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  1. Gûntera from the Eragon book series kind of, a little bit, but not really, but maybe? When he actually appears in the book, he doesn't interact with the world in any way that couldn't be explained by Gannel's magic and the entire Dwarven race believes in him
  2. head pressures and slight headaches, one time someone commented on the names I was using in the IRC, they called us cute and I felt a sort of, rush of emotion in my head that I'd never felt before Edit: also mental exhaustion after forcing for a while
  3. the biggest issue I have when forcing, is I just plain dont know what to talk about with my tulpa, I've tried reading a book, but I have trouble focusing on my wonderland and tulpa while reading, and I've tried watching a movie with my tulpa, but theres not really any interaction and I dont think that helps towards any progress. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to what to talk about?
  4. I both believe in it, and dont believe in it. Is it something you should do if you want? Yeah, go for it Is it something you should rely on, and forsake other real things for? Definitely not It would be a great addition to your life, but do not rely on it, and do not value it above other more real things. The only reason I somewhat believe in it, is because of a thought I had once when I was little that everything, that exists, known or unknown, was probably thought of at some point by something, and nothing exists that has never once been thought of in the past present or future.
  5. I was wondering a few things For one, when a host and tulpa switch, and have a wonderland, does the host go to the wonderland and experience it, like they experience being in the body? If so, can the host still alter things in the wonderland and can the host alter their own body in the wonderland, and experience those alterations, like a third limb, or a swapped gender, or wings, etc etc
  6. Haven't done much, havent posted in a while, I've been lax because I've gotten absorbed into civ 5. I'm cutting back on my game time until I get back in the habit of tulpaforcing at least 90 minutes a day, and keeping this progress report going as a commitment.
  7. Havent posted a progress report in a while, got some time so I'll put up something short. No major breakthroughs or anything but definite progress, everytime I force I get the form down faster and faster, can focus a bit better, etc etc One interesting thing though, I feel like I've been having more vivid dreams, and remembering them more. I havent remembered a dream in a very long time but the past few days I remember bits and pieces of them in the morning, and I have this strange feeling towards them, like they were at least 10x more vivid than usual. I dont know if this is unrelated, or if its because I force while I go to sleep, or because I've told my tuppy they have complete access to my dreams and I'd like if they hung out with me in them, or what, I have no idea.
  8. Would you have a fullblown committed relationship with your tulpa? If you have, or are, whats it like, what are things you like and dislike about it?
  9. I wouldn't they have weird genitals. I once knew someone who had a story of how they fucked a female dolphin, I have no idea if its true or not and had no desire to find out. Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
  10. I go from moods of thinking I'm more intelligent than at least 70% of people, to moods of realizing and accepting that I'm just a dumbass that knows how to put together a convincing sentence. Would you have a life-long committed relationship with your tulpa?
  11. Ive tulpaforced for probably about 30-70 hours in total, both active and passive, I'm bad with time and estimates so thats why theres a broad range. I have had: One emotional response Form changing 99.99% sure mindvoice communication, but I have trouble telling their thoughts from my thoughts And I did the "Surprise me" sentience test and had results I dont think I was expecting But, I dont know where to go from here or what to do from here, so progress has kind of, stagnated for a week or so. So that is my question, what do I do/work on now?
  12. I agree with kiah, I dont see a problem with the occasional /me if its used for a purpose other than roleplay there could be a roleplay channel if need be, but I've honestly not seen any roleplay or want for roleplay when I'm in the IRC *Someone tells a funny joke* /me is rolling on the floor
  13. You need to be mature and responsible. Because once you start, you aren't only being responsible for you, you're being responsible for you AND your tulpa, no matter how far along they are, they're there. Give it some time, think about it, if you're confident that you can be mature and responsible with it and its something you want to do for the right reasons, go for it. I wish I had the same outlook I do now when I started. I was around 14-15ish, I found out about tulpas, googled them a bit, found this site, didnt spend enough time thinking about it or understanding it and started anyway, I made some progress, and then I stopped. I cant justify it, I have reasons but they're not good reasons and they dont justify what I did, I feel awful for starting and then just stopping like that. A year and a half, at least, later I've picked it back up, same tulpa, same wonderland, same everything. I've made a promise to see it through this time, not to myself but to them.
