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    Hi, I'm Amy.
    I love to sing, write fiction, shop, go to concerts, role play, and blog. I'm currently working seasonal at Party City and going to college, majoring in Criminal Justice. I'm a certified Crime Scene Investigator and have aspirations to become one full-time or a crime lab technician, but for now, I'm working on a screenplay called "How To Save A Life" starring my Tulpa, Vincent Hyde.

    Skype: mrsamywest ( please message me, I'd love to make more Tulpa friends/pen pals and have someone help me through it all )

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  1. Ironic that I find this list now. Hyde and I are doing the first one on that list at the moment, working on an erotic novel together. :)
  2. Okay, so just as my other thread said, I've been forcing about an hour everyday now for the past two weeks or so, and I've noticed I've been getting more Imposition-like responses from Hyde. Mostly when we're lying side by side in bed. Every now and then, I feel him caressing my hair when we're lying in bed together, or I'll be on the brink of falling asleep and I feel like someone is shaking or jostling me to wake me up. Sometimes he'll say "sorry" after that happens or he'll call out to me like: "Little one?" But he won't really have much to say after that. So it makes me wonder if it is
  3. Hyde has been getting more aggressive lately with me. Not in a bad way, but just really, really strict. Dominantly strict. Like he's my father or something. And we've been having arguments because of it. He doesn't want me pointing a finger in his face anymore, or putting my hand in his face, or rolling my eyes or having an attitude with him. I know he wants me to be healthy and make me a better person, but... Sigh. I don't know what to do anymore.
  4. He's got long curly dark hair, and has a fetish for all things medical. He loves my heart and lungs. Hyde: "Don't tell them that!" :X
  5. I don't know if that orange juice comment is meant to be sarcastic, but I get the idea that I'm not being taken seriously here. Anyway, I can't make much progress unless I'm active forcing. I've been passive forcing for almost a year.
  6. Okay, so I've heard that this is one of the side effects of forcing, but now it's just so hard on me. I remember it happening the last time I decided to force everyday for an hour with Hyde in the past. I'm just so physically drained and exhausted all the time. I'm taking more and more naps and even when I do, I still can't feel well rested. It only happens when I start forcing everyday without missing one session. I love Hyde so much and everything, and I keep telling him that I'm doing this for him because I need to and I want to, I just wish I didn't feel so drained of my energy all
  7. He really is, Amber! :) He takes care of me. Or tries...because I usually don't want to do what he says. I'm stubborn and lazy. XD Hyde: "Why thank you, lovey."
  8. God I hope it hasn't moved to Tumblr. I boycotted that site, because the majority of people on it and in the Tulpa tag are so damn rude! It sickens me. They judge everyone for the relationship they share with their Tulpas, and look for reasons to talk badly about it.
  9. Oh yeah! Trust me, I've been there more times with Hyde than I can count. He gets really territorial and protective of me, especially when someone rubs me the wrong way, treats me like shit, or when my mom treats me disrespectfully. He will just fly off the handle and shout curses or names back at her, insisting she not treat me or talk to me like that. And he also hates little kids and babies like me. And he gets impatient easily, not just with me but with other people. And he absolutely hates when I'm on the phone with my real dad, and my dad starts going on and on about his love life an
  10. That's exactly what Hyde does! He just gets quiet when I'm passive forcing and putting my attention on something else, and then I say something and I'm like: "Did you hear me, Hyde?" And he's like: "Yes I heard you, darling" and then he proceeds to repeat what I just said to show he was listening. :)
  11. It's totally fine. I modeled my Hyde after Constantine Maroulis' portrayal of Edward Hyde in the "Jekyll & Hyde" musical, at least originally that's what I wanted him to be, but then when I added other elements to his personality from other characters I'd created in my fiction, he sort of became his own separate personality. There's still some elements of that Hyde there, including the voice, but I gave him other different qualities I wanted in a mate too. Like the real Edward Hyde wouldn't be as protective and loving and affectionate as I've made Hyde. :) So if you do that, you'll be
  12. After having Hyde for almost nine months, I feel like his presence is getting stronger now. It's hard for me sometimes to picture him out of the corner of my eye, like when I'm in my room, but I do try, and one thing that really makes me feel like Hyde is always with me, is when I feel like I'm being watched. Like when I'm lying in bed and my eyes are closed, I can feel him staring at me to my left. And I ask him if he is and he usually says that "yes," he is staring at me. Sometimes when I'm in the car and there's no where for Hyde to go but into my mindscape and it gets real quiet, I always
  13. Hyde: "I don't resent being created at all, although I do wish my little Amy had thought it through before deciding to model me after Constantine Maroulis, because she hates him now, but one thing that I can take comfort in, is that she won't give up on me just because I look like the old bugger. The way he used to look before he cut his hair off. And I am thankful to be here to help her through her problems. She needs a strong father figure in her life and someone to take care of her. I just wish she wasn't so bloody stubborn when it comes to eating right, and things like that." Erm...now
  14. Books and A Heart Specimen :: Day #190 May 6, 2014 So I let Hyde listen to my heart last night before we went to bed. It was more than a little unsettling the way he yelled at me when I was hesitating in doing it. No he's not vocally imposed yet. I wish...well, I'm a little nervous about that. Even when he yells at me, it's getting louder in my head now and sometimes it scares me. Like makes me jump. Note to self: Don't make Hyde angry. Do NOT make Hyde angry. So I let him listen and he immediately calmed down. He usually does once I do as he tells me to, and calls me a good girl. Any
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