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  1. Claire seems to have decided to be a little pony which, I swear to Cthulu, was not a conscious decision. So im pretty sure it was her. Ive begun to hear faint replies to my talking in my mind but I cannot really distinguish it from my own thought voice yet, so i hope it's her. Since most of my day is spent at work, and I have my wife and son to take care of when I get home, I spend a lot of time passively forcing while at work, narrating what I'm doing, the problems I encounter, and my solutions to them. I've begun asking for her input on problems rather than just thinking about them to myself. I work as computer support for a retail software company, so it would seem that I'm raising a little geek just like myself.
  2. Hi! I'm new to this whole experience, but I have an open mind and what I've researched is exciting. So I just decided to create a Tulpa, well my mind sort of took over and decided on it's own. I was looking through the forums here and the various guides when I caught myself automatically talking to a nonentity in my thought voice. I have named her Claire Renarde, which means Bright Vixen, and have been talking to her and narrating my daily life to her for three days now. I have an extremely active imagination, and whenever I am reading a book, the imagery consumes my wonderland and I find myself living out the pages before me. I have taken to carrying her with me on these adventures. Claire doesn't have a form yet, but in my wonderland she is a malleable shape, almost like clay, which I form with my hands as I am talking to her. I don't know what shape she will end up taking but I hope her personality will help dictate that.
  3. LOL, unfortunately I never had much of a chance. I was the only boy with three sisters, so ponies is pretty much how I grew up.
  4. Sorry for the long read, but I figured that this was as appropriate a place as any for an introduction. I was clicking around from one random Tumblr blog to another, following lines of comment icons when I came across a Tumblr that simultaneously intrigued me and creeped me out - the engagement and marriage of twilight sparkle (nothing personal to those that disagree with me, or that individual if they are on here, this is a statement of fact about how the content made me feel, not a judgement on you and your tulpa as people). In the blog the man had been posting about the daily life and goings on of his relationship and marriage to the MLP Character Twilight Sparkle. He did this in much the same way my real world wife and I did when we were engaged, though with much more intimate detail than we, so I assumed that it was a creative bit of fan fiction. As I read on he posted arguments and what not that he had had with others on the subject of Tulpae, and I came to realize that he was quite literally married to a sort of personality in his mind he had styled off of the pony. I am both a highly skeptical and inquisitive person by nature, so naturally I Googled it and read hundreds of pages of forums, guides, and discussion boards over the next week and finally settled on this forum as a place to make my introduction into this new (to me) aspect of the human psyche. Now, it needs to be said that I am what Dawkins would consider a "Strong Atheist." That is to say that neither do I believe that there ever was or is or will be a deity of any kind, nor do I believe in any form of afterlife or supernatural intervention. I do, however, believe quite firmly in the amazing powers of the mind. I have personally experienced in my years with the army cases of mind over matter where men and women alike have overcome astounding scenarios with little more than the power of their will bolstered by a little adrenaline. I also experience lucid dreaming regularly, so the thought of directly interacting with my subconscious is not alien to me. I know (from experience elsewhere on the cloud) that many of you might be rolling your eyes that another has stumbled into your sphere from the infamous land of pony. For that I'm not sorry. Pony forums have lead me to a great many places of the mind that I had not before considered or known about. I have an open mind and I love to learn and experience new things and new ideas. And I must admit, half way through my research I discovered that I had been discussing my findings and what I was seeing with a targeted nonentity within my own mind. Rather than thinking to myself, I seemed to be thinking to someone else in what I have come to learn in recent days is called passive forcing. I hope I am using that correctly. In any case, it would seem that my whole consciousness and subconsciousness alike are both wholly behind this idea. Nevertheless, for the time being I am making a concentrated effort to not begin the process of tulpamancy until I have had a chance to speak with you and have hung out here on the forum for a little bit. I look forwarding to learning more and growing myself as a being, weather or not I go through with this seemingly wonderful new aspect of the mind or not. Lots of love, Mocha~