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    I'm in the process of making a tulpa. His name is Leo ^.^
  1. [align=center][align=center][align=center] I've been working on my tulpa Leo for a few months now, but i'm sort of a terrible host and I forget to force a lot. Yesterday was the first time that hes ever responded to me by movement and ever since, I've been extremely excited to force again. So today, I got into my wonderland and sat down with him. I asked him if he could move but he didn't respond. I told him that it was okay, I didnt want to pressure him into moving if he wasnt ready or didnt know how just yet. Then, he suddenly started doing backflips and his head was being stretched away from me. I tried to control it but simply couldnt. I talked to my friend who has a tulpa and he told me it was an "Intrusive thought" Is there any way to control or stop intrusive thoughts? I've looked at a few threads concerning these but none of the options seem to be available to me. Please, help!! [/align][/align][/align]