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    In progress of making a tulpa.
    And I ask alot of questions.
  1. So simple quick question. Sometimes when im forcing, when im walking around, talking, doing anything, it feels like just a thought. I don't really know how to explain it in good detail, but it feels like something is off, or its too simple. not genuine. Like the difference between getting in a car and pretending to drive it, compared to starting it and actually driving it. So my end question is, is it just as easy as it is, just thinking about talking to your tulpa? Sorry if this is a "No duh" question.
  2. I asked the same question, heres the post. ^u^
  3. Sometimes when I'm forcing , I realize how crazy I look when I'm siting still in a dark, silent room for an hour just talking to Rose. When someone walks in they usually shoot me a weird look.
  4. Alright, this is one of those "Am I doing this right?" sooo, I'm sorry. Just started really actively forcing this week, and when I active force sometimes things happen that I usually blame it on intrusive thoughts and try to "fix it". (example: Once passed one of the doors in my wonderland and suddenly a giant worm busted out and pushed me over, I then got rid of it and reset my original position) Now sometimes this happens with Rose, once she started to spaz out and flailed everywhere really fast, kinda creepy, but I just put her back in the original position she was, not sure if that was a intrusive thought, or just her moving, and thats what the question is. Am I puppeting her to make her stick to a routine forcing session or am I just getting rid of intrusive thoughts? TL;DR: Cant tell if some of Roses movements are intrusive thoughts or just Rose moving.
  5. My auto correct strikes again, thanks for the feedback though.
  6. So ever since August. 13th ( left handers day ) iv been wondering if the tulpas primary hand is oppose of the hosts , will the hosts body use the tulpas primary hand during possession?
  7. Thanks for the reply, another question. If the host went deaf or blind, would the host still be able to hear or see the tulpa?
  8. Simple question to discuss, how do you think damage to the brain would affect a tulpa, like getting hit on the head hard or developing some kind of mental illness?
  9. I find it hard to focus too, and talking about anything that pops up helps! Thinking about that funny thing your friend did, talk about it, basically everything Strangelove said ^u^
  10. So iv been drawing things on my hands, and changing my wallpapers to remind me of my tulpa for awhile now, however, it is only till now I noticed its hard for me to hold my focus, for example, ill write something on my hand to remind me of her, then when im going about my day ill see it, then say hello and talk very for a couple seconds then get distracted or lose my focus. Any tips on holding onto my focus would be nice. ^u^
  11. I completely agree. Thanks for replying and voting, now I know im not the only one who would like it to remain underground ^.^
  12. Just a fun question for ya guys. Do you want tulpae to become popular? If so/ or not, why?
  13. Heres mine, my background is on a slideshow, this was the current one. Desktop