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    Hello!! I'm DeathofShadows, and I found out about this site through a friend. Turns out, though, I've been working on my Tulpa for quite a while, I just haven't known about it yet!

    BUT!! About me, I love Roleplaying and drawing, so chances are you'll find me lurking around those sections, but if you ever need to talk, feel free to shoot me a message!!
  1. Alright... Quick three-hour sketch of Tetra. She approves.
  2. Some clarification on this. Thus far, Tetra and I have really only been able to work out a basic yes/no system with head pressure, which is just fine for basic conversations, however I sometimes just randomly feel her, as though she's trying to say something important, but it's very difficult to get where she's coming from... How would you translate this? Or is it merely that I'm in need of a bit more development before I begin working on mindvoice?
  3. Ah. Different sorta thing going around. It's alright. If its that bad then we don't exactly need an entire forum. Thanks for the feedback though!
  4. I generally mean somewhere where those of us can come together and play through storylines, make characters (or play as existing ones), and really have a good time. Of course it's just a suggestion. I have plenty of other places to Roleplay, I just thought it might be rather interesting to perhaps get our Tulpae involved in it as well, maybe have games where you and your Tulpa team up to take on a plot of sorts. If I could use an example from another site, I'm thinking something alon the lines of Pokécommunity's Roleplaying forum. Just a place to hang out with friends (or even make some) and Roleplay about anything that stays within the rule limits.
  5. Thanks for the greeting! I'm glad to be here myself! Well... Back in my middle school years, I was kinda outcast, and you can understand that the brain often makes up for itself, right? I played a lot of Pokemon Ruby during that time, and my lonely self formulated Tetra. Of course, this was Lon before I realized her potential, and it consisted much of me parroting out conversations. And then came high school, and with that, I entered the world of online Roleplaying. Tetra was mainly my go-to character for the Pokemon roleplays that I was in, so she was definitely well developed before I discovered this site. Sorry for the long rant, it happens sometimes.
  6. Alright... New guy here, excuse the n00biness... I don't know if this has yet to be suggested, as my IPod seems to make it a game to hate my Internet usage and therefore it doesn't like the search option, but maybe.. JUST MAYBE.. Could it be a possibility in the near future that an entirely seperate Roleplaying forum be made? Of course, I don't know if that's where you want to take this site, but if it is, I may be able to help out with that. New to this site, but definatly a veteran Roleplayer.
  7. Okay... Lots of stuff to go over. Been forgetting to post. <><><><><><><><><><> Tetra the Gardevoir Day 3 - 9/22/13 Stage: Speech -So... Here we are, three days into the process. Tetra has DEFINITELY been making bunches of progress over the last few days, and it's actually pretty cool. Guess I'll start from the beginning. Essentially, I started with Tetra a LOOOOONG while back, which might actually be the main driving force behind our progress, but I only strted really working with her as a Tulpa three days ago. Once I found this via a friend, I definitely began spending bunches of forcing time with Tetra, a lot of it passive, but I have set aside time right before bed where we usually talk it up. In a way. As for these nightly sessions, it's mainly been me introducing myself, her personality, and some of the important people that I know to her, which I am glad to at that she has responded well to. I can also gladly say that I know she's there; we've established a communication system utilizing head pressure. Yes, I realize that it has its weaknesses, I have a headache as I site this, but this far we've been able to start understanding eachother through a righ=positive and left=negative approach. Thus far, I'm rather proud of my little girl. As of today, we're starting to work on speech and communication. At the rate we're going, I wouldn't be suprised if we hagan full conversation within a week! Don't think that means I'm hasty to go through with this though. I'm sticking it out until she thinks she's at the best she can be. <><><><><><><><><><> DwathofShadows signing off. All feedback is appreciated.
  8. Alright! So here I am! I guess I should start off with a general guideline to what I'll be posting. In most posts, I will be including information in this format: <><><><><><><><><><> Tulpa name Date Stage -Summary of the day's progress <><><><><><><><><><> So now that that's done, here's a list of my Tulpae, the link going to their first post: <><><><><><><><><><> -Tetra the Gardevoir <><><><><><><><><><>