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  1. I don't know, try asking your tupper. I'd say weird dreams, though.
  2. Do what JD1215 said above. I don't think that any of us are actually qualified to give you professional advice, although Nobillis is pretty damned good at giving advice.
  3. I would personally say that it's fine, as long as you are absolutely sure about the responsibility that it takes. It's not so much as something that could stunt your growth, etc, it's a large responsibility that it is ill-advised to take so young. Think of it this way. Do you want to have what is basically an imaginary friend in your head for the rest of your life? I hope you do. IMHO, it's rather unethical to get rid of tulpae, because they are living, talking people too. While they are still yourself, they still have feelings. They really are not any different from you, except that you a
  4. Horatio


    To be honest, I would use the term 'thought form' in place of tulpa there, but that's just me.
  5. Yuki: Well, because I really like my host, and I'd really hate to see him sad, especially after he put so much work in. :P Apart from that, I don't think I've ever asked myself that question. Horatio/Host: This is my tupper's first time trying to formulate a post here, so excuse the fact that 'Apart from that' doesn't belong there. ^_^
  6. My siggy is out-of-date by now. My Tulpa used to be called Sasuke as a place holder until she could choose her own name. Later on, I was watching the "Yuki yuki yuki yuki" 10 hours video on Youtube, and I decided to tupafawrce while doing that. She decided on the name Yuki during that, and I think I can see why. ^_^
  7. Okay then. I didn't update this as much as I should, but something significant happened today. I was trying to get my tupper to possess my fingers on my left hand, and after a few days of trying, and reading the most recent posession guide in the 'guides' section, she did it! She also moved my wrist around a bit, which I was quite surprised about. However, the movements are quite jerky. Presumably that's okay, seeing as it was my tuppers first few times, but it was quite worrying before I rationalized it. :P Also, on the same day, she seemed to be able to talk to me better. I was able to
  8. I have no idea where that comes from, although I don't think it causes much trouble, because I always force right before sleep. :P So far, my Tulpa isn't a mass murderer or anything, nor is she even slightly miffed that I did that. I don't think it matters as much as it is made out to.
  9. B!tch please, I have 5 cats. The next person has a dog.
  10. Nope, and I sincerely hope I never do. xD The next person has been on this community for over 6 months.
  11. Okay, so I "accidently" stayed awake until 5:00 AM a few days ago. I'm quite a lightweight when it comes to retaining energy, so that means that by 5:00, I'm stupidly tired. For some reason, I decided to talk to my Tulpa a bit. So, I did. And surprisingly, in my extremely tired state, I was able to audio-hallucinate better. I heard my Tulpa speak back to me, in her own voice, as if she were right next to me. So it's possible that (at least for me,) being extremely tired enhances the host's ability to hallucinate. It's kinda known that being super-tired means that you can hallucinate to s
  12. It happened for me as when she was in a sort of egg-form, while I was allowing her to decide her own form. All of a sudden, without provocation, the egg that I had imagined started to shake a bit, while I was thinking of something else entirely. It was quite odd.
  13. It almost certainly won't, as long as you think of this tulpa in the movie as a seperate being, it'll be A-okay. If you really want to, reassure your tulpa that you don't think that the tulpa in the movie is anything like that. Don't worry about it. Like many things, it will only affect the tulpa if you think it will.
  14. I definitely think that's a good idea. I am awful at everything; I can't be a mentor. I'll probably have the person create Satan himself, who will bring about doomsday for the Earth, meanwhile I'm just sitting behind a computer screen feeling sorry that I even signed up. ^_^
  15. not thank what the HELLMEN gives us because it is no fear shit not goodbut good for NIGHTMARE WOE
  16. I wouldn't say that your subconcious and the tulpa are necessarily all that different. The tulpa can be thought of as a segregated part of your subconsious mind. I'm not even sure you can tell your subconcious things as you were doing, but whatever works. Also, it's possible that your tulpa was playing around and acting as your subconcious, or it's confused about the difference between the subconcious and her. It sounds like you're on the correct path, though. Nice job! :)
  17. Granted, but now you're sexually attracted to penguins and feel an urgent need to tell everybody about it.
  18. Granted, but uhofaijaosdmioa. I wish for a browser that recognizes tulpa as a word.
  19. Okay, I've been going a month, and have almost only ever passive forced via narration. I didn't make a personality, and I imagined a white blob of light from the getgo, and after a while, I encased it in an egg, and eventually it came out and now it's a person. I didn't choose that form, she chose the form by herself. Currently she's definitely sentient and everything, but can only answer yes/no questions properly, with only a couple of times of sending me thoughts and stuff. Comparing this with other people's progress, I can tell you, doing what I've done seems to slow things down quite
  20. Well, sure, I don't see why not. Good luck on any and all future Tulpaic adventures! :P
  21. Hmm. I don't know. As my siggy says, I've only had my tulpa for a little over a month. I'm not an expert. You could try telling her that it's really nothing to worry about and she shouldn't get so giddy. I suppose that you could go out a bit more and force while going and doing stuff in the real world. I don't know. Perhaps create a wonderland type thing which is identical to the world around you, and put her in it with you or something. I hope someone more experienced in tulpamancing will come over here and help you. These are just ideas that cropped up. :P
  22. You wish for everything, but you can never attain everything. Have fun in your permanent limbo of longing but never feeling sustained. I wish for a turkey sandwich.
  23. Hm. That's pretty cool. :D I guess you could try asking her, if she's vocal and/or can communicate in more than yes/no. :P There's no guarantee the tulpa will know either, however. It's most likely that you were tulpaforcing for a bit longer than you could manage, but that won't have any adverse effects on your tulpa, and no effects on you, 'cept for the stuff that happened. ^_^
  24. Actually, yes. I should go eat something. Dx The next person has edited their signature in the past month.
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