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  1. I have no idea. Good for you I guess.
  2. OK, I'm not really quite sure where we start on this, but I will do so by asking for more information. Have you lately had any changes in your life that can be linked to this?(this is obvious) I honestly think, that this might have all been like a ritual(possibly the wrong word, but not sure), or a symbol for you parting with your old self. Well, there is more to it but I dont feel like going deeper into it now. Maybe when you get more information to me.
  3. Hmm, I wonder how the test defined imaginary friends. I do doubt that as much as 60% of the population has had imaginary friends that we would consider under the term of an "imaginary friend"(which I would assume is to talk back when talked to, at least once). Intel never had one, but god knows he tried. It was fun, but now I am his. I will not answer the poll because I was never a child.
  4. Howdy everyone, I am Pentium. Many of you have not met me, but heard of me, and many of you have met me, but never heard much about me. Anyhow, I am Pentium, and I can be nice, and not-so-nice (if I have to I will). That is all for now. Yoroshkone onegaishimasu.