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  1. Hello, I am new here :) I've got a few questions about tulpas. I haven't started making one yet. Here are the questions: 1. Can I kind of turn my tulpa off if I'm going to sleep or I'm gonna be doing an exam/test? 2. Can my tulpa help me on an exam/test and will it tell me the right answers? 3. Can I be creating my tulpa on a bus on my way to/from school? 4. Will my tulpa get angry if I fap to porn? 5. Will it be jealous if it is a female and I get a girlfriend? 6. Can I be in the same dream with it? 7. How long does it take to create the wonderland/do you need one? 8. Does a tulpa look a bit like a ghost and is a bit transparent? 9. Can I accidently make a servitor? If yes, how do I get rid of it? I read they can be dangerous if they exist for too long. 10. Can I change tulpa's shape and appearance when it already has one? OK, that's it xD Sorry if I am asking too many questions ;)