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  1. Days since creation: 372 Days Days since rebirth: 38 Day I just thought I would come on here and give you all an update. Embers first birthday was last week, we had a small party/celebration, nothing fancy. I am going to try and get into a regular posting pattern as it means that I have a written log of everything and also it means that I will hopefully not fall into a forcing hole.
  2. Days since creation: 346 days Days since rebirth: 11 Day Its been 9 days since my last post, due to the fact that I went camping. I have started to feel myself falling into the same problems as last time. But I will not let it happen a second time, and to achieve this I am going to find tons of things I can do with/to help her to prevent it happening again...
  3. Days since creation: 337 days Days since rebirth: 3 Day Not too much progress has been made today, I have spent my time practising different visualization exercises. I did head into my "wonderland" at one point to just do some exploration and working on detail, which helped significantly.
  4. Days since creation: 336 days Days since rebirth: 2 Day I started my session with her today my calming myself and my mind down by doing an exercise that I remember from when I first started. This said exercise involves focusing on your breathing, counting upwards as you breath. On exhale you say "one" and on inhale you say "one" then on exhale you say "two" and on inhale you say "two" going higher and higher. (Found something similar: ) Then I worked on a second exercise: Imagining a notepad or a set of cards with numbers on them starting at one and going upwards. And you or your tulpa then rotate through the cards counting upwards, focusing on the cards and not breaking concentration. ( Unfortunately my visualising skills have massively deteriorated, so I will find some other exercises to work on this.
  5. Days since creation: 335 days Days since rebirth: 1 Day Today I decided, before I actually start work on her mentally, to create a physical image to use to enhance my mental image of her. To do this I went back and found the image that I created when I first started and started to work on it. What I did was start smoothing up the image and increase the quality, this both allowed me to get a more accurate image of what she looks like and at the same time allowed me to spend time studying her image and planting it into my mind.
  6. This progress report is going to be used as a way to keep track of the rebirth of my tulpa "Ember" Some Back-story I first started work on my tulpa on the 22nd of September 2013 as shown in my original progress report shown here: The reason I am starting new is because of my lack of dedication and effort in my first attempt. What ended up happening was that I started to make progress before stopping and losing all motivation. So this report is to show my second attempt at creating a tulpa.
  7. Day 118 ----------- Hello again. During the holidays I managed to get a decent amount of forcing in per day, and I have now finished on the last bits of detail on her. Unfortunately since retuning back to school I haven't been getting as much forcing done as I would have liked. Luckily now though, I have started using old techniques again and am back to the idea of doing small amounts whenever I can.
  8. Day 87 --------- Since I have a break from schoolwork and such, I have been working with Ember more frequently than normal. And since it is the christmas season I have decided to give Ember a small gift: I was always quite lacking with detail when forcing, for example, I never gave her a face. Well, she did Have a face, but I could never focus in, or get a good level of detail. So, for christmas, I have been working on detail, giving her a face that I can focus on, as well as a few smaller other things. I am using a picture I made back when I first started forcing. I will upload it when I get onto my computer tomorrow.
  9. Day 73 ----------- It has been nearly a month since my last update, this has been because of many reasons, and things have definitely changed. First off, Ember is now, as far as I can tell, quite sentient. She is not yet vocal but we have been working on communications. We are currently working on her giving me head pressure in response to questions. I am still working on refining the detail of my wonderland and many of the finer details on Ember herself: Just like the fact that we discovered she is allergic to peanuts. I will try and get back in the cycle of regularly updating from now on...
  10. Day 37 ------------------ Well, I am now off school for a week, meaning I can have more time to force. I have been experimenting with methods that I used when I first started, just ones to help me relax but they seem to help my concentration as well. The one thing I never did with ember was give her a face, I always tried, but I could never get one to stick, as I could never focus enough for it to work. So instead I have gone and fused different peoples faces, ones that I see on a regular basis hoping that this might help, so now I have a picture that I can use to help me on the final parts of the visualization.
  11. The sort of scenario I would imagine this happening is something like this: In a few weeks I am going to an event that lasts from 6 till midnight and is basically a massive hike through a forest. So basically 6 hours of walking through a forest in the dark, telling ghost stories and whatnot. From previous years of doing this, people start getting nervous and more likely to listen and get scared of a horror story. Could something like that cause them to develop something, maybe just a servitor, programmed by their idea of what it would act like.
  12. Basically, a friend of mine had a theory, we knew a small bit about Tulpa back then but not enough, so I did some research into tulpa and that led me here, one thing led to another and I started on my first tulpa. The theory I was talking about, was that could a tulpa be created via the fear in something. Knowing that tulpa are created by the belief in it, belief in how it will behave, could this mean that you could create something, maybe not a tulpa but something different, by the belief in and urban legend. Do you think this is possible?
  13. I have mostly overcome the problem, but as one fixes another arises, I will just do a similar technique to what I did previously. But I do feel as if she is getting annoyed with me, as I was focusing too much on the wonderland and not enough on her, but I will make sure to put in more effort from now on.
  14. Day 30 ---------- I have been struggling to think of anything to post on a daily basis, but I'm going to at least get something out once a week. I am still trying to fix the problems in the wonderland, like the fact that there is very little friction, but non the less I think this will be sorted in time. The other day I had the first sign of attempted verbal communication, she started moving around. Rather than assuming pupping I decided to go along with it. She walked over to me, and I remember her saying something, I struggle to remember exactly what, but I remember that it took me by shock as it didn't feel like it would if I was parroting.
  15. Day 23 ------------ This last week I haven't been posting as much as I should, though to be fair there isn't much that I could post, I have been gradually working my way through problems in my wonderland as they arise. I feel as if Ember may be annoyed/angry at me, I wouldn't blame her though, but knowing that I have nearly gained complete control over my wonderland means I can start focusing more on Her now.