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  1. Teddy

    So it goes

    well I am a bad updater I'll admit as much. Im no good at keeping a progress report. I have not abondoned this project however, far from it. Khalek is in good hands.. But I have come to the conclusion to discontinue this pr as I am really bad at keeping one and I feel constant angst not doing it. ANd then theres the problem of words, I cannot check what I have written myself and look for mispellings or strangely written sentences. I do not know why but it completely surpasses me no matter how hard I look. I am doing this so I no longer have to feel stressed about it and to keep myself from feeling too bad for you and for Khalek, however I will still be in the forums reading. Bye for now.. and have a good night/day.
  2. Teddy

    So it goes

    So many days gone by, sorry for the inactivity. Thanks for the replies though! Much appriciated! Anywho, I have not made much progression with my tulpa... But if its gonna be done right I am not expecting this to be quick. I have, however, given him both a form gender and a name, he may change however, if he wants to. I named him Khalek and he have a form of a.. Well I am not a good describer, but he is human, with a bird mask made out of bone. He wears a hood with some sort of scarf. He is dessed in an armor made out of the same as the mask and ragged, dirty and red fabrics. His gloves are clawed with, again, the same bone. Funny enough he made his feet the same with clawed toes visable despite it being shoes.. I have yet to know if he really is human under his mask or if he just is.. But he does seem to enjoy the attire i have given him! I have been imposing him as much as i can everywhere I go and whenever I have been listening to someone, like the teacher, or reading. Have not narrated that much to him though. But now that I have a week off I certainly will have more time for that! And ah yes I am well aware this is no replacement. I have a very social life as it is anyway, but I dont trust anyone to be as close to me as a tulpa. I need my room and space for thoughts. But it gets lonely from time to time despite it being a relief. I just dont want to need to be the host of the fun. I wanna be the host of my brain which contain my fantasy and my own calm world. Having a resident in such a place that I can share my knowledge with makes me feel even safer. It is quite hard to explain such a thing but I dont doubt there might be somebody that thinks in a similar way. Also got a new pair of headphones so I finally can force in peace during my busrides. Oh and my wonderland base structure is done and I am going to start "building" up the details! Right now I am too tired to describe this so I will take care of that in another post tomorrow. Also thanks to those sending their regards and goos lucks to me through both this thread and pm's. Have a good night!
  3. Teddy

    So it goes

    I will not be active this weekend however I habe decided to start narrate to my tulpas black void ball form, continue building my wonderland and then report back once I've returned! Oh and I saw once in a rp that Shui commented in about some kind of ring to wear on your pinky on your dominant finger as a reminder of your tulpa. I will definently try, I got a small ring made out of stone that I can use, lets see if this helps me as its hard for me to impose the tulpa in this state of form. The tulpa only have this form for the moment until I can get back to brainstorming.
  4. Teddy

    So it goes

    What a warming welcome! I did not expect I'd get these many responses though... But I am glad to recieve answers with different perspectives. Like raising a Tulpa like a child hatched from an egg. Or just have one created on the spot. Also do feel free to correct my mispellings. English is not my first language but I believe you do understand me. Im still trying to answer the question to myself wether to have my tulpa create a form on its own or give it my design. I glanced over your PR, which I will read through better later on, and you had very good reasons to do so, having the tulpa decide on its own rather than have someone deciding for them because they, too, are independant people. That is really cute and thoughtful of you! I will think about it. Thanks for the good luck wish! I can see how a teenager will lose the motivation more quickly than an adult in many cases, but now I will try to think of this as something way more important than math! Also the ride itself is okay, I manage it with sleeping. But it is getting rather tidious right now and I remembered about Tulpa and how I could use this time to finally create what I have researched upon for a year now. I think I saw somewhere you referencing to a guide that shock did, he is quite good with that, atleast when he had live lessons in the IRC over at dreamviews when dv first found out about tulpa, strangely about a week after I discovered it, however quite fitting. I should look into it. As for my own skills I thinks its because I have constantly throughout my life had creatures imagined around me because of a boring class, a long car ride.. and imaginary friends that I kept to the age or 12 that were imposed. Its all about waking up and keeping the imagination awake I guess. I am more intrested in having a close friend and coworker like you, someone to keep me company and to inspire me and motivate me further, and someone that I can look after myself! Looking forward to see how I progress! Well they do have a good point, but they seem to put it out in quite a rude manner. Also I am buying headphones by the end of the week, any recommendations for something with good bass quality that does not die so quickly? It would be useful when forcing on the bus to keep the noises out and nature sounds/white noise/anything to have in my forcing process to feel a bit more real.
  5. Teddy

    So it goes

    Thank you very much for the warm welcomes and for your different points on the subject! Letting my tulpa decide on its own actually sounds very interesting and I am glad Bud came to decide on his own! I will have to read your pr later sometime (if you got one that I am not sure of gotta check that). I have thought over the gender subject and I think I am going to create a form, but of no gender so it could be either if it wanted to. Because I would like to have them imposed as much around me as possible once I get a design down. I am more interested in what you guys have: a friend and coworker. The bustrip is rather horrible, yes but I manage. Its a wonderful school and I have made many many friends there
  6. Humble greetings. I am Teddy, a girl in the teenage years. I found out about tulpa through a creepypasta and later on heard the word again and got intrigued. I understood soon the creepypasta was exaggerating the evil and creepy part but of course that made me even more intrested in the subject. Does age matter? To some of you, yes, and for totally understandable reasons too. However this is not going to stop me and if you wish not to read because of that very reason/those reasons then you are more than welcome not to do so. With that introduction done I am going to explain another thing. I have been going on and off with creating a tulpa for about a year now if not a little more, not feeling ready or not knowing enough but now I have waited long enough, and since I changed school, the bustrip is as long as 3 hours. This will give me more than enough time per day to force. I am still trying to figure out how I want my tulpa, what to name, what gender and etc. And as for wonderland its the same thing, figuring out a theme.. I definently want some kind of.. mansion in space or something. I'll explain better later once I am completely sure. I am really hoping I can take it far this time. I have many times stumbled upon people who have problems with their vizualisation in both imposing and inner eye. I actually do not have this problem. I get very vivid pictures of imaginary creatures imposed aswell as in my head and I can feel their every move, the weight of their steps and the sounds and feel to their bodies. Same with inanimate objects. THis could also be because I am an visual artist and draw a lot and have a somewhat good grasp on colors and forms. I am glad not having to do much training on that part. I have also noted that people prefer to create a tulpa of the opposite sex. Which I also feel like doing. This trend, could it be the attraction to the gender?