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  1. It would be "Die Tulpa". However, that would mean 'tulip' in English. 'Tulpas' is also being used by Germans as a translation for the English equivalent, and is actually correct in German.
  2. Perhaps it is a bit late to enter this discussion, but I will anyway. First off, some thoughts on the Analogy you mentioned, motorheadlk. Sure, it is nice to think of the mind and the host as soil and plants, but that isn't getting us anywhere because it is not the actual thing we are talking about. We could talk about plants and leaves as well, or of an animal and its offspring, or a cloud and its rain. The point is, it's not going to get us anywhere, and using it as an argument is ridiculous. That Tulpas are a 'consciousness' or 'sentient' is a belief, even if it is mentioned on the firs
  3. Making additional voices would be downright stupid. Schizophrenia is believed to have physiological causes, so it is very likely a Tulpa will end up as a part of a psychotic episode.
  4. Yes, these spasms are directly related to the dissipation. It's true a Tulpa entity is more than a 'normal' imaginary friend, and also more dangerous when it comes to that. I'm not sure where they come from, but it might either be related to stress of dissipation or creating something that can control the host's body. I will send you a PM as soon as I have time.
  5. Jimmy, if you don't want to feel like you are talking trough them, you have to establish the belief that it is them. You can reach this by telling yourself it is not you. At the same time you have to make your Tulpas reassure you that it's not you parroting them. Stop questioning their behavior, and they will appear more separate. However, you might not get rid of this feeling completely, since you and your Tulpas are the same thing.
  6. I found this post to be an enjoyable read, and look forward to entries in the future! There was, however, one point, which I didn't quite agree with: What exactly is a "separate yet internal consciousness"? Sure, we are capable of maintaining several identities or adapting these "modes" you mentioned, but that doesn't imply anything about another consciousness. How do you conclude it's not just an identity that is being created, but a wholly new consciousness?
  7. As soon as this discussion included conscious, subconscious and unconscious altogether, I couldn't follow it anymore. Maybe it does make sense to you, but you seem to use completely different definitions of these terms, and move within borders of your own beliefs and/or theories. Parallel processing is when the host thinks of one thing and his Tulpa of another. E.g. Host and Tulpa can solve two different mathematical problems at the same time. It's this community's dreadful habit to think of new fancy terms, instead of looking for more descriptive or existing words for something. Espe
  8. Yeah, this is kind of how I think of Tulpas, but in my opinion perception and identity play a much greater role. I might post a few consecutive blog posts with illustrations this weekend to show what I meant by that. That's where we split, I don't think a Tulpa has a separate thought process from our own, because we are one person. It's us who perform these actions (same consciousness) but under a different identity. (identity could be translated to 'layer of deception') Yes. Yes Host unmakes identity (=destroys deception). All the actions former attributed to the Tulp
  9. Well, Jimmy summed it up pretty well. I'm not judging you, but you should maintain a more healthy stance concerning the protectiveness towards your Tulpa.
  10. Memory recall and what users describe as 'parallel processing', have to be trained separately. That's what a Tulpa feels like in the beginning. It will feel more separate from you, but never completely separate. There are those people, who believe a Tulpa is a separate consciousness, and those, who believe a Tulpa is nothing more but an illusion. Your choice. Well, yes. You have to truly believe that your Tulpa is not you.
