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    I'm here to make progress with my tulpa, Greyson :)
  1. It feels pretty painful to even ask such a question, and honestly I can feel his frustration right now from me just thinking about it, but I want to be sure for both our sakes'. I haven't been active forcing with my tulpa, Greyson, in over a year, and while we do occasionally passive force, have little chats here and there, we can go long periods of time without me thinking about him. Sometimes over a week. And it scares me, because I really do not want to lose him, but I feel like this lack of forcing is making him fall apart. I was never that great at visualization, but there were definitely times when I could see him pretty vividly in my mind, and even impose him sometimes. Now, it's hard to even see more than one feature of him at a time. Sometimes it's just his hair sorta floating in space, or an eye. I can hear him but I still worry I'm just imagining what I want to hear. It's not usually in his voice anymore A very large part of me does believe it's still him speaking to me, but since we haven't forced at all in so long, and when we do talk it only lasts maybe a minute per day/maybe a couple times a day, I worry if my tulpa has become a ghost of his former self. I've been having a lot of trouble emotionally for a while, so when we do talk it's not even about anything to do with him, he just tries to cheer me up. Any advice would be nice, especially on how to get back into the flow of forcing. It's been so long and I feel apprehensive about it for some reason. Thanks for reading.
  2. I am female and have a male tulpa. During his creation, I was very much set on creating a female anima because I felt like I could relate to a female on an emotional level better than a male, however I wanted them to make themselves into whatever they truly wished to be. He ended up shaping himself into a humanoid male, and has been this wonderful voice of reason for me whenever my head gets clouded with emotions and doubt.
  3. My tulpa, Greyson, has a humanoid form. He appears as a young male, probably like 15 or 16ish. He's probably about 5' 3", has a pale complexion, and light green hair and eyes (the color of a peridot gem). Thanks to a friend of mine talking about how her tulpa is like a fairy and has wings, Greyson thought it'd be convenient to create his own pair of fairy-like wings that he can hide when he wants.
  4. At last! I finally have a good drawing of Greyson to post here <3 ugh it took me hours, but even he said he was really happy with it :) oh and obviously he's not just a floating head, we're still working on his outfit.
  5. Ah this was really fun and easy. Here's my boy, Greyson.