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  1. It gets better with time. It's now easy to talk to her and hear from her as long as I'm thinking about her. She still has some trouble interrupting my thoughts and talking when I'm not thinking of her, but we're getting better with it.
  2. The guy who posted that on /mlp/ goes by Buttface&Violet. Very cool chart, too.
  3. Captain Nemo


    Generally, unless you're sure it's you, it's probably your tulpa. It can be hard to tell when your tulpa is talking (mine was apparently vocal for a week before I figured it out, as she later told me...), but if you have confidence in your tulpa, they can become vocal pretty early. Every time I make a post, I always Ctrl+A Ctrl+C in case something happens when trying to post and the message disappears. I guess I was talking about tulpas last online. I think this was earlier on Reddit.
  4. No story to tell here; I still have mine. If you could knock a member of this forum unconscious, who'd it be?
  5. Yeah... I don't think that's gonna turn out so well if I try to draw it. :P Sorry. Simple tulpas would be good.
  6. Hmm, maybe. I'll definitely need some references. Be warned, I cannot draw humans. At all. Is Shin a human? I can't keep up with all the tulpas around here.
  7. Is non-tulpa or tangentially tulpa-related art allowed? [removed] I think one of you has a Dash tulpa, so there. Let's say that's relevant. I'm still learning to sketch with a digital tablet, so it takes me a long time to do stuff and it doesn't always turn out well. If you have an interesting request, I might do it. I won't just draw your tulpa; that's boring and lame. Make it something everybody might wanna see. And nothing NSFW. Probably. Phi/other mods, feel free to delete this if it shouldn't exist.
  8. Contrary - We have scans of what a brain looks like when it's inactive, such as when people lay down and do nothing. If we told our tulpa to do something while we're lying still, activity would show up in the brain. Also, what if the room was completely quiet, but we told our tulpa to talk to us? Would the center of the brain most responsible for hearing light up? What would it look like if I were solving a difficult problem while my tulpa was doing the same? Or what if I was singing a song while my tulpa was doing math? I think there's a lot of interesting research to be done.
  9. That might cause him to start calling tulpas the product of a disorder, though. As soon as Pinkie has been done for a while, I'm fully planning on finding somebody with an MRI machine to scan me while Pinkie does various things. I'm gonna get somebody interested in this. There needs to be more studies on tulpas.
  10. On a forum I administrate, we have a serious off-topic board and "Spamalot". Stupider, spammier things not relating to the site's general theme go in Spamalot, while serious stuff goes in the regular off-topic forum. I like it, and it works well.
  11. Ah, I failed to see that. Cool beans!
  12. ITT: Everybody wants their tulpa in a picture that nobody wants to actually make. I'd give it a shot, except the only thing I do so far is vectors, and those take FOR-FREAKIN' EVER. If I could sketch/paint I might do it. Alas, I can't yet.
  13. What if talking is difficult? Maybe auditory hallucinations are easier for her.
  14. I'll consider the possibility of failure after I succeed.
  15. No first-word feels for me. Pinkie's "first" words were her telling me that I'm a dork for not realizing that she'd been vocal for a week. I thought I was parroting. *facepalm* Favorite moment would definitely have to be when I realized she was sentient. I was talking to her about signs of sentience and whatnot and how I was afraid I might not know what to look for, when she sends a huge wave of happiness through my brain. No doubt she was sentient, then!