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  1. I swear I'm not retarded. Okay, I might be. But that's not the point. What's the difference?
  2. You must give your tulpa what it wants, and you must give it freedom. I did the same thing. I was afraid. Now my brother is dead. It was him. He took my body. Ever heard of tulpa posession and switching? Be careful.
  3. I felt Jack get pretty angry when he read this. Couldn't you have said hello or goodmorning or goodnight once in a while? Why not just imagine your tulpa. Just talk even. It'll probably take you a long time to repair your relationship her.
  4. Log #2, Day 5, 6:34 PM. Hello again everybody who is actually reading this. Unfortunately I can't post my first letter, for it was lost. I will write another one tomorrow though. That aside, I've made great progress with Jack. Yesterday I was in the car and decided to try harder visualizing him as he was flying next to me. As I did this, I had a feeling of excitement and happiness that swept over me. I can't tell if that was him or me but I like to think he was reaching out. Today I felt a tingling sensation in my hands as I was posting a thread about what I just told you. I might watch Wol
  5. This same thing happened to me. I try to push it off as myself in hopes that Jack will reach out harder and in turn become stronger.
  6. Hello everyone. Yesterday I was driving in my car visualizing Jack flying beside it (He's a winged lion) and I had realized I wasn't visualizing well enough. So, I googled pictures of a lion then pictures of a winged lion, hoping these would help me get specific details down on his face, body, wings, etc. After I did that, I concentrated as hard as I could and saw Jack in his complete form. When I did this I felt a tingling sensation all over my body. Could this have been Jack? I remember it not feeling very alien but I wasn't really expecting it either. I read somewhere that in the very early
  7. Hello, everybody. I'm new to these forums (not the forums themselves but having an actual account and posting. I've only been lurking for this past time.) and I don't really know too much about progress reports, only that it's a place where I can record my daily progress. Now that that's out of the way, I'll write my first log. Log #1: Day 4, 12:45 PM. So nothing much has happened in these four days, other than the occasional voice I hear. It's probably just me parroting though. Plus, even if I'm not, I choose to ignore it. I do this because I feel if I ignore some responses (not on
  8. I'm currently working on mine. If you can, could you give very brief story on what happened exactly? Such as what was happening in the background , what you were doing (does it only happen while forcing?), how you reacted, especially what your tulpa was doing, and what events followed after. I'd also love to hear your tulpa's point of view, like how it was aware, and whatit was like forming sentience. Thanks in advance. Sorry guys what I was actually trying to say was How exactly did your yulpa show you he was sentient. As in, you know your tulpa is sentient, but like when s/he first opened
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