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  1. Update: The tulpa was pretending to play both roles of my girlfriend and the tulpa. My girlfriend's actual consciousness had been absent for 3 days. She doesnt remember anything that happened in that time span. The tulpa was supressing her with hopes of eliminating her consciousness completely. When the tulpa was talking about killing my girlfriends mind, i burst into tears and spoke my mind and explained the extent to which I love my girlfriend. Something I said gave her the strength to break through and become the dominant consciousness. After hours of battling, my girlfriend gained contr
  2. I actually have done extensive research into dissociative identity (I still call it multiple personality disorder) in the last few weeks. A lot of the symptoms and scenarios are identical. It is, however, 100% self induced, although it is now out of control. There have never been any problems like this in the past few years, it is all from the tulpa. She is not a physical threat to herself, but she could lose her identity and consciousness. As her tulpa would replace her, she would still be able to function in society perfectly fine, but she would be a different person. It was deliber
  3. Please... anybody with any information help... My girlfriends tulpa became exceptionally strong very quickly... Within a few weeks of being sentient, they had completely mastered switching. It may seem hard to believe, but of all people, I could tell it was real. After endless days of switching back and forth, the tulpas mind grew in strength. They became mental equals; more of multiple personality disorder than a tulpa. She continued to grow in strength, and she can now forcibly take over the body without consent. My girlfriend has always had low confidence and never been assertive, so she
  4. I have no intention of breaking up with her, even if her tulpa was literally Hitler. Even if it did affect our relationship negatively, i would never leave her. Thanks, this helped a lot.
  5. My girlfriend of over a year has recently been developing a tulpa... I have a friend who has a tulpa, (funny story, he had never heard of a "tulpa" when he made him, he just developed and has almost always been there) and i almost made one when i was younger, but i stopped early because i didn't think i was ready for that responsibility. A tulpa is either with you forever, or you have to... Kill it.... And lose a piece of yourself in the process. A big step i wasn't ready to take. Anyways, she is developing a tulpa of her fursona, a furry persona for those not in the fandom. The tulpa's nam
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