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    It's Niteo and Amber! This is our profile. Good job. You found it. You get a cookie (I hope you like oatmeal raisin). Hooray! Congratulations.

    I'm Niteo with my partner Amber. We study psychology because we find it fascinating how people's minds work and why they behave the way they do. I'm a couple of years old, and frequently possess the body (nearly all the time now). We're learning how to switch.

    Send me a PM if you'd like to talk cuz I'm totally down for that sort of thing. Plus it's a nice surprise.

    Circa 2013.

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    ITT: Mistgod yet again can't help but be an asshole. What's new? You do you, Tulpa. :3
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    What's red and bad for your teeth? A brick.
  3. I only like the word cane in that sentence.
  4. God, I hate all of you. Even Melian. On second thought, especially Melian.
  5. Our therapist knows, and she seems to think it's a form of "disorganized thinking," which seem to be her nice way of saying "delusion." She probably just didn't want to upset me by being blunt like that, because therapists have to try to be nice about things. Psychiatrists have literally straight up told me they think it's delusional, but they were also close-minded about homosexuality, so keep in mind we're talking about not the most open-minded of doctors. However, I think it says enough about mainstream psychology that any multiplicity, whether natural or intentional, disordered or not, is seen as a negative thing because it's abnormal, and it's sad to see how many people conflate "abnormal" with "disordered." I'm a psych student, and I don't think it's a disorder given the definition. (Let me get out my notes from my Abnormal Psychology class. Here we go.) There are three criteria for something to be considered a disorder: Psychological Dysfunction Personal Distress or Impairment Response is atypical or culturally unexpected Keep in mind that all of these criteria must be met in order to classify something as a disorder. Clearly, it's culturally unexpected or atypical if you come from a Western country. Tulpas might be considered a form of multiplicity, and I don't see that being accepted here in a long time. Although I do know that tulpas are, like, a Buddhist thing, so maybe it's okay in places where Buddhism is a big thing. I don't know. There are different components to psychological dysfunction: cognitive, behavioral, and emotional. I could imagine how one could see a tulpa as a sign of cognitive dysfunction, although I don't really agree that it's dysfunctional because if anything we function better than any one of us would on our own (in my system's case). However, I think the main reason I consider it not a mental disorder is that it does not cause distress or impairment. In fact, I would say that it may, if anything, increase one's functioning as it can help one cope with emotional issues. Niteo even helps me with school. I am better off with him, and I don't know of many cases in which that wouldn't be so (although I would say it's a case by case basis, some people apparently can have issues). Overall, people do seem happier with a tulpa and it may even help them function better as a person. If anyone disagrees, let me know, but I think I've reached the right conclusion given what I know. It's not a disorder. However, don't expect people outside of this community to understand that. People are silly, even psychologists and psychiatrists. She can't tell your family anything unless you've signed a release of information to them, so you're in the clear there (unless you have signed one, in which case you can retract it or not tell her.) EDIT: You'd have to make sure that you actually aren't using it as a replacement for human interaction, otherwise it would be an impairment, and probably unhealthy. Just saying. EDIT 2: If you're a minor, I'm not sure what the laws/rules are on that. Sorry.
  6. Friday, September 9, 2016 Day 1056 Took a Break I took a little bit of a break from being in control all of the time. I found that I was getting worn down and irritable, which was not helpful to anyone, and I'm not normally a moody person, so this week, Amber has been handling most of the stuff that has been coming our way. I do plan on getting back on it soon, but it was a needed break. I don't think we'll be around here as often. We'll probably come on here sometimes, but not nearly as much as we used to. Besides, we don't have much to offer the community, and it's pretty inactive around here. Yeah, she's started to hang out in a more comfortable place in our wonderland, so that's been a nice thing to see. She's also been talking to the others in our system, too, which I think is good for her and them.