  5. Staggering progress today everyone! so Celena has become much much more vocal today, I think its because I was passively forcing today while at college, for about 3 hours in total, anyway, so this evening I was just playing some games in my room, when I heard some classic rock come on to the T.V, I wanted to share it with Celena and so I asked her to pay extra attention, and she loved it! (looks like I'm buying some new music O.o) But onto the most incredible thing that's happened today, about 20 minutes ago, I decided to try a little experiment with Celena, I asked her to pay attention again, and then I moved my middle finger up and down repeatedly (I had placed my hand flat, palm down on the arm-rest) then I asked if she wanted to try, after a little more demonstration she decided to give it a go, and so after a about a minute of completely relaxing and trying to figure out a way of allowing her control, she managed it! she rather shakily and slowly raised my middle finger up and then back down again! it was amazing I'm so proud of her! a few minutes later she tried with my entire hand! she was able to raise it and flex it ever so slightly, to say my mind is blown is an understatement, I am so happy with her and she's enjoying the praise I would say :) anyway, just thought I'd share this with you :)
  6. Thanks shui :) I'll keep that in mind, her voice fluctuates a bit, sometimes it sounds close to mine but other times she has her own, clear and distinctive tone, I asked her to surprise me earlier and she immediately responded "poop" which made me laugh, so I know for a fact that she is definately developing, which is making me very happy ^.^
  7. thanks :) I dont know if I'm doing it wrong or something, but I'm finding it easier to just "talk" to Celena and she talks back, but i struggle with visualisation without being under self-hypnosis. Everybody else seems to be able to only communicate with their tulpa at this stage by emotions/body language, seems like im doing it backwards :S
  8. Hello there everybody, the names Joe, and after reading through some progress reports I thought I'd type one up myself and see if anyone can help me with any issues that I come across. A few days ago I was talking with my friend on facebook, and he eventually ended up telling me he had a tulpa called Zoey, and that she was his best friend and that I too could have one, if I tried hard enough and invested the effort, he referred me to this forum where I immediately set out researching and soaking up all the knowledge I could. I set out to work about three days ago on creating my tulpa, she is called Celena and I think that we are going to be best friends :) So far the only progress I have made is under the effects of self hypnosis, I have "talked" with her twice and visualised her properly once, tonight I plan on creating my wonderland with her (hopefully, she comes and goes and sometimes I feel like I'm grasping at straws) and I hope that we can have many adventures and good times there Now I just need to ask, is anyone else having a little difficulty differentiating between their tulpa and their thoughts? because I must admit I am struggling a little bit, if anyone has any good tips they would be much appreciated.