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  1. I’m not sure if you’re prescribed it, but if you are I’ve found Vyvance to be very effective in the past for getting over that kind of ADHD roadbump. Aside from that, an important thing is just basic meditation to sort of center yourself so your forcing doesn’t get thrown off track. I’ve found running a loud fan in my room during forcing sessions to be particularly good at eliminating distractions.
  2. mine would laugh in my face
  3. Msg me on discord if you have it
  4. Cool I’ll edit the OP with everyone who wants to play. If you guys want to dm me on Discord or PM me here, or anything else I can help you set up characters. Syrinx#1089
  5. Yeah you’re right that it’s easier to organize IRL. I’m looking to just find a happy medium based on the availability of whoever decides to join. Weekends usually are the best option, but honestly it’s up in the air until we can figure out who is all playing.
  6. I got back to you. As for times, it’s to be determined based on whenever the rest of the players can play.
  7. Current Players Jean-luc Ilezar - "Marcus Khaine" - Tiefling Warlock Folk - "Writer" - Tengu Rogue ____ Hey, I’m looking to organize a D&D (5th Edition) campaign with some folks from the community. Anyone is welcome, even newcomers. Hosts/tulpas too. Since it’s probably inevitable that tulpas will want to join, it will most likely be text based on Roll20. I’ve played plenty of tabletops over the years, and I don’t mind making it a smooth experience even if you’re a total novice to roleplaying games. Anyway, a bit about the world: Before the land was whole, there was once a great convergence, where the worlds of monster and men were clashed together, reshaping the land into the world of Talar’en. With that magic, monsters, and all other sort of magical creatures were suddenly at war for dominance. The humans, with their fire and steel, controlled the land, forcing the magical creatures back deeper in the shrinking forests. The two worlds now live opposed, constantly clashing for control of the land. Within the continent of Volgania, on the Sword Coast, many city states lived in harmony with each other, trading and flourishing. But from the east, a growing kingdom and army, under the banner of a red chalice, began to overtake the lands. This Kingdom of “Morloda” led by Emporor Thiroan (Thi-Or-an), has a dream of unifying the land, through harsh militarism rule and strict order. With the Kingdom of Morloda knocking on the door of the sword coast, the last bastion of magical beings, the land is continuously scarred by the prospects of war. With the small city states banding together in an attempt to hold their independence, the magical creatures are forced to go underground, or be hunted and killed under the rule of the strongly anti-magic Thiroan. If you’d like to join, or are interested in learning more, feel free to reply or shoot me a PM. [As an important note, there obviously can’t be *too* many people in at once. I don’t want to intentionally leave anyone out, so I kind of need to keep joining on a first-come basis unless someones drops out. The hard limit is probably going to be about 6 players.]
  8. I am more curious as to how you are actually able to pull off such a thing.
  9. lmfao the word "tulpae" was coined as a joke years ago to see if people would actually use it and it stuck. You suckers.
  10. When I was forcing originally, it was a very active thing. At any free/quiet moment I could get I would try to buckle down and do some narration of visualization exercises. Towards the later stages, that became more focused around bodily dissociation to practice possession techniques. Now it is kind of just passive. She's around/does stuff when she wants, but no rigorous exercises anymore. The active style of forcing will kind of taper off the further you get down the line.
  11. Here's my application. I can be contacted by email, IRC, text message and IM (Discord, Skype, etc.) Do you view tulpas as a psychological phenomenon, a metaphysical one, or both? Both. Were/was your tulpa(s) natural/pre-existing or were they intentionally created? Intentionally created. How long have you had your tulpa(s)? How long have you been active in the community (, /r/tulpas,, etc.) 5 years. I am a former staff member on and forum/IRC & IRC, respectively. How many tulpas do you have? 2 Tulpas. How long did it take you to accomplish things (e.g. vocality, possession, imposition)? About a year for vocality, give or take. The rest was sporadic after that. Do you have any other information you'd like to share? If so, what? Author of: Currently authoring a book on traditionalist tulpa creation. I've helped many people over the years creating tulpas from start to finish on both IRC, 4chan, this website, and people outside the community as well. I am confident in my abilities with this subject and want to do justice to the community by helping out newcomers. Besides that, please rate your own ability in each of the following skills from 0 to 10, 0 being incapable, and 10 meaning that you mastered the skill: Vocality - 10 Parallel Processing - 8 Visualization - 9 Visual Imposition - 10 Tactile Imposition - 8 Auditory Imposition - 8 Possession - 10 Switching - 7
  12. I never used that phrase. I said that it is important for one to get the story straight or otherwise to mind one's own business. My point, in a general sense, is that hosts should not try to mandate other hosts.
  13. "He" is standing right here and I did not "murder" those tulpas when they decided that they simply had no interest in sticking around anymore. I did not talk about it casually nor did I "grow tired of forcing them." If you won't get the story straight, you might be better off minding your own business. Might I also just ask, for future reference, to ask for my permission first before you write a post about me teeming with slander and libel. Perhaps just ask me yourself about the situation in private first, maybe? Just a suggestion. Your comment about how I didn't care about my decision or the circumstance is vexing to say the least, might I add. I've been tulpaforcing for nearly 5 years now, a decision such as whether or not to continue entirely is not one to be made lightly. What could you possibly understand about that to make that judgement? Anyway, if a host takes a tulpas life against their will, I would call that akin to murder. If you really want to get touchy with it, I guess you could call a host dissipating a tulpa who doesn't care much for existing anymore an "assisted suicide." Tulpas are imaginations within our own psyche created through self-dicipline and intense concentration. The concept of tulpa "life" is very floaty to begin with, considering their lifeline is attached to their host, so I think it is very tricky to morally classify what exactly the life of a tulpa is and what value it has. In my opinion, if a host decides that they want to let their tulpa decide they don't feel like sticking around, the host should not be charged with murder. Let me also add that deciding what is right and wrong with the private affairs of someone else's tulpa system is retarded, especially if it has nothing to do with you whatsoever. You cannot possibly understand the motivations behind another host's decisions in what they are doing with their tulpas, so you shouldn't try to. That goes for anything, not just dissipation. lol
  14. GOD DAMMIT Why couldn't they interview Bersinger or something instead of this schmuck? One fucking job.