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  1. I believe there are already threads concerning this topic. As I have been told, it is indeed possible to "unintentionally" create a Tulpa. However, the chance of this happening appears to be very slim.
  2. For me this question is hard for me to answer, despite what evidence (which are more like theories than evidence)and people saying otherwise, I am still kinda leaning towards Demon possesion. I want tto believe that it is whait numerous people here claim it to be but I can't. However, if I am wrong, then Tulpae are simply a forced split one's conscious that is simply growing seperately from the origonal. I am sorry if this somehow offends anyone, I am simply stating what I believe to be true, Tulpas cannot exist.
  3. This sounds closest to my predicament that I have read so far. also, since there is a God hearing the voice of God isn't too far stretched. So far I have heard no logical argument on how this world would exist without a god.
  4. Fun random fact, did you know that everyone started out "female"? Apparently this explains why men have nipples. The next person will know what I advoided saying.
  5. Well since "Midori" has been in the forefront of my memory for long periods of time daily every day seven days a week for five years. It still makes me wonder sometimes if "Midori" was/is a Tulpa though I am still pretty sure she isn't. I can even visualize her into reality with ease (though I do have to focus, if my mind wanders I lose sight of her).
  6. Firstly, i'll like to say that this would probably clasify as a subculture. Also, any chance anyone lives in Gillette WY?
  7. I agree with everything above, hope you overcome the problem.
  8. No, but that has never stopped me before. Everything the next person says is a lie.
  9. Assuming they are a sentient being and a part of your head, then their as real as you are. How solid they are depends on how well you can visualize them, I don't believe they can actually see anything through their hallucinated body though.
  10. Nope didn't sneeze within the last hour of the previous ppst. The next person knows the meaning of my name without looking it up.
  11. I am more interested in the concept behind Tulpamancy than Tulpamancy itself. Now normally if I was interested in something I would try it out while I study it. However, in this case I am not since I still don't know what a Tulpa IS, sure I know what you guys claim it to be, but so far I have seen nothing to actually validate this claim. On top of that it still feels like I am walking into this blind folded.
  12. You could always ask her to decide on one face temporarily so that it makes it easier to visualize her for awhile, at least until your more use to her form and more accepting of changes.
  13. If a Tulpa is indeed a sentient being and a part of your brain, then it's 100% possible.
  14. Crabby Patties to you! You are partially correct! =3 The next person will copy and paste a post from page 117
  15. Yes it is possible to move two eyes independently from each other. However, doing so messes up your focus tremendously. I know because I have a lazy eye (pretty much where my dominant eye has to do all the work while the other stares off in a random direction) which can make it hard to focus on stuff like: homework, gaming (especially since it is harder to see movement), driving, etc.
  16. Yeah cookies!!!! =D Thanks for the info on daemons. Also, my primary reason for being here isn't about making a Tulpa either (though I might make a Tulpa later on too). Wish you the best of luck with your Tulpae and Daemon-Tulpa.
  17. I suppose you technically can merge the posts with the older thread, but this might also introduce some confusion - especially to new guys to the forum (like me). I would suggest, if you do decide to merge posts with older threads, that you also send the person who made the post a quick pm saying why (this way any possible confusion is removed).
  18. I personally prefer face to face, but apparently there isn't a Tulpa within 100 miles of my house... I don't have a Tulpa, but your more than welcome to talk to me via pm if you like.
  19. Increased activity does not prove that Tulpae is what Tulpamancers claim it to be. Someone who believes that you are demon possesed, will actually take this as proof of their own opinion.
  20. Try thinking of a place where you are at peace or familiar with (home, your favorite vacation spot, etc.) Keep that place in your mind, now try to visualize something in that area. I would think this will work because your brain thinks it's thinking something important. Let us know if this works.
  21. Can you not use just one wonderland and add different scenarios to it? Like have the history of Napoleon in one part of wonderland, then have like the memory of your favorite movie in a area next to it. That way you can go back and review without creatings lots of new wonderlands, maybe?
  22. As I have been told, while Tulpaforcing assume everything that pops into your head as your Tulpa. Have you tried that yet? I am assuming you are, but I don't know everything you have or have not tried. Also, kinda going along with Tulpacouple here - Patience - a Tulpa can (to my knowledge) only exist if you believe it exists, and that doubt, frustration, and other negative thoughts will do nothing slow down or even regress the process.
  23. I know I don't have to, but I have already been visualizing her for 5 years....
  24. I would have to say it depends on the Hz, 7 Hz I heard is good for meditation and 15 Hz is bad for meditation - I would think it work the same for Tulpae. However if everything that affects Tulpae is indeed based on thought, then no you shouldn't worry about it.