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  1. I'll try figure that out As I don't have a computer available I don't think I can turn on downloads with Google docs ill add a download link to the post and the document itself
  2. Haha alright.. And also I don't use discord I use Reddit and Facebook though I'm in those tulpa groups
  3. Honestly if you have not already I would see a phycolost about this it sounds more like PTSD then OCD.
  4. In a very vague theory this shouldn't be happening But hay maybe it's a personality trait your tulpa has chosen
  5. Who here can switch with there Tups I can and have been since 3 years or so after I had them?
  6. This guide is one of many I hope to make This one is about visualisation and has some tips and tricks to help you guys out. It is a bit spasific but for some it will help. Though I hope to help many. I've been practicing tulpamancy since 2008 and visualisation since 2007 it's been a good journey and still going. I really want to share with you guys this guide Created by Chadack Inspired by Oillin my mentor. What is a tulpa. A tulpa is a thought form made sentient, an individual inside your mind who is capable of self-thought and feeling something you can see and touch. A Personal companion for life, so once you make one and it becomes sentient and independent. It will be very hard to undo what you have created some say impossible. Tulpas are created over time… Lots of time. Do not expect these methods to work for you overnight, over days, even over many months. Just a few helpful words to help you throughout your journey. Don’t have a negative attitude when you start off. You, yourself have to believe you can do it or it probably won’t happen. Take your time, do not rush, like with art, or anything. Creating a tulpa takes time, if you rush you can run into many problems. Do not compare yourself to other people and their progress with their tulpas, this will only give you negative feelings and might even stop you from completing your tulpa. Remember everyone is different. Your mind doesn’t work the same as that Joe bloke down the road, and best of all remember to really think about why you are doing this… Reasons not to create a tulpa in my opinion… I believe you should not create a tulpa for these reasons: To create one with the intent that your tulpa WILL! Be like this character because chances are it won’t. (Tulpas change as they grow. Don't give them backstories.) To replace Physical friends (A tulpa is not a replacement for this you still need physical touch and emotion from others) don't make one just because your lonely. To replace yourself (Just don’t It's not healthy for the tulpa, and is definitely not healthy for yourself or your family… this is just selfish.) Just because you want to, to remove it later or forget about it later. To through negative feelings on it, or harm it out of anger. (This would be very similar to me putting you in a box and whenever I am feeling angry I would beat you up, imagine how that would make you feel) Your sexual needs or lust. I do not list reasons to create them because there are too many of them, However I cannot stop you from creating one for the above reasons. I strongly urge you to think about your future and how you and you tulpas will journey together, having a tulpa is a life choice not a temporary phase. It's a commitment. Please keep in mind that if you are feeling sad or any negative emotions they will leak/bleed into your creation. Your tulpa needs positive emotions to create what I consider to be a healthy successful tulpa. Visualisation Book 1 First Steps, Visualisation “A drop of water overtime creates a stagnant pond.” -Oillin “Guide – Showing you a list of paths. But you will walk them differently then the next.” Chadack. About about me. I've been practicing tulpamancy since 2008 and have been practicing visualisation since 2007. I have three tulpas I believe to be fully formed I can do almost anything with them. I believe that if you want tulpas you need to think about it seriously and make the proper commitment. And you have to want the tulpa or it really won't happen. Part One Visualisation - The formation of a mental image of something. The practice of Standard Visualisation. What I hope to achieve in this part of the guide is to help you out with your skills on visualisation This means actually visualising your tulpas and objects around you, and also a few other fun things you can do with them. I believe this is key to starting off, however you do not have to start with this part, you may start off with the _____ book of this series, __________________ this will also help you impose your tulpa and general things around you, actively and passively. This first part is just to practice and increase your visual skills… So… Clear your mind, and start. It might help the take noticeable calm and steady but slow breathing exercises while doing any meditation work. I am going to start off with some simple things to do. Tips n’ tricks, so to say. However, I will point out that this will not work for everyone as everyone’s mind is different. But this doesn't mean you cannot work on it. 1So first off let’s start with changing an object. Choose a simple object something smooth or square shaped, something familiar to you. “I chose a Coke can.” First off find a place you are not going to be distracted by anything, technology, books, drawing, anything. You need silence or as close to it, this will help you immensely. You can go to your local budist temple or local park. Just make sure your safe and comfortable. 