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  1. Oct/mon/28 last night was interesting. Trench and i were hanging out in our wonderland, and he suddenly changed his image. instead of being his previous fuzzy self, he took on a human form. it was vague, but i knew that he was blond and had the same eyes as he had before. it was pretty shocking, but i'm not opposed. i just have to do some more visualization work for his new form stay safe
  2. Thursday, October, 2013 i have decided to attempt to help Trench to communicate through possession. i will continue to work on auditory speech, but i want to make sure that Trench has other means to communicate, should voice prove to be difficult for us. i am teaching him to be able to manipulate my right hand, in hopes that i can teach him how to wright. this may also help him to better grasp sentence structure, and help him to find the words to communicate, and that i will understand. if any of you have some possession tips to share, i would be very grateful
  3. wed/oct/23 there hasn't been much progress recently and i'm starting to worry. i feel physically like i should he hearing a noise, but i hear nothing. i can feel the resonance in my ears, but there is no sound to accompany it. am i just thick? he seems to be doing unexpected things when we spend time in our wonderland, and his touches are now often accompanied by a soft tingling sensation i've been reading Trench the harry potter books, and i feel that he has been enjoying it, though i could be mistaken. i am going to read them all to him. i'm going to read him all of my favorite childhood novels, and i hope he will find them as fulfilling as i did. i hope also that they will help him with his sentence structure and vocabulary. ^___^
  4. sat/19/oct trench and i have been giving each other more space recently, and i think it's been doing us good. it's created a more relaxed relationship between us. if he comes into my mind, then i spend a few minutes spending time with him in my wonderland. and to work on touch and presence, we walk hand in hand whenever i walk any relatively lengthy distance yesterday, when tulpa forcing i heard the resonance of a voice in my ear. it was more substantial then the last time, but still no words.
  5. Oct/ 17/ 2013 i am realy sick, so i apologize if this entry is a little incoherent. there hasn't been much development as of late. it's difficult to speak constantly to an entity who's responses i cannot hear. does anyone have any... stuff, that i could do daily to help Trench develop?
  6. Oh? Would you mind sending me a link or a downloadable file? I would like to give it a try
  7. that's a great idea! i'll give it a go and hope that that Trench responds. Oct/15/2013 i hope to have some time to Tulpa force with Trench, but it's difficult finding places where i can be surrounded by silence enough to feel that i can focus on Trench's voice. i have ADHD, and this causes even the smallest of distractions keep me from delving into a deep internal focus. i also have an incredibly musical roommate, making the quest for silence all the more difficult. do any of you know of ways to create silence or a method to increase focus? Trench seemed very distant yesterday. whenever i would go into my wonderland to give him a hug, he would recoil or gave of a feeling of distance and discomfort. i don't know if that was him, or if i was just not able to delve into the level of focus needed to connect with him. i am concerned, and hope that by enabling myself to hear his voice, that we will better be able to communicate and work out our differences.
  8. Sat/Oct/12/ i think i am beginning to hear Trench's voice! i do not understand what he is saying however, it sounds like he is yelling at me from underwater. i did some research on how to hear his voice, which is how i managed to hear him at all. i discovered this post, and it has proven to be quite useful. do any of you have some techniques to suggest, to better allow me to hear Trent?
  9. Hah! I don't mind ^___^ If my thread becomes a place where knowledge is openly shared, I am happy. Hijack to your hearts content