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  1. The delicious pastry or the Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement? In both cases that's a yes. Next person is eating and drinking in front of their computer right now.
  2. I was on a creepypasta binge and came across the tulpa creepypasta. What originally caught my attention was the memory recall ability that tulpa seemed to have. I did some research to see if it was true and when I realized it wasn't as it was cracked up to be i lost interest. Then mlp happened and one day at /mlp I found the tulpa thread( too many goddamn Lyras. I mean there should a Lyra-con by now.) which got my interest and i eventually found this forum courtesy of FAQman. God I wish i came up with that name first.
  3. When I was writing this, I realized halfway that everyone does have their own way to create their tulpa, not to mention its even encouraged by every tulpa guide ever made ever, so i should of wrote it differently. But like I said in my post, this is my personal model; its not set in stone. The "stages" are really just milestones to mark your tulpas development in your own personal model, and the number simply signifies how much work you put into them. The hour/day count is really for the host since it shows the time and attention your putting into the tulpa to help it further grow into the
  4. This is a completely arbitrary system to put a number on how developed your tulpa is. This system is in increments of 50 or 100 for each 'stage' of tulpa development starting with 0, along with 1 level added for each hour of active tulpa forcing and a day for passive tulpa forcing in that particular stage. Stages are not set in stone and can be interchangeable to fit your method of creating your tulpa. This is my personal model Im going to use for my tulpa: 1 0-50: Character Trait/Personality Stage (building the basics of your tulpas consciousness.) 2 50-100: Pseudo Sentience Stage (do
  5. Ouch you almost "won" the game. And no. The next person to post has done something illegal in their life.
  6. Okay complete newbie here to ask you guys some questions to gain some perspective on how defined & detailed the tulpas thought process is in relation to the host as well as how much the tulpa and the host can manipulate each others shared brainspace for some interesting results. Question #1 I understand that a tulpa is for all intensive purposes an independent consciousness of thoughts, ideas, interests, likes and dislikes, and so on. What I got from that is that it is seperate from your consciousness (at first anyways, untill you start imposing) and comfortably resides in the subconsc
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