1Once you have found the right place where you are most comfortable and at peace and not going to be distracted or disturbed, Get yourself into a meditative state, do this by picturing the centre of your mind/brain/head, concentrate on that and that alone, you should feel an energy/feeling build up as you calm down over time the more at peace you feel the more calm and clear minded you'll be. Look at the object you have selected and make that object in your mind then, look at the place where you are going to place the object. Once you have pictured this object in your mind as you see it in front of you, what you are going to do is turn it into a different shape/energy ball/whatever, your choice. So changing this object isn’t just picturing another object, I want you to literally stretch it, mould it, form it into another object Changing its form, but keeping its colours and picture. Do this in your mind at first. The more you practice this the easier it will be. Once you have done this move on. 2Once you can picture your item, turn your item around so you get a good 3D look at it, only do this if you want to have a good grasp of 3D space. Don’t try to imagine it all at once, all the way around it, just do it one side at a time. Then try to imagine it turning in your mind… When you do this successfully repeat the same thing above, change the objects form, in 3D or as a 2D object in a space, turn it into whatever you want. When you can do this, move on. Do this untill you can be distracted for a while or thrown off concentration then return back to it. Repeat until it comes naturally. If so, then it is time for you to impose your item onto an area around you, remove the item out of your site completely, and impose the image onto where the item was if it makes it easier have the item in your site just impose your image next to it. Whatever your image is picture it next to your selected item. Whatever you choose. Know that you will have to do this without the item being in your view, once you have a grasp on this and you can see the item as clear as day move the object, turning it around, rotate your item so you see it move around and around. You can either do it with your hands or with your mind. If you do it with your hands and can feel or start to feel the object you are doing well. Please keep in mind what is Real life and what is in your mind, this is very important. Once this is done and you are sure you can see it Have a small break and try this again, try the next part when you do all this naturally Static imposing while moving. First off make sure you are in a comfortable environment without any distractions, close the windows the least movement outside as usual. Example I have a rat’s cage in our room, I would either cover it or move it out of site or out of the room completely. So it does not distract me. Or turn off your phone. Picture your chosen item in your mind, rethink how it looks from all angles. Simply place the item on the in front of you. Once you have done this I would like you to turn around, away from where it is. Then picture where it is, picture the background as detailed as possible, especially the area around the item where you have put it. See it in your mind that you have that item there. When you have done this, turn back around and impose it there, try turning around and seeing it there until you get a little dizzy. This is hard to do, if it isn’t then, well done. Practice this till you can see it completely clear. Personal tip. One thing that helped me personally is putting the actual item there and looking at it for a bit then removing the item, kind of cheating but it worked well for me. Feeling your object Take your object in your hands and feel around it. Get a good grasp on how it feels. The temperature of it, literally concentrate on every small detail. Then take what you have learnt and apply it to the object in your mind. Then apply it to the object you have imposed on the ground, by picking it up. Do this till you can do it naturally. If you have trouble doing this use your visualising skills while holding the item. This often helps. Imposing while moving. The next step is as it says, Imposing while your moving. Walk back and forth and impose it at the same spot using the same method. First off get yourself into a mediative state but be aware of your surroundings this time. Be aware of where you are in reality and make sure you know it. Ignore all sounds happening, smells, and such but keep a visual on all the items around you. Repeat this till you can see it while you move. Imposing Sound. This can be hard for some. But easy for some too. Some people don't do this at all. Me personally I have done this but not perfectly. Think about it like this. A musician who knows how to tune his instrument by ear knows what each note sounds like this is similar to what you need to do. If you want to do this you'll be able to play drums in your mind. Create music and fun with your tulpas or even just yourself. Move on to part two if you don't. Start again with a calm meditative mind. Breathing is key here listening to what your going to imprint on an object in your mind. Let's say… you want the sound of a bell. What ever sound you choose look up one you like and play it back to you 10 times. Then imprint it onto the object your wanting to sound like that. This is up to you how you do this. I use a stick to hit the bell to make the sound. This links the sound to the object. This seams lien pretty simple stuff but it's actually hard when you have more precise sounds required to be played. Playing a song is easy to listen to it and then replay it in you head. Songs are simple and easy to use don't start with them. The brain does this naturally. You know what the wind sounds like. So you