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    I have been a part of since 2013 however I was practicing Tulpamancy back in 2008 also. I was mentored by my friend Oillin. (RIP 2013 in his 70s) A Tibetan Monk who had been practicing Tulpamancy since he was in his early 30s. It was really a privilege to be mentored by him…
    I myself have three tulpas, Jess, Flare, Gentjab(Jabbers.) [Gallery: ]
    I am a married man now and my partner is accepting of my tulpas and has met every one of them..

    Myself Interests are, Music, Music Production, Drums, Guitar, Keys, 3D animation, Gaming, Game Dev, Drawing and of cause Tulpamancy.

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  1. Haha alright.. And also I don't use discord I use Reddit and Facebook though I'm in those tulpa groups
  2. Honestly if you have not already I would see a phycolost about this it sounds more like PTSD then OCD.
  3. In a very vague theory this shouldn't be happening But hay maybe it's a personality trait your tulpa has chosen
  4. Who here can switch with there Tups I can and have been since 3 years or so after I had them?
  5. This guide is one of many I hope to make This one is about visualisation and has some tips and tricks to help you guys out. It is a bit spasific but for some it will help. Though I hope to help many. I've been practicing tulpamancy since 2008 and visualisation since 2007 it's been a good journey and still going. I really want to share with you guys this guide The book won't change but might be updated though. Download:
  6. That dosn't help. but thank for the reply
  7. Hello, I'm searching for more tulpamancers hiding out in Australia.
  8. I can parallel process, but only sometimes. Its not that i know exactly what my tulpas are doing, its that i can tell where they are and hear them sometimes when i want to concentrate on them. I can do this as im doing my own thing.
  9. Imposition works. My god it works. Not a day goes by I actually don't think back to when I could first actually touch my tulpas and they feel me doing so as well. IT IS STRANGE! Don’t get me wrong, if you put your hand to far down you go right though them at least that’s how it was, not anymore. From the start, I was trained on Visualization, this includes Imposing tactile feelings, audio, and seeing things that art there or adding them in. Though this has indeed taken one year. and that’s not even to get it perfect just to get it working. I've been doing this for 10 years and I (when i get time) am still working on all forms of imposition except seeing my tulpas/objects. I will be mentioning how I've gotten all this in my guide once I have finished the visualization side of it... and organised all of the caricatures Might be going into details on practice method(s) because there will be more then one. Imposing: (Different for anyone) Audio, I have to say personally is the hardest. Still working on it. tulpas, easiest thing to do for me. Tactile feeling of tulpas and also objects, this for me is important and the tulpas love it to as long as they can feel it. Imposing objects. Not as important unless you want to play mind games. Flare, kept up till 4am australian time, mind my gramma and such... please.
  10. Hi, my name is Chadack, I’ve been active in this community for a short while though have been off and on it. I have been practicing tulpamancey for 10 years. Though recently I have been active and would like to become a listed mentor. I have three tulpas, Jessa, Flaredash and Gentjab (Jabbers). I was mentored by my old friend Oillin, a monk who had one tulpa for his whole life. Do you view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon, a metaphysical one, or both? I believe tulpas are a psychological phenomenon and have other strong beliefs also that have nothing to do with mentoring new Tulpamancers, I believe tulpas are companions for your journey in life. Where/was your tulpas(s) natural/pre-existing or where they created intentionally? Jessa and flaredash where intentionally created, Gentjab was a “walk-in” How long have you had your tulpa(s)? How long have you been active in the community (, /r/tulpas,, etc.) I have been practicing tulpamancey since 2008, with my mentor oillin who had his tulpa for over 50 years, He taught me his way of doing things, and how things made him feel, this helped me create my tulpas. How long did it take to accomplish things, (e.g. vocality, possession, imposition)? I did one year of visualisation mind training and mind games, both in my mind and out IRL, to help with visualisation. (Jessa), Created over a space of a year, 2 months to become vocal and was imposed straight as soon as she started to choose her own shape. 2 more months to possess, (flaredash) Imposed straight away, 1month vocal, then leant to possess with me. (jabbers) was doing everything from the start. We spent 1 year on how to switch, then 3 years on how to fluently switch Hope that’s enough? Do you have any other information you’d like to share? If so, what? I am writing a guide at the moment that I would not like to uncover till it is done. Though I think I can be a good mentor as I have much experience. And would like to share it with people interested • Vocality 10 • Parallel Processing 8 • Visualisation 10 • Visual Imposition 10 • Tactile Imposition 9 • Auditory Imposition 10 • Possession 10 • Switching 10 No max, Will help who ever Messages me...
  11. Very interesting to have different opinions on this matter, Thanks everyone for your replies.
  12. I live with my wife (IRL) Cohan, She knows about my tulpas and embraces them, accepts them and respects them. Though she is still learning about them. What I am wondering is, since we are married, is she also married to them, She thinks so, because there apart of me that she is married to all of them, she says "its a package deal, you take the lot, or go home." I'm still unsure, personally.. Well, more undecided then unsure... Us as a whole, being myself and all 3 tulpas have agreed on them not having relationships with other tulpas/real life people. This is to do with "The hosts needs come first." Rule we have, and since I'm married and such they have agreed not to Have or continue relationships. Due to this. What do you think? Is she technically married to all of them or just me? Curious to know your opinion on this. Though the final opinion is of cause up to us.