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  1. My friend has what you're describing, he calls them 'jeffos'. He summons them whenever he wants to aim for feeling a specific emotion and his 'jeffos' help him achieving that. In a sense I have one too, as Erika only seems to appear whenever I have a burst of existential dread or nightmares.
  2. Martina does that all the time. For years I thought she was mute but it turned out she is just not talkative. As Mirichu pointed out, speaking - even inside your mind - is mostly just a formality because it's insanely inefficient and slow in comparison to the raw idea of what you wanted to say which your tulpa has already received. Try playing the word chain game like that, by the way.
  3. Agreed with the others, seems like an powerful intrusive thought, or rather: a nightmare. It's generally a good idea not to lay down in the bed while tulpaforcing so you don't fall asleep without noticing. Happened to me quite a few times.
  4. Mel Syreth


  5. Martina thinks the exact same as well, actually. I've been trying to adapt it myself but it's just way too fast for me.
  6. I still remember how Martina and I met. I was apologizing to her on a bus to school when she said "It's alright". For a brief moment I could see her completely, sitting right next to me. I will never forget that moment.
  7. 'Who the f(...) is Angus Mesa?': A nightmare about weird floating text auroras. I'm normally good with dreams. I have decent control of them at the cost of some lucidity. I have to because otherwise this will happen. Tonight I chose to dream about religious things. Nun and churches, and demons, and saints. And then I woke up - in reality - at circa 5:00 to grab a drink, vacuum pressing your tongue against your teeth and not swallowing can only keep your mouth as wet. Then I went back to sleep. Later I woke up again at ~6:00 because I started having nightmares, but this time, I
  8. The new site layout looks gorgeous. Plus I love the new profiles with the covers; time to fill em up! Thank you, Pleeb.
  9. Heh, looks like Martina and I are not the only ones who go through a full-blown makeover. A good reason as any to get back into the habit of using the site again.
  10. Heh, been there. Erika was a walk-in too, she basically flung Martina to the side to flirt with me and such. She was excessively powerful compared to her, and obviously poor Martina did not take it well, and honestly neither did I. It later balanced out though, as Erika had her fun her power diminished and she basically just walked out the door (giving me the call sign) as she came circa two weeks later. She never came or called back since.
  11. Martina has her maid uniform, which she usually wears, a casual and a winter one, and a pink dress for special occasions.
  12. I can see Martina...'s head no problem. My peripheric vision has a bit of a hard time forming a clear picture of her clothes but otherwise she appears as fine as a ghostly afterimage can appear.
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