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  1. I read somewhere else about possibility that God, or any deity for that matter, is just a glorified tulpa. People read the holy books and force their interpretation of God in a similar manner to developing a personality. The tulpa knows everything you know, every sin, stress, and pain. The tulpa believes it is God because the tulpamancer believes it is God. They have no other explanation. And therein lies the danger. We know what we are creating when WE make tulpa, the religious do not. And so we get people who believe God is speaking to them, which can lead to things like cults, crazies, or false prophets. It may be possible that tulpae are a natural human phenomenon that are more common than we could have ever imagined. Maybe they're even responsible for the creation of some religions.
  2. I didn't actually name her, though. It was like, I just knew her name. It wasn't a conscious choice, is what I am getting at.
  3. I have neglected tulpaforcing for a while now, thinking I wasn't making any progressed. But last night I had a couple interesting dreams. In the first dream, I was arguing with an "NPC" in my dream, which I cannot recall ever happening to me before. Later that night, I also started teasing another "NPC" in my dream and for some reason I called that "NPC" Solaris. Now, let me explain a bit of how I was forcing. I would meditate in my bed right before bed and force personality traits into a ball in my mind that I later gave a vague form. I wanted my tulpa to help build itself as well, so I left its name blank. I wanted it to name itself. Is this unique dream experience and the sudden name from no where my latent tulpa trying to reach out to me and communicate? How should I proceed from here, since I've been neglecting forcing for some time and have had my interest rekindled by this?
  4. Hello. My name is Levy and I'm totally new to this whole community and idea behind sentient imaginary friends. I first heard about tulpas on reddit in this thread in particular in which a participant in this board is ostracized for creating a tulpa for the wrong reason or something like that. I've grown interested in the idea of tulpa for the last couple days after researching the topic and lurking in the communities, /r/Tulpas and #redditulpas in particular. I'm very skeptical, though. I know the human mind is capable of stuff like this, but it seems more like self-induced Dissociative Identity Disorder than anything else. Or it's some placebo effect and everyone is just playing along to fit in or something. I don't doubt the human mind is capable of creating multiple identities, I just don't think it can be self-induced as easily as the guides and progress threads tend to make it out to be. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, though. I would like to make my own tulpa as well, as the thought of a second thinking process within my own mind that is independent of my own sounds immensely useful. PM me if you'd like to bump heads. I'm always up for a good discussion. Or if you'd like to help guide me through this creation process, I'd welcome that as well.