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    I'm just another bum, trying to understand the wonderful mysteries in life one at a time.
  1. This might seem a little Soon since i just started creating my Tulpa. Barely even past the stage your at right now. But i have found that what makes the easiest and most enjoyable forcing sessions is... Well anything. I can remember things about my wonderland that i really shouldn't. Things that i create on the go and enjoy. For example, My tulpa Jessica is from what i can tell developing at a rate of a child on steroids. Jessica in my last forcing session wanted to go out of the confines of my wonderland. Like to things i haven't even thought of. I was following her tooth and nail and she seemed to know where we were going. Anyway Somehow we found a mountain. Got on the mountain and flew off. Saw a coll jungle, a huge jungle.So we decided to explore But somewhere in the jungle there's like this huge ravine. I tried to jump over but no matter how much i tried to get over it using my own mind powers i couldn't. I'm absolutely possitive Jessica said fall so i did. I Found a cave. At this point I just put a door next to the cave leading back to the main part of my wonderland. So that I can explore later. I wrote all that because really I never could imagine things to such detail before all this. I'm really thankful for it. I wasn't planning on writing my last forcing session but I wanted to give you an example of what my own seem to be like. Anyway I'm sure you'll be over and through the hoop like me soon.
  2. From first glance this looks like a reiteration of Sigmund Freed's -ego (the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends) -superego ( plays the critical and moralizing role ) -id (the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego ) In a sense an idea of existing personalities that all make up you has been around for quite some time. The difference is he renamed it and put them within more critical categories. I find it interesting that his way of talking to these aka sub-selves is simliar to creating a tulpa. Furthermore I am curious of how he even began the process of understanding his own therapy practice. Where did such a idea come from? Perhaps he took it from a broad approach on the whole idea of happy place and narrowed it down after years of practice,17, anything is possible. But I wonder if he himself might have his own Secret Tulpa?
  3. This is pretty neat. I will attempt this when my tulpa, Jessica, Matures to a mindvoice rather than open emotion.
  4. Hello my name is Crushing or commonly referred to as Devin. I have known of tulpas for a few months now. My first thought of tulpas was that sounds awesome but at the time after reading the absolute guide to tulpas I realized this was real. No one would spend months writing a guide to be the ultimate troll. But I wasn't ready. The Idea of makings tulpaa was far too immature in my mind. So i decided against it. Now months later I think I am ready. I raised my skills of concentration by way of the guides on here. I am a 18 year old male from Alabama. I hope that if I have any troubles that many would come to my help. Thanks for being such a help for my endeavor to create a friend for life. (tupla changed to tulpa)