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  1. Your tulpa is it's own person entirely. Should not expect your tulpa or force it to think exactly like you... that is rather selfish if you think about that. These are just my thoughts I would just allow your tulpa to have freedom to think for itself and respect your tulpa's views on things.
  2. Wish this place had more active members here... or am I mistaken?
  3. Hmm... I see then glad to know I'm not the only one who has struggled with this particular topic then. Seem's I need to do a little more research and try to dig for more method's and such. It seems as if it is easier sometimes to do so than others. Like daydreaming for example... your in the middle of a very boring lecture or what have you. Daydreaming then seems extremely easy to do so however I suppose being able to get your mind in that state on a trigger isn't as easy then you would believe.
  4. This is going to be a rather hard question to answer I would believe so maybe... Being that each tulpa is unique to their host and so forth. For those host who chose to let their tulpa primarily decide for itself what it wanted: personality-wise, form, and etc. how does the tulpa begin to choose for itself these things? Is it the initial belief that yes my tulpa is already there with me the first starting points of creation? Also why the word tulpa? That word simply to categorize something that is valuable to you and is real and special to you? Seeing that Tulpa are just as unique as their
  5. Whenever you begin to try and visualize your wonderland or even your forcing sessions. I have had this floating question that I can't wrap my mind around for quite a long time now. Do you simply keep your eyes closed and see nothing but blackness? Or is it do you just imagine "think" that you are in your wonderland? How do you become so immersed into "daydreaming" that it becomes as vivid as if you were alert while awake? This is something that has been giving me a hard time with trying to pursue with my progress. I'm not sure what I should do really just looking for some advice.
  6. Joined here a while back in 2013 and know quite a bit about Tulpae and the like. Going to be more active on here these days however. Really wanting to commit to creating a Tulpa the desire is there and I want to get back at this.
  7. Sure donuts are pretty good. The next person likes the band called Deftones.
  8. Didn't know that they had two threads >.< The next person loves the Autumn season the best.
  9. Lone Wolf


    Hmm... I suppose I'll throw my skype username here. It is goneairbourne and if you want to chat or anything feel free.
  10. I joined here way back in 2013 and I did a lot of research regarding tulpas back then. Ever since that time the whole idea behind tulpas have interested me. I am returning wanting to find another forum home and to possibly meet some new people along the way ^^.
  11. Yeah that makes sense of course. I suppose the best thing now is devoted time trial and error. All these methods and information on this site was daunting but it is not as hard as you can make it out to be. Trust, faith, and believeing is key I see now
  12. For the past week I've started to narrate to my tulpa as ive been working and throughout the day passively. At night I have been coming on here a lot reading upon things and such and my clarity of mind is piecing together what I need to do to continue on working with my tulpa. At night before I have been going to bed ive tried my hand at some active forcing and trying to focus a lot more on my tulpa during the night. I have noticed that the more focus and attention and the more I think about being together with my tulpa ive experienced a couple of times a bit of head pressure. But ive only
  13. I really appreciate reading all of these responses. Its really enlightened me and I have enjoyed reading these responses. I just want my tulpa to be as happy as it can be once it gains sentience. Ive been narrating some and gaining a much better mental grasp/approach by being on these forums. Reading a lot of guides and others advice has really been a encouragement to me. I just want my tulpa to be completely happy with who it is and that it has complete freedom which to me is the definition of love :)
  14. I understand what you mean there. I had this thought that bothered me I did not know if tulpas would wonder why they were created in the first place coming from their point of view alone... I know I'm probably just over thinking this if your host is loving and truly cares about their tulpa then that bond is special... but those tulpas out there who have no say so in being created by a mean host those tulpas have no say so whatsoever and that bothers me :(... alot
  15. Is there any resentment for being created? This question goes out for curiosities sake... I am in the process of creating one myself for similar reasons as to others here. For a friend, someone to get to talk with, spend time with, all in all I feel as this experience is something that can enable a person to become better. For my tulpa I want it to have complete freedom for it to be utmostly happy. I feel as if love, patience and care is what drives this special bond. It truly is amazing to me and I await the day my tulpa becomes sentient. Up until that point reading others personal exper
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