don't have to work on stuff like that unless it's your wonderland description. Part Two Create your wonderland. Some of this is advanced. What is a wonderland? (Optional) The wonderland is an optional place or your tulpa to live in. Though some tulpamancers choose not to have one, (Oillin my mentor, didn’t have one. Though he did mention it.) The wonderland can be anything you like, from a copy of your room or house, to a medieval castle, or Spaceship literally anywhere though somewhere safe and comfortable for you as it's going to be the home for your tulpa.. It’s your head and yours and your tulpas space so you choose what you want to do with it. Wonderlands are created over time, and for me, are always changing depending on what’s happening, or what time of year it is. Though most people keep this simple. Some choose to have a simple wonderland one where not much is happening and some choose to have a wonderland where they have so called “NPC’s” (non playable characters) all the way up to entire cities or even a whole continent. Wonderlands are to be as detailed as you want them to be. Think about everything. If you end up with “images or flashes, short videos” of your wonderland popping into your mind when you think about it. Then you have not worked hard enough on it. If you end up being able to walk through this imaginary space then your doing well. Keep reading if you want one. How to create a wonderland “All objects start as a thought. We create them, to use them, nothing is useless, nothing is folly” Simply start with something familiar to you, a good start to a wonderland is 4 walls and a roof, i.e. an empty room. Some say they do not want to do it this way, because they don’t want their tulpa to live in a “box” So please keep in mind that this isn’t permanent, you and even your tulpa can change it later. So, whatever you are going to create choose something that works for you. I recommend doing this if you are going to do this before you start making your tulpa in general. Think about every detail in your wonderland, trees, windows, cups, plates, books. (Will get into that later) Think and picture items you use every day, to get your tulpa familiar with them when they come. Assuming at this point you are new and starting off with no tulpas. If it helps grab objects in your room and place them down in your wonderland, that is always fun to do, create new ones off images and 3D models on the internet in games. But remember that this place is going to be the first home for your tulpa. You don’t have to make it nice but you do have to make it whole. Mark things as floor and wall, so solids think about how it feels the materials it’s made of, how cold or hot/room temperature the room is or place. When I say think of everything, I literally mean everything. Books. With books, it’s easy to just read it and say “my tulpa is reading, this” no, this only applies if you and your tulpa is reading it in real life. I’m talking about actually putting whole books into your wonderland. Start off with imaging the cover of it then start reading it, writing each word down in the book itself in the wonderland till you know it off by hart, you may have to do this multiple times. This will take a long time. Same goes for magazines/comics, only do the same with images. Picture them there, each page, place the picture on it. This normally works of you have a photographic memory. Don't get to much hope up it didn't work to well for me. Computers. Laptops, phones. Electrical interactive devices. Computers are all about linking, you don’t need to know how a computer actually works, it would take up too much effort and would just be a waste of time, if you did it that way. Think of computers as literal “magic” The computer just “works.” You have your keyboard mouse, and file system on your computer files a literally just folders that are “linked” So say you click on… “tulpa – documents – Pictures – “file” each “– “is a link that you will make, it’s really easy actually, just work on linking them together. What does it mean if I don’t have one? As I have a wonderland and do not know this experience, I can only give you my opinion, that they would live in the real world with you, obvious. Not real as in “there, anyone can see” as in you would impose them around you, you might have an area for them to sleep, they might choose one for example, on your bed or something. This simply means you become more reliant on your visualisation skills. Visualising them outside of your mind. Hence why I think it’s so important to first work on those skills, or even just staying in the front. The place where a tulpa will be able to see and hear though your conscious experience. With visualisation skills like these you can really use them to enrich your mental environment with fun activities and create your own world mentally or around you visually. If you apply them to your tulpa you'll be able to see your tulpa sitting standing sleeping right in front of you. Imposition. A little… If you can feel your tulpa in an external way or you might have a slight feeling your tulpa is on the bed that too is apart of visualisation. As your tulpa is being imposed in the real world. You can actually apply any of these methods to feel, see and hear your tulpa, even directionally in the physical world. Download:
  7. That dosn't help. but thank for the reply
  8. Hello, I'm searching for more tulpamancers hiding out in Australia.
  9. I can parallel process, but only sometimes. Its not that i know exactly what my tulpas are doing, its that i can tell where they are and hear them sometimes when i want to concentrate on them. I can do this as im doing my own thing.
  10. Imposition works. My god it works. Not a day goes by I actually don't think back to when I could first actually touch my tulpas and they feel me doing so as well. IT IS STRANGE! Don’t get me wrong, if you put your hand to far down you go right though them at least that’s how it was, not anymore. From the start, I was trained on Visualization, this includes Imposing tactile feelings, audio, and seeing things that art there or adding them in. Though this has indeed taken one year. and that’s not even to get it perfect just to get it working. I've been doing this for 10 years and I (when i get time) am still working on all forms of imposition except seeing my tulpas/objects. I will be mentioning how I've gotten all this in my guide once I have finished the visualization side of it... and organised all of the caricatures Might be going into details on practice method(s) because there will be more then one. Imposing: (Different for anyone) Audio, I have to say personally is the hardest. Still working on it. tulpas, easiest thing to do for me. Tactile feeling of tulpas and also objects, this for me is important and the tulpas love it to as long as they can feel it. Imposing objects. Not as important unless you want to play mind games. Flare, kept up till 4am australian time, mind my gramma and such... please.
  11. Hi, my name is Chadack, I’ve been active in this community for a short while though have been off and on it. I have been practicing tulpamancey for 10 years. Though recently I have been active and would like to become a listed mentor. I have three tulpas, Jessa, Flaredash and Gentjab (Jabbers). I was mentored by my old friend Oillin, a monk who had one tulpa for his whole life. Do you view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon, a metaphysical one, or both? I believe tulpas are a psychological phenomenon and have other strong beliefs also that have nothing to do with mentoring new Tulpamancers, I believe tulpas are companions for your journey in life. Where/was your tulpas(s) natural/pre-existing or where they created intentionally? Jessa and flaredash where intentionally created, Gentjab was a “walk-in” How long have you had your tulpa(s)? How long have you been active in the community (, /r/tulpas,, etc.) I have been practicing tulpamancey since 2008, with my mentor oillin who had his tulpa for over 50 years, He taught me his way of doing things, and how things made him feel, this helped me create my tulpas. How long did it take to accomplish things, (e.g. vocality, possession, imposition)? I did one year of visualisation mind training and mind games, both in my mind and out IRL, to help with visualisation. (Jessa), Created over a space of a year, 2 months to become vocal and was imposed straight as soon as she started to choose her own shape. 2 more months to possess, (flaredash) Imposed straight away, 1month vocal, then leant to possess with me. (jabbers) was doing everything from the start. We spent 1 year on how to switch, then 3 years on how to fluently switch Hope that’s enough? Do you have any other information you’d like to share? If so, what? I am writing a guide at the moment that I would not like to uncover till it is done. Though I think I can be a good mentor as I have much experience. And would like to share it with people interested • Vocality 10 • Parallel Processing 8 • Visualisation 10 • Visual Imposition 10 • Tactile Imposition 9 • Auditory Imposition 10 • Possession 10 • Switching 10 No max, Will help who ever Messages me...
  12. Very interesting to have different opinions on this matter, Thanks everyone for your replies.
  13. I live with my wife (IRL) Cohan, She knows about my tulpas and embraces them, accepts them and respects them. Though she is still learning about them. What I am wondering is, since we are married, is she also married to them, She thinks so, because there apart of me that she is married to all of them, she says "its a package deal, you take the lot, or go home." I'm still unsure, personally.. Well, more undecided then unsure... Us as a whole, being myself and all 3 tulpas have agreed on them not having relationships with other tulpas/real life people. This is to do with "The hosts needs come first." Rule we have, and since I'm married and such they have agreed not to Have or continue relationships. Due to this. What do you think? Is she technically married to all of them or just me? Curious to know your opinion on this. Though the final opinion is of cause up to us.
  14. I read this back in 2013. I agreed and liked its set out, though for myself. Would have been a good starting place if i had not had a mentor. Awesome work mate.
  15. Just to Clarify I mostly meant After they are gone for long periods of time ?
  16. Yah, look it up on youtube its no good.
  17. This is a Tulpa game ive found on steam! So interesting... What do you guys think? have you played it?
  18. Honestly we found out though other tulpamancers.
  19. Because minecraft is actually more resource demanding then the 3D software I'm using.
  20. Update 2 Flaredashes house next to the lake v2 I have completly redone the whole thing decided to do it in parts then join them together later.