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  1. I have decided to have a go at this and am documenting my journey on google docs: Wish me luck :)
  2. I have started making my bracelet, although it's a friendship bracelet since I don't really think a big, broken watch fits me. And if anyone's interested in the pattern, here: (Sorry about the size, does anyone know how to make it smaller?)
  3. I've always kind of hated the brony fandom just because I hate the new season of my little pony (so if you're a brony don't take offence, this is not about me hating you). I always loved how my little pony tales (my childhood) was so girly and magical and even though there wasn't much personality small me loved the pink's and purple's and sparkles.
  4. Day 2 & 3 I'm so sorry for not updating, I swear, I have commitment issues or something. Anyway, because of my commitment issues I am having alot of trouble trying to remember to interact with Nicole so nothing much has happened. I've been thinking maybe I should change Nicole's name, I don't know, I don't think it suits her much. Since I still haven't really started I'm thinking maybe I should make her someone out of a TV show, like maybe Effy Stonem, that would be cool. Okay, I've finally decided, my tulpa shall be Effy Stonem! (finally...)
  5. Day 1 (Oh God, I'm so bad at starting these things) Hi, I'm Reincarnation and this progress is about my tulpa; Nicole. I started out Nicole by introducing all her traits to her because that is what most of the guides say although for the majority of creating Nicole I will be using my own methods. I've decided to make Nicole great but not perfect because where's the fun in perfect? She is quite creative, bright, curious, judgmental, bossy and careless although at the end of the day she is loyal to everyone and apologizes for her being that way. If Nicole decides to make her own traits I wouldn't mind but that is how I'm imagining her for now. I am currently still forcing (I'm not sure if that is the right word, sorry) so I will update again later. :)
  6. Maybe you should include a name generator too?
  7. Since I basically had no friends in primary school and was pretty lonely, I had like 5 imaginary friends; the one I remember most vividly is Summer, she was a bubble fairy (I had this whole fantasy world made up in my mind and bubble fairies were just a kind of two fairies, I don't remember the other kind) and I remember imagining her with strawberry blonde hair and a pretty flower headband. Now that I think about it, I don't think that Summer talked, I would ask her questions and not expect her to answer or even imagine her answering so she was probably mute. The only other imaginary friend I remember was called Kelly (I think) but that's all I know about her. I also had a few 'horses'; I remember my main one was called Twilight or maybe Starlight or something but I think it was the first one and she was black and liked eating daffodils. The others were one I don't remember the name of who I gave to my cousin Emily when we were playing and another one called Dazzle which was brown. I also had one incident when there was girl I met in the playground with white hair and glasses who played with me at lunchtime once, two years later I asked a few teachers if a girl with white hair ever went to our school and they said no so I guess I was really vividly hallucinating or something, still trying to figure that out. (Sorry for my bad writing skills, I'm not good at writing)
  8. Thanks everyone. I'm sorry, I'm new at this and kind of wary of these kind of things but it sounds cool, I might give it a go! :)
  9. So I saw this on tumblr and it flippin' freaked me out. Someone please explain this to me and make me feel better, lol.