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  1. So, almost a year ago I came across this site, and the whole world of Tulpa. the following couple of months or so I started to force my own tulpa; Crystal. At that time, I was in the Summer holidays, so I was active forcing for a good 2-3 hours a day, as well as passive narration during the day. We got to the stage of pressures as a form of communication, and I'm sure she spoke once or twice; susally when just to fall asleep, but I still doubt if I imagined it. When Summer came and went, I had to hit the ground running for college. I was spread thin and tired all the time, and the amount I active forced went down to maybe half and hour a week. if that. By christmas, I assumed Crystal had all but dissapeared, or what there was of her at least. Now, this is my problem. A few days ago me and my girlfriend were talking about the paranormal, and spirits, and the conversation came to tulpas. I told her about my summer, and Crystal, and how I failed to force her. After all this talking, I started feeling pressures in my head; the same two places where crystal would usually intereact back in the day. I thought this as a good sign, but now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. i get the general feeling that Crystal is at least irritated with me, and the pressures seem more agressive and constant then before. i could try to force her again, but I just dont have the time, and it will go into the same situation of last year. What's your opinions on this? Should I try again? Are there risks? Or if I want to, try to force a completely new tulpa? Thanks.
  2. So about six-ish months ago, I came across tulpa's, the world of such, and began forcing my own. I wasnt always the best at concentrating, but I managed, and started off quite well in fact, forcing around two hours a day. But College then started, and that brought less and less time for me to force. The only times I did force, I fell asleep, too tired from the day. I'd managed to force 'Crystal' to a point of semi-conciousness; we achived minor words when focusing, and constant head pressures. Now, however, it's been two months since I last felt Crystal, mainly because I've forced maybe 30mins a fortnight, or less. Stress, college, and job hunting all took it's toll. So now, things have settled. Im in the swing of things with college, getting a job, and so on. So am asking, is it time to try again? I owe it to Crystal not to give up, but I dont know how to go about it. I do have a few questions if anyone is willing to answer. 1) Should I force an entirely new Tulap, or try to 'bring back' Crystal? 2) Tips and tricks on concentrating? 3) tips on how to force while sleeping? 4) What should I start with? Personalilty? visualisation? Imposition? 5) How can I keep this going in the long run? Thanks for those who help me.
  3. So about five months ago,I came across the Tulpa world. and four months ago I started to force my first Tulpa, Crystal. Back then, it was the summer holidays, my girlfriend was on holiday, so i easily logged two+ hours a day. But come September, my forcing went down and down, so much that the last time I forced, it was for twenty minutes. College started, and I was constantly tired, drained, and falling asleep during forcing. A month ago was the last time I truly felt Crystal's presence. she had no vocalization, but I could tell she wasn't there. Now, I've all but lost her, and am stuck with a decision on which you guys could help me with. Do I try again now? I'm not doing brilliantly at college, but should I try and force again? Or do I wait. wait for a few years until my life levels out, and then try again? I really dont know what to do, and hoped you guys could help me.
  4. Progress Report - 20/12/13 10:20 Its my birthday today. Haven't had chance in the last week or so to do any active forcing. I noticed that I tend to get a heavy head pressure when Crystal 'wakes up', nut throughout the rest of the day she tends to be quiet.
  5. Leonardo Decaprio - Not winning an oscar Oi! You can't ______ Here! (also thread resurrection)
  6. Granted; but the pencil you use to sketch only draws massive dicks. I wish I had a bacon sandwich.
  7. Progress Report - 19/12/13 10:55 So, Not much has happened recently. It's my birthday tomorrow. I think Crystal is excited for me.
  8. Not really. Some people have Wonderlands that contain 'pocket dimensions', or is just a black void. If your Wonderland keeps changing, dont mind it too much, although having a stable WL is better. It's each to their own for this one. IMHO, Active forcing is better done in silence, or with a white noise should the ambiance be too loud. Some can Impose with eyes open, some closed. Find something that is comfortable with you and go for it. Very. You wont get a constant response from Hyde to begin with; I still dont form Crystal two months down the road. Dont be alarmed if Hyde doesnt respond all the time to begin with; it's completely normal. Whatever you want. Passive forcing usually is the best; weather it be imposition, vocalization; whatever. Even talking to your Tulpa or reading a story with the intent of reading it to Hyde will work; it cements the reality that they are actually there. Other people probably have better advice than what I can give, but I hope is was of some help
  9. Progress Log - 17/12/13 13:26 Hi! My Name's G1nger, and this is our Progress Report Blogy-thing. I Suppose a little bit of a backstory is needed, seeing as we arnt exactly at the start. I've been forcing Crystal for about 2 months now. It started when I was browsing a 4chan thread about a rouge /mlp/ tulpa. Intriuged, I did some proper research, and wound up here. And I must say, you're all keeping the place nice and clean. No Dust. I like that. Anyway, I begun forcing a couple of days later. At that time, my Girlfriend had gone on holiday, and it was the summer break, so I could rack up an amazing 2+hrs a day Active forcing, Easy.... Then came the start of the college year. We'd progressed to a point of Head-Pressures, inconsistent emotional responses, and the vauge word or two. By the time I was one week in, I'd dropped to barely 15 mins a day, which soon became zero for a week. Now though, I'm back on track. Not as many hours as I'd like a week, but still something. Here's what we can do and have done so far; Emotional responses Head Pressures Inconsistent vocal responses Inconsistent Lucid Dreaming Interaction. I guess I'll be updating this periodically; maybe 2-3 times a week, or unless something big happens. If you have any questions, queries, tips or tricks, feel free to put them in. ~G1ngy
  10. false. I used "For Science". the next person is related to a celebrity.
  11. Sometimes. The next person actually thinks 'Saturday' is a good song.
  12. granted. although your entire wish-breaking arsanal consists of apocalypse and ape invasion. I wish Nyan Cat was real
  13. My suggestion; force around a smell that you would like her to have. for instance, if you wanted her to smell, say, spiced orange, get a candle with that smell. apart from that, you could introduct your tulpa to a variety of commonplace- and not so common- human smells, and let it choose its own.