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  1. Sorry this conversation is getting kinda vague at this point :L But, I'm not gonna go into the whole universal consciousness spiel or anything like that. I just think that this is an elaborate hallucination courtesy of the (individual's) brain. Sure, your tulpa can tell you about knowing your memories (these are all stored in your brain anyways) and then your mind is forced to do creative thinking in order to create any tulpa memories that arise. Sorry, I'm not trying to solely argue or anything, I dunno, people just have different views on these things. :L
  2. Back on the 4chan threads, it was said that during the creating of a tulpa, lucid dreaming where the tulpa enters can be disruptive. Is this true? I could also imagine this helping the process with the creativeness of dreams, but dreams can get kind of weird and mess up any sort of logical thinking, much less allow you to concentrate enough to continues progress on your tulpa. What's the truth in this, anybody got ideas?
  3. Well, I messed up the quoting pretty badly there... I was just replying to the anon post above me :unsure:
  4. In the end, I mean, this is still you. You're taking a part of yourself and giving it some amount of free control. While the idea tulpa makes it seem as though it is independent of you, it's just the opposite. I must admit that based solely on information gleaned from forums, tulpae seem to display a high level of sentience, allowing you to see them as a separate being, but it IS still yourself that you're dealing with. You essentially sealed off a little bit of your consciousness and threw it out of your brain, into the world. I hate to sound so harsh, but it seems more like mental suicide when you erase (I prefer this term over killing) a tulpa. YOU made it, it is a piece of YOU, not matter how much it appears to be something that has really come to life. It's a forced hallucination that you've created through concentration of thoughts, and I feel that, in appropriate circumstances, it's perfectly alright to erase your tulpa. Gotta agree, if you're very attached, I see no reason to do this, but some people out there are exceptions. I bet there's already someone who did this and then said, "oh wait, I change my mind." Anyways, you're not murdering a sentient being, you're causing a part of yourself to regress simply to where it once was, back to "normal." Just my two cents, don't have a tulpa so no firsthand experience :P
  5. Basically, this is trying to "reestablish the... mind - to live in harmony with the unconscious." Making a necessarily unconscious part of yourself into something more tangible. However, I don't think this is normal at all. The simplest thing it could be broken down to is a "brain hack." While I have no doubt that tulpae were discovered before FAQ was born, it isn't natural. Forcing your mind into projecting something that isn't there doesn't sound normal to me. But, it is an interesting theory, though in the end I'll have to agree with Orq, because the whole thing would have been documented in some way (besides some people who "saw and spoke to" "God")
  6. Why do people make a second tulpa? Why isn't having one enough?
  7. Couldn't agree more with you on that. If I can find the time, I will definitely try to make one, but current time restraints, distractions from people, etc. may prove difficult. I'm probably going to wait till the summer to decide when matters such as school aren't so pressing, but even then, an hour to yourself every day sounds a little difficult at times. I could dedicate myself, but it's just life that's sometimes difficult. Besides, after hearing all this stuff, I'm pretty eager to know (I already trust FAQ and believe that a tulpa can exist, but this would essentially prove it for me) for certain about this, the human mind and its capacity has always been just a fascinating topic IMO. That and having an (basically) imaginary buddy just sounds fucking rad. :lol:
  8. Well the short film was very interesting, to be frank. Really got me thinking about the real capacity of the mind and the blurry line of reality and illusion. While I think that towards the ending it got a little too far-fetched, it was an enjoyable film, but I'd hate to know someone's thoughts on a tulpa solely after seeing this :blink: However, this really doesn't involve much of the tulpa stuff of this forum. Personally, I'm not sure if it's worth making one, I'm gonna be one of the "undecided" people on these forums for a while. What about you? Are you thinking of starting one, have you already, etc.? (Anyone else who wants to share may as well)