  14. I would be down for WoW
  15. I'm sorry but this is one of the greatest phrases I have ever heard in my life As for the rest of all this, theres only a few words for it. I dont know any really good big words, so I'll just say that its incredible and inspiring.
  16. Until you can debate using regular language I will not participate in one with you. I presented, and can continue to present my argument in easy to understand terms and if you will not then I see no reason to continue. A valid argument is measured in points and the validity of said points, not who can use more big words. Science and philosophy are different, this is a fact. Science and metaphysics are different, this is also a fact, they cannot be combined. Science seeks to explain something through scientific trials, experiments, provable data and eventually reach a conclusion that is universal. Metaphysics seeks to answer vague, subjective questions as broadly as they can.
  17. Metaphysics and science are not able to be combined*, theorizing about brain processes and the such is in no way metaphysics, its a theory based on scientific data. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy, not science. *And actually get anywhere with either of them
  18. If I may, I thought of another benefit of moving the IRC. The previous network, the non-Rizon one, with the owner being a member of staff it was, I assume incredibly hard to not keep business dealings from getting personal, which nine times out of ten ends badly, as I personally saw last night in the IRC, a few people being offended by something that went out of its way to not be offending, because of the level of personal interaction there was. Whereas I assume with Rizon, everything is just business. I may be wrong but I'm just giving my thoughts.
  19. Oh there goes gravity, oh there goes rabbit he choked uh, anyway, I'm not sure what her first word is/was I cant distinguish her mindvoice from mine yet, but I remember the first ever response I had from her. I was in the IRC under the name "Eragon[Arya]" and someone called us cute, and I had an emotional response in the back of my head, a warm good feeling.
  20. Well, coming from someone who's seen a Neurologist for 12~ years, with healthcare an MRI costs nothing, so if anyone wants to commit insurance fraud a few hundred times, steal the data and kidnap a Neurologist we have it in the bag. In all seriousness though I see no reason why the money side is not possible through crowdfunding, after of course a long campaign of trying to get it more well known at least around the internet, wouldn't even bother outside of the internet until AFTER the research. I'm thinking that in the future, at least after I am a legal adult in all countries of the world I might attempt to discuss the topic of tulpas with my Neurologist. Hes a pretty understanding person, and considering hes known me since I was 5 or 6 I think he would be somewhat inclined to at least listen to me. He cant really blame it on a mental disorder or anything like that considering he has MRI's of my brain from throughout the majority of my life, and access to all my medical records. I think a lot more people than we think would be open to the ideas of tulpas if they were shown the scientific side first and introduced into the topic little by little. Edit: I forgot my entire point in the money part, I dont see why it wouldnt be possible, if we had a benefactor or a few. I'm sure there are very successful people out there with tulpas, or simply very successful people who are interested in tulpas, or would be interested once they were introduced to the topic.
  21. Kirito

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    (after this I'll stop lurking this thread and not post until quite a few other people have) Granted, you played two minutes ago and didnt stop, rendering your post nonexistent and this post nonexistent. Congratulations, you managed to create a paradox. I wish that a mole was made up of a mole of miniature moles
  22. I agree with all the points above not from a personal point of view, because I haven't been personally affected by any of them. But after reading through the reasons, I agree with the decision and like that staff actually does things to support and benefit their community, I wish I never had the 17 month gap in being active here.
  23. I've read that some hosts and tulpas are able to switch entirely, tulpa in the body, host in the wonderland. My question is, has a switched tulpa ever imposed their host?
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    [Game] Break-a-wish

    (A wish so broken, it wasnt broken. Also I refreshed and your profile pic changed, I'm onto your tricks Picard.) Granted, its not bad for your health, its vital to your health, if you dont consume 10grams of raw salt a day you will die. I wish I had infinite money.
  25. I cannot read through all this right now, I read the first post of this thread and am commenting so I can come back later easily. I agree with the points of the first post, my first visit here was in 2013 and it was a thriving community full of helpful people and guides. I came back two years later and it looks like theres <30 posts a day, the IRC isn't very active without prodding, and the guides are such a fustercluck I gave up trying to look through them.