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  1. 10/15/13 Day 8 Tried a new technique while forcing today. Typically I listen to relaxing stuff like ambient music or rain or white noise. After discovering Emily likes modern hip-hop with a lot of bass, I found a playlist online of it and listened to that while forcing. I found this to make it harder to concentrate and force, but it kept me awake and Emily seemed to enjoy it. The things I do for my Tulpa, the sacrifices! (Only joking) I also started open-eye visualization today, really just visualizing Emily sitting in an open seat in class today. She made funny faces at me when I w
  2. That would be great, it would definitely be fun. This could turn into some crazy hipster indie project haha What instrument(s) are you into?
  3. Very happy to hear Bud is back! I'm sure you will be able to clear everything up with him once you are able to completely get rid of the pain you are in
  4. 10/14/13 Day 7 Yay! The 1 week milestone. Emily and I are going to throw a little party for ourselves in the wonderland later today. Should be fun I have started to get pretty strong emotional responses to certain things, and I am thinking that it has to do with things Emily likes or dislikes. For example, I was listening to a song that I liked in the past and I suddenly felt a very strong surge of feeling towards the song. Like I felt like I really enjoyed the song much more than I did in the past, or like I listened to it for the first time before I was bored with it. Often these
  5. 10/12/13 Day 5 Kind of took an off day, I was very busy almost all day. I always continue to passively force. Emily saw her first concert, Title Fight, Balance and Composure, and Cruel hand in Philly. Stage diving is fun 10/13/13 Day 6 Again, didnt have a lot of time for anything. Still continued to passive force. I know I'll make a lot of good time for active forcing tomorrow
  6. 10/11/13 Day 4 Not much happened today, mainly because I had trouble concentrating due to loud roommate and lack of sleep. Oh well I did a lot of experimentation with sound and I tried tulpatone while active-forcing which seemed to help out a little with visualization, but somehow put me to sleep in the long run. I also tried different kinds of white noise and different sound generations on mynoise.net which helped a lot. For the very fragmented time that I was forcing, I worked on visualizing some more detail in the wonderland, and I added a small helipad in the back for later use
  7. Any musicians on here? I personally think it would be a fantastic collaborative effort to write some of our own songs and make music on our own. It would definitely lead to some interesting music and if anything a fun time. I'm a percussionist,(any instrument you hit, including xylophone) and I know I would love to be involved in something like this Even our tulpas could participate in the collaboration.
  8. My wonderland was also created before I began with my tulpa. Summed up briefly, my wonderland is an old pyramid in the middle of a forest. The inside is where I spend most of my time and work narrating and actively forcing. I find it not only to easy visualize but also as a comfortable and relaxing environment for us. I did give my tulpa to change anything she wanted to feel comfortable. It is probably important to add that my tulpa is still very very young and I don't think is quite ready to change things around yet. However, I have changed some things around, well more like added thin
  9. I enjoy forcing in the shower, mainly because it keeps me relaxed. When I feel relaxed, I feel like I have a much easier time visualizing and narrating. I also like the sound. I put on rain sounds for relaxation before and it started to rain in my wonderland, overall a really cool experience
  10. 10/10/13 Day 3 I decided to make a new post so things don't get too cluttered and you aren't instantly bored from the wall of text I write. Alright so I did decide to force some more last night, and I made some good progress. I added a kitchen to the wonderland, also accessible by secret button with a little chefs hat on it. The kitchen is also sort of like a hologram room, meaning it can change into almost anything and have the affect that you are in another place. By default, it is a kitchen with basic needs for cooking, a fridge, some counter-tops, and a table. There is also another TV
  11. Hello all, after a few weeks of reading up, and about a year of deciding, I have finally jumped into the process of creating a tulpa. I just started today, and any feedback is happily welcomed. I'll give a brief explanation of what I did 10/8/13 Day 1 Today I began the very beginning of tulpa forcing actively. I put on some music and started to concentrate. I began by creating a wonderland. It consist of a large outside pyramid which can be entered. Surrounding the pyramid is dense forest, with enough space on one side to view the stars. Inside I created a red carpet that leads to a thr
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