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  1. The past several days have been about the same. Active forcing, and passive forcing each day. Sentience is developing. The other night, for the first time, I could not find him in the wonderland. He wasnt standing where I had last left him, as he usually is. I searched for him, and found him hiking in a nearby forest.
  2. The past few days have been the same, with active forcing 20-60 minutes. During the day, we are talking more and more. Things are going great!
  3. Saturday and Sunday Saturday night I disappointing myself, only being able to active force for 20 minutes. Sunday, I took an afternoon nap. Before napping, I active forced an hour. Sunday night I active forced for 15 minutes. Both days I have been passive forcing on and off. He seems to be talking more and more, but maybe I am parroting still.
  4. Just a little something I thought I'd share. Hypnagogic imagery always come VERY easily after a long day of physical labor on a construction site for me. Seriously, when I get home from an exhausting day of work, I sit on the couch and just close my eyes, and instantly the hypnagogic imagery sets it. What I'm saying is, it seems that prolonged physical labor, or perhaps simply physical exhaustion, can aid greatly in achieving the "pefect visualization state".
  5. Ashmo. I thought that at first. But right after this morphing-thing happened, I saw his human face clearly. It wasnt one I made up, either. It was an entirely new, good-looking human face, which stuck for the rest of the session, but now I'm unable to re-create it.
  6. It's day 6 with working on Jesse. The past two nights I have imagined Jesse coming to life rather than just standing there. We take walks together on the wonderland beach. I have a question, is it possible to sentience to develop this early?
  7. I have been working on Jesse for 4 nights now. On the second night, I tried visualizing his face. (I still cant get it down, so any help on face-visualization would be greatly appreciated too). On this particular session, (2nd night), I saw a human face at first. But then something very disturbing happened. His face morphed into some nonhuman face. It was, as I said, very disturbing and I still get chills over it. It was a dark color with a snout and horn-like protrusions facing up and backward from his head. Then, his face continued to morph into various other non-human faces, all alien t
  8. DAY 2. Last night I successfully active forced for an entire hour. I was able to see his face for the first time. Today, I passive forced on and off. I will active force again tonight. QUESTION: Is a non-sentient tulpa supposed to just stand there like a sack of potatoes, or can I imagine it doing things with me? Should I wait until sentience before imagining it walking beside me?
  9. Progress report of my first Tulpa. (This report can also be found at http://paranorm.boards.net/thread/7/progress-report-first-tulpa ) After a good while of thinking, I decided to begin tulpaforcing. October 6 (2013), while listening to binural beats, I went to my wonderland and visualized an orb of light. I told it it's personalities, and afterwards began visualization. I succeded in visuaizing his body, but for the life of me could not see his face. Today I started doing a little passive forcing as well. My active forcing session lasted 23 minutes, before I lost concentr
  10. Or are they simply a part of you? Are they their own person, or are they just a "split personality", like Gollum in LOTR? Sorry if it's been discussed before, I couldn't find results in the search. Thanks!
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