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  1. I don't know if I'm exactly doing this right, but I don't actually expect anyone to read this so here it goes lol. I just learned about tulpae the day before yesterday..And then yesterday I decided to start creating my tulpa. I decided on 10 personality traits that I'd like him to have and decided a basic form. I also chose his name, Harley, because that way I feel more like I'm not just talking to myself. So, for now (I say for now because I'm fine with him changing his form whenever he wants) he's a human. Pretty tall compared to me, about 6' maybe. Lightish brown short hair, blue eyes. Ligh
  2. My name is Nik(: I just learned about tulpae yesterday and today decided to make one. I'm only 15, but I have a lot of free time and I thought about it and I'm confident that I can take on the responsibility. For now my tulpa's name is Harley, until (or if) he wants to change it. If anyone has any general advice or tips for me, that would be awesome(: or if you just want to talk, that's fine too.
  3. I just found out about tulpae yesterday. Today I decided to begin creating one. I don't know if I'm moving too fast, but I've already kind of given him personality traits that I'd like him to have and I have an idea of what I want him to look like (just because its easier for me to talk to something when I have a picture of them in my head. I wouldn't be against him deciding to change anything.) so throughout the day I've been talking to him in my head about what I was doing or feeling and I played music for him and things like that. I just decided to sit down and really focus on him for a whi
  4. Thank you to everyone who answered(: I thought about it, and I decided to go through with it. I'm also homeschooled which makes it easier I think to put more time into it.
  5. I'm 15 years old and I want to create a tulpa. I keep reading that teenagers shouldn't do this, so I'm not so sure anymore. What do you think? Also, do you have any tips or advice? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm new to this.
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