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  1. Granted. Instead, you're the one who falls asleep. I wish I could look forward to forcing.
  2. Don't Panic That's what I got from Faith a couple of days ago. I had to give a speech in class as a sort of public speaking exercise (in a foreign (to me) language, too). I always get nervous when I have to speak to large groups of people. Very nervous. That means my mind going blank, forgetting how to read, stuttering, mumbling, panic attacks. I did so badly the previous time that the teacher stopped me before I got 3 sentences out. My turn was coming up, then I felt Faith's presence next to me. She tried to calm me down, telling me nothing bad will happen, but I had to calm down first. So I just listened to her and could actually feel my heartbeat slow down. Thanks to her, I got through it with less trouble than I'd normally have :D
  3. What the hell kind of class runs until 2 in the morning? The next person is sick.
  4. Well, the good news is that Faith likes her name so far and I've gotten used to it (with the occasional slip-up). The bad news is...just kidding. No bad news. However, our progress has been pretty stagnant (the name change being the only real thing that happened for the past few months). Probably because my goals aren't anything more specific than "force moar". So I'm just gonna give myself a goal or two to work towards: first, to be able to keep Faith in my mind at all times, not just when I specifically focus on her and second, explore the wonderland with her (so far it's a featureless plain that extends infinitely in all directions and contains a single tree). Wish me luck.
  5. Being able to keep her in mind without consciously having to focus on her. Possession would be nice too.
  6. I read through a name list, collecting ones I liked, taking suggestions from friends, and eventually narrowed it down to "Faith"
  7. Granted. You don't know how to undo it though, so you spend the rest of your life wearing a tie. I wish to be more creative.
  8. Ack! People. In MY thread. What do I do? As soon as I get used to the name change. I still call her Latias by mistake sometimes. Silly Cross. Nobody likes their name. They're just stuck with it. Also I think Felicia would have been better than Felicity. They have the same root, I think. Doesn't matter anymore though. Just because I never asked for suggestions doesn't mean I didn't look for a name. Nah. I think her name should be Potato. [Really. Again with Potato?] Guise. Don't congratulate me. It's Latias Faith who got named/renamed. Let's hope it sticks. ...Now how am I gonna force with all these explosions? Happy New Year guys.
  9. You make it sound like this is the first time I've considered it and that I'm only doing it because of that conversation. I've been looking for names on and off for months. Damn it, you were there when I was toying around with the name "Psyche" back in October. A couple of posts up I mentioned I asked her about her name. I never seriously thought about the name change before because we both thought it was unnecessary, her being the only Latias I knew of and so already unique. Deciding on a name change, which is easily done (or undone) for a tulpa, is quite different from whether I believe in tulpas or not. I'm not going to just drop it after nearly 2 years. The whole bloody point of this PR is to remind me that I have accomplished something, and not wasted 2 years of effort for nothing. Even if I haven't been as productive as everyone else, that's through my own fault which I'm trying to correct. Like replying to you? Yes, I don't have an excuse for this one. This is the part I'm trying to change.
  10. I don't know why I still bother updating this. Anyway...no wait, that's Flex's catchphrase. I never gave Latias her own name, since I thought she was the only one and pokemon are generally referred to by species anyway. And then we met Orange's Lacie, another Latias: I should have named her from the start and now I finally have an excuse to do it :D 3 hours, an IRC conversation, and one blackout later we decided on Faith. We'll try it out and see how she likes it. Other than the name change, we changed the wonderland a little. Still no garden yet, but the big tree has gotten bigger and we put a little home/hidey-hole in the trunk which so far contains a bed and some bookshelves. I've also been trying to force daily for at least 30 minutes and so far I'm doing terribly because unfortunately, I have internet access. CURSE MY SHORT ATTE-hey what's that? tl;dr Latias is Faith now. Wonderland house is carved into tree trunk. I can't even force for 30 minutes.
  11. Granted. Dead people can't get sick. I wish I could draw.
  12. It's not the nudity. It's other people making a big deal of it that's a big deal. The next person doesn't have a smartphone.
  13. I care enough to have preferences. The next person spends more time on the computer than anything else.
  14. Granted. You are wide awake every morning...GMT+8 I wish I was more organized with my plans.