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  1. Jenny Lately I've been interested in making a tulpa, so far I have a little group of character traits, 20 or so. I have her basic design and appearance all down. So far I just need to visualize her more and give her more details as well. I decided to make her a fairy. She's fairly tall, 5'9" at least. She has snow white hair and blue eyes with specks of gold near her iris.Her eyebrows are sharp and thin, as well as having blue eyes she has soft blue wings, much like a butterfly's. As for clothing Jenny wears a grey cardigan with a lighter grey tank underneath. She wears faded denim shorts with high thighs that have black and white strips. For shoes she has grey furry boots. Wonderland For my wonderland or safe-place as some may call it, it's an underground river. The water is aqua, and shimmers faintly. There's a little ledge right besides the river where I visualized me and Jenny sitting down together. I still have to visualize my wonderland and Jenny some more though. I'll update my progress. Hopefully tomorrow I shall make more progress.
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