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  1. Sounds normal enough, in our experience at least. (Penumbra likens it to listening to a foreigner speak; It sounds like gibberish because you don't know the language. Same thing, except you can start understanding it naturally over time without all the conjugation.)
  2. I don't really remember, but Penny says August 27th-ish, so that's what i'm going with.
  3. 12/3 UPDATE WHERE ARE WE NOW Oh wow. 9 months and I haven't posted anything. I'm going to save all the excuses because we've heard them all, so lets get this on the road. All in all, not much progress has been made on the "hearing her out loud front; that being said, as time's gone on, I found that I was getting these responses all the same, but not how i expected. Now this is hard to explain, so please bear with me. Normally when I talk to myself inside my head, i'm consciously aware of what i'm gonna say. Now when she talks, it like the words just sorta appear without my being aware of them forming until the entire thought is complete. Sometimes I'll get the start and the middle just to lose the end, but we haven't found a way around that beyond he repeating herself. Truth be told, I didn't think this was progress at first, and I was kinda disappointed in myself because i started this a little over a year ago and I still couldn't hear her. Then I realized that, while yes, i couldn't physically hear her out-loud, I was actually able to talk to her beyond trying to coax her into headpressuring me. Now looking back, I probably should have picked up on that sooner, but I'm not really good on seeing the good in things. SO, we have made progress (probably quite a bit), we arent dead, and everything is going smoothishly. Ciao
  4. This. Its kinda like the words appear without being consciously thought, but when she's responding I'm aware its coming, but not aware of what exactly it is.
  5. "get this [REDACTED] to listen to me" Im trying...
  6. Strangelove

    CTRL+V I was shopping
  7. Straight up outside my head, I heard her shout my name. It was during work when i heard her, and i started looking around for whoever said it. Naturally, i was excited as hell.
  8. Im so 'Merican, I named all my guns and sleep with them regularly.
  9. >My question here: How will this affect the tupper community? Dunno. From what cursory skimming i've seen here there's a good chunk of people where with whatever mental affliction you like. Personally, I don't answer anything that could put me on a list or raise any red flags, so i dont care either way. >Thoughts? On one hand, I approve because people could potentially get help. On the *other* hand, this can, and will, lead to abuse by doctors with political agendas/political bias,which will lead to law abiding and perfectly fine-ish citizens losing their natural rights or getting shot by an increasingly armed and incompetent police force because certain political groups feel the need to protect us from the big bad world. All in all, its horrible either way, but I rather they fuck off and leave me alone. Not worth the risk.
  10. Disregard that, im a moron. I DID pick something, but forgot... And that last question is all kinds of useless. You can be a fan of something without being a part of the fandom. Whats the point of your study? "The link between mental illness and pastel horse fans"? If so, there are far better places to ask.
  11. My love for her inspires me sometimes. I want to see and hear her and have a great old time bullshitting our way through life together.
  12. Make a Jackie Chan tulpa to defend yourself
  13. Talk all the damn time and never forget. See something interesting? talk about it. Something mundane? Talk about it? Some asshole you hate? Talk about them. Someone you love? Talk about them. Doesnt matter how big or small, fantastic or bland, just TALK TO THEM. Talktalktalktalktalk. Talk.
  14. Artificial interest. Take a product with reasonable premise, decent to great quality and lots of r34 potential and you've got a fanbase. What Anon also mentioned, and this is key here is: >and of course taking it further because that's what fans do >Some violent reaction from people outside that can't understand the appeal You get people too stupid to ignore things they dont like, and people that want to fuck with other people. The greater the backlash against the produced content, the more content is made to incite further backlash. Its the reason /mlp/ was created; Autists over a little girls show realized that other autists dont like it and get upset over it, so the poneautists get more pone media and make it seem like the interest is greater than it really is, which in turn at some point goes mainstream and normalautists pick it up and ruin everything for everyone (This is of course excluding the 34 content producers who are breddy cool guys.). Tl;Dr: Autists trolling autists make otherwise mediocre things seem better than they really are.
  15. Sure, because I dont let popularity control my actions
  16. Dont know. From what I skimmed over the years, it could be either or; generally using just "God" as the standard. Unless im misunderstanding your question.
  17. Force her some bosses from Demons Souls/Dark Souls/Dark Souls II.
  18. Dunno, if it does or doesnt. Doesnt bother me either way. You should look into Sikhism; Its kinda like that
  19. Most helpful, determination I'd say. We're still working on the process, but I promised to never leave her again, and i'd die before I broke that promise. I'm willing to try almost anything to help her and myself along. Biggest hindrance I'd say is not being able to just focus on just forcing. It is honestly the most difficult thing I do process wise, so instead I just narrate, passive force, what-have-you all day everyday. I'm sure that we would be so much further along, but my difficultly on focusing, combined with a house that's always noisy...You get the picture.
  20. Haven't personally hear anything but words. Yep. Generally when i talk to them or ask a question, it like hearing a response a second later or during the question or comment. That varies. I cant hear them with my ears all the time, but the times I have were only when I was actively working on vocalization with Penumbra, or when I was zoning out.
  21. I chose qualities I felt I didnt utilize for Eve, and I let Penumbra develop from observing life.