  11. It wasn't my intention to disprove autonomy. Besides, there are also cases of DID, who can communicate with their alters without having to switch. There isn't always a lapse in memory. The identity isn't aware of anything, the ego is. These actions (breathing etc.) are unconscious automatisms, but they are still 'me'. Of course they are associated with my identity. Even though only a small part of these 11kk bits is being consciously perceived, we can actually recall more information, because it has been unconsciously processed. These memories are now part of my identity, because I can
  12. You pose me questions, which i can't currently answer. An ego makes models easier to work with, simple as that. Of course you can assume it doesn't exist, because you can't see it - but i do because it makes sense to me. Perhaps you haven't heard of it, but I had a library of Tulpas, which I and my Tulpas were able to talk to. Apart from that, this model is still in work. It's all good your model seems to be finished, but as you can see mine isn't. Also: Well, in my opinion it clearly does. Which new understandings and opportunities are you talking of? Possession? Switching? Me
  13. First of all, I would like to mention, that everything on Tulpas is getting rearranged in a way, which makes me understand people in a different way. The "controlled" in the quote above is put in an apastrophy, because I didn't know any other term to describe it. The Ego can't come up with ideas on it own. Therefore we can only choose the suggestions of parts of our personality. There is one problem here. I don't know myself how dynamic these "structures" of identity are and what they are made of. I tend to see it as an analogy to a "person", which makes it easier to work with. The
  14. Oh god, it had to be done. http://www.mediafire.com/?s8nlmbqfpar7ybc
  15. We should acknowledge, though, that Jung had been annoyed by a Tulpa-like entity, until he finally agreed to explore his inner world and write down everything he found there. After he was unable to continue his work, he had been using "alchemy" to suppress the voices and visions. It's also arguable to call him "father of modern psychology".
  16. If you have experienced such headaches before you started your Tulpacreation, you should take something against them. However, you should not proceed normally, because the creation of your Tulpas probably is the source of your headache. You shouldn't have started in the first place, simply because you are too young, and this goes beyond the realm of "just" imaginary friends. You seem to have three Tulpas. Ask the least developed ones to "go back" for now. They won't be dead, only gone. Get your first Tulpa finished first so your brain can actually adapt to it. In case these headaches do
  17. Because your Tulpa and you are one person. As time goes by you will further seperate and that tongue movement might cease after some time. The thing with Tulpas is, they are parts of your unconscious, which you cause to surface through conscious effort. It's no wonder the Tulpa and Host can end each other sentences. If there are other body parts moving apart from your tongue, ask her to pay attention not to move these body parts. You should also actively try to suppress that movement or whatever happens, to prevent unpleasant surprises. It would also be counterproductive if someone sees you
  18. Hello Pulsewing, welcome to our forums. It is true, that our community has gathered a certain amount of knowledge, but we can't say for sure what is happening here. I would be lying if I told you that the creation was absolutely safe, mainly because we have very few people with a Tulpa older than 1 year and currently are in the process of finding out. Your mother is afraid for your mental health, and you should be grateful for that - even if she doesn't know what's happening here. Apart from that, why do you want your mother to approve of the creation of a Tulpa?
  19. Your Tulpa could ask awkward questions, but that's all they could do. Usually they don't mind.
  20. Have you tried to recover Molly with the method I posted in the research section? It's also suitable to recover a seemingly lost Tulpa.
  21. One does not simply dissipate a Tulpa, even if you have another Tulpa that helps you. You don't get "rid" of it, but rather repress it again. THe chances of such a Tulpa to re-emerge are rather high.
  22. Would you mind to give us an explicit characterization of her? Are there any things you disagree on with her?
  23. Both of my Tulpas seem to speak all the languages I learned at some point. They speak english just fine, without any foreign accent (as far as I can tell, it's their main language). They seem to speak German on the same level as I do. When they spoke German the first time yesterday, they were overwhelmed by the vocabulary they were suddenly able to use, so it seems like they are currently able to only use my active vocabulary of each language. (maybe they are ablw to extend it? Who knows) When they start to speak my weaker languages like Polish or French, it's mostly garbled speech (Though
  24. There isn't much to explain, it's completely up to you. Tell us about things you find interesting or are relevant to your Tulpa's development. Keep the posts in a format, which is readable and contains enough information to keep readers checking your Log. If you want some examples, just check other progress reports.
  25. EleanorNaomi I created you a log so you can keep us updated. Post your progress in this thread instead of opening new threads in the "General Discussion" section.
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