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  1. very nice. is this derived from any particular show/comic/movie/etc.?
  2. i always thot it should have been called 'the key to ITS heart', mean as it sounds. that character (the brunette) is rather...changeable.
  3. my only concern is that most will subconsciously be telling themselves that it takes less time, yielding tainted results.
  4. that bit about the 30's study was vie interessant [/]. thanks! i think it may help faithwise (in the process, nothing religious).
  5. HAHAHA oh, i did not realize that you had gone for humanized. excellent choice. i laughed delightedly. just when i thot your art could not increase in majesty or hilarity... my initial reaction was one of knee-jerk furry fear, but i quickly realised that i really liked it, primarily the grin.
  6. this is tulpa related. i'm not telling you all about a new pair of shoes or some other silly such thing.
  7. in reading thru marvel's 'the wonderful wizard of oz', i have come to identify him as a sort of antitulpa, a bit like a corporeal servitor. just have a look at these excerpts: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=afdirb&s=6 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2dirddg&s=6 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=vvn0h&s=6 what do you think?
  8. Captain Nemo. know him IRL. false. read the thread, yo. assume you possess half of the knowledge of all that there is to know (i'm being generous), is there the possibility that knowledge of the existence of one or more "gods" lies within the other half, the half that you do not possess? the answer is yes. you are agnostic, you just don't know it yet...
  9. thanks for the encouragement regarding smoke, gyd. i haven't even begun forcing yet, so i've still got a ways to go before then, but i now know what to do when i reach that point. i will be gone for two weeks, so sorry, but i don't bank on being able to respond to any more replies until then.
  10. Thanks loads, Bin. i will give the smoke a shot then, (unless i see someone advise against it here), and pray that it does not become a necessary crutch. i will also narrate verbally more, (likely causing social issues). i know i won't have trouble talking to the tulpa and not my conscious mind, but worry i may have trouble hearing it reply. tho i did once mentally hear my subconscious by complete accident, years ago. thot it was a demon until Nemo showed me this.
  11. I plan to have my tulpa smell smoke. Would burning matches in my room prior to tulpaforcing his smell be an awful idea? I think it may help speed the process, but fear i may not be able to visualise him without it. While i'm here: when FAQman says "Okay, anyway go about your life. Talk to your tulpa while you're going about your business say anything really." in his 'Sentience, Narration and Voice' segment, does he mean to speak audibly, or mentally? And while on the subject of him, does anyone know what inspired him to leave? Thanks to all in advance.
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