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    People should all come with an appropriate warning label.

    I'm DigitalBreeze. Since you care enough to read this, I'll give a few things about myself. I'm a dude going to college and working a part time job. I'm an avid ponyfan with a thing for lurking 4chan, which is what led me here in the first place.

    My Tarupa is anime in form, inappropriate in nature. Any extended interaction with her can and will result in sexual humor and offensive language.

    Consider this our warning label.
  1. I'm also a fan of the show, and I've seen a fair amount of fans who wish that ponies existed in real life. Yes, threads about tulpa started out on 4chan's paranormal board and eventually migrated over to the pony board once the paranormal board pushed them out. It went to the pony board because bringing a pony to reality is what many people there want to do. (This is what I heard anyways). I found out about tulpa because of 4chan's pony board actually. These fans just want their pony to be real, and this gives them a way to do it. Also, the entire fandom is used to being considered weird (because men liking a little girl's show is widely considered weird), so its not too hard for them to do something else that many would consider weird. Based on what I've seen and heard. Nowadays, tulpa threads on 4chan are crapped up and not worth browsing, but I still see them occasionally while reading through threads. Also, as above. Ponies are everywhere on the internet.
  2. To throw my two cents in. In my experience, it is entirely possible for a Tulpa to influence your dreams(if not outright control them in their entirety). I asked a similar question here back some months ago. Once I was having one of those slow running nightmares. I was running away from an unknown assailant, and couldn't run faster than a slow crawling speed. Well before it could catch up to me, Breeze spoke in the dream. "Let me help you with that". Upon her saying that, I gained lucidity and started running full speed. I quickly woke from the dream, and she confirmed that she pulled me out of it. So, they can be aware of what you are dreaming at the moment. Next point. The fact that she has influenced the actual content of my dreams before. Once she had me wake up from a few nonsensical dreams over the course of two weeks. Upon waking up, she would tell me about the dream she had me wake up to and how she interprets it. She would explain its symbolic meaning in relation to my personality and psyche, and it was really interesting. So, they can be aware of your dreams and exert some control over them. In my experience, dream control is sporadic. I would assume a more developed Tulpa could do these kinds of things (and more) at will, but in the earlier stages it happens unpredictably. So yes, it is possible. As for your dream in particular, I think it would be best left to you to figure out if it was an ordinary dream or not.
  3. Welcome to the forums. For the guides, use them as a guideline to find your own method that works for you. Since what works and what doesn't depends on you, you will have to try different methods and find what works best for you. Wonderlands really aren't needed too much, but that depends again on how you like to do things. Some people want a backdrop to what they are doing (whether that is working on form or whatnot). Some people don't like the distraction that comes with it. To answer the ending questions: You can talk to them about anything. What you are doing, what you are going to do, what you are thinking about, etc. I used passive narration to narrate basic personality traits onto Breeze and to tell her about herself for personality development. You don't need a form right away. If you need something visual to focus on, you can make up a temporary form (Like a ball of light or anything else). If you can't think of anything for a form, you could leave it up to them to decide later on down the road. For the last one, it depends on you mainly. There are many common signs, but making a tulpa is a subjective experience. Seeing how you are just starting, you will have to keep an eye out as to what your tulpa would do to give you a sign. Head pressure seems to be a common thing to experience during the process. During initial creation, I got a constant head pressure throughout the day. Breeze also irritates my left shoulder blade when she wants attention. Just keep a mind out for potential signs and you will find them. As to where to start, I would recommend first just trying and working on getