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  1. Evil

    Mass Leaving Thread

    Veni, Vidi, Vici, Vasi... Et tunc, quam reliqui.
  2. Evil

    I resign.

    I resign from the GAT. I am not needed here, but I promised that I would best the expectations, to prove you wrong. Farewell.
  3. I would like a 8 months ban, please. Thank you.
  4. Welcome, Jessamine, and welcome to the tulpa.info community. We wish you luck.
  5. Greetings, I am Evil. So, Dimitrov's birthday is coming up in a week. Born in the cold of the night... that fits his character quite well. It made me think about what people do for their tulpa's birthdays. How old is your tulpa? Do you celebrate their birthdays? If yes, what kind of celebrations take place?
  6. @Stanheights: I am most terribly sorry to hear about your situation. Have you considered reviewing @NoneFromHell's submission regarding revitalization? https://community.tulpa.info/thread-general-nonefromhell-s-three-task-tulpa-revitalization-exercise
  7. Evil


    @Groovy-guru: Granted, day dreaming can prove to be useful. In the case it is useful, though, it is not a general fact that is embedded in the general consensus regarding tulpamancy. By this, I mean that most guides do not emphasize on the day dreaming factor. If it proves to work for a few people, it lacks the implication that it will work in all cases. It is one of those things that only apply to some people, which is why the submission was regarded negatively in the first place. Day dreaming in singularity includes the host as the... only... thinking... being? The way OP worded it, it seems like his point was that imagining your tulpa in certain scenarios (and a tulpa that is not vocal nor sentient at that) would contribute to that. While some writers have gotten headmates and 'soulbonds' (which goes towards plurality as a whole more than tulpamancy as a unique concept), if you wish to work on a tulpa, you're going to want to work on their own capacities, and not the impression you hold of them. Imagine your host doing something, this doesn't mean your host is doing anything, Groovy-guru, it only gives you the mind's interpretation of the provided estimation in your thoughts. Granted, day-dreaming with your tulpa can help, but day-dreaming with an isolated concept that cannot interact would provide very... light results, let's put it this way. Day-dreaming with your tulpa mostly counts as forcing, which is what guides promote, and instead of calling it day-dreaming, they call it active forcing, for the term 'dream' tends to scare off people just like the term 'imagination' brings dread in their hearts, doubt and all of that.
  8. Hello, der_skythe, and welcome to the tulpa.info community. -Yes. -Not all of them. -Well, a tulpa is a person in your head, quite literally. That is why this decision is one you need to consider; I've heard of some tulpamancers who completely gave up that sort of privacy. You share a mind, and that is the price, I suppose. -Most probably. -Yes.
  9. I apologize if I come off as ignorant, for I am uneducated on depersonalization disorder, and only possess general information regarding DPD. We'll start by defining a tulpa. A tulpa is an intelligent being that lives in your mind. It is a part of you, yet not a part of you. It is you, yet not you. In the sense that, well, it inhabits your mind and requires your personal attention to live, the tulpa is part of your mind, but such an alien one that the mind can make the difference altogether. I am aware that depersonalization involves a lot of negative symptoms, as a friend has it, and struggles to put up with life and his own entourage. I apologize if this is blunt, but do you have an official diagnosis? Or is it more of a self-diagnosis? Could you please inform us of your most eminent symptoms? Cases may vary. The best answer you'd get would be from someone with a DPD diagnosis. I would say that this is a sensitive topic, since a lot of things can happen in your mind. I am not one to make such claims usually, but there may be cases in which you struggle to attach yourself to your own identity, so I will dare to say that tulpamancy could lead to identity distortion, in very small odds, though. We're speaking in the case you assume the tulpa to be you, at some point. I'm really unaware of HOW the mind of a DPD works.
  10. Blak does this a lot when she's tired. It sounds pretty different from how she usually speaks. Your concern is understandable, after all, guides talk very little of gibberish and the likes. It is possible it's your tulpa, but, time will tell. Parroting tends to be a conscious act.
  11. Welcome to the tulpa.info community, Dep. We hope you find the assistance you require, and wish you good luck.
  12. I think that you might be taking things a bit too fast, Yahtzen. In my humble opinion, it would be more adequate to wait until you're sure Himmel is indeed talking to you and capable of communication, as it is quite early to make any assumptions. Could you possibly link us to those videos? That's symbolism, most likely. Tulpas do not really need food to live. The 'energy' they need is your attention.
  13. Hello, Knifos, and welcome to the tulpa.info community. It is essential to understand a simple concept: the tulpa itself is not the form. Upon looking at others, and even at yourself, the form constitutes the appearance, and allows for others to make a judgment. The way you look like is the key to social acceptance and social respect, appreciation and cooperation, in a superficial way. But what matters inside you, and inside each and every one of us, is what we stand for. I mean traits, characteristics in personality, small quirks, likes, dislikes and opinions that make us who we are. With that in mind, I hope you understand that the form a tulpa has is not the actual tulpa within itself, such as your mind is not the body. You can leave the decision to your tulpa when they reach vocality. We wish you luck.
  14. Evil


    I disapprove of your submission for the moment being. My reasoning is as follows: You essentially imagine your tulpa in an interactive environment. Well, in that case, the environment itself is merely generated from your imagination. Forcing your tulpa to be in that imaginary environment does not lead to any interactions with the actual tulpa. It only helps you build an idea of the tulpa as an idea, and not a person that thinks. Vocality implies the capacity to talk, and talking implies the capacity to think, for we need thoughts to translate into words. It is the number one goal tulpamancers seek to achieve. Yet, I fail to understand the point of this. Aside from making your tulpa's form and presence familiar, how is this going to contribute. If I imagine myself and, say, a young girl in a dating scenario, my mind will produce responses in my imagination. That would be no tulpa, though, it would just be the projection of my imagination. The point I am trying to make is that the tulpa as you imagine it differs from the tulpa as a form of sentience and consciousness. Imagining how my father would respond if I told him I wanted to major in a different field than what I told him would result in my imagination giving me a projection of my own expectations. I hope I have been able to drive my point across clearly.
  15. Interesting. I am most sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences. I reckon that having to hide your identity to people you talk to in consistence can be bothering and a knock on the head. I've been curious, now that you intend on focusing on your ADHD, how often have you been talking to Fenchurch on a daily basis, ever since you picked it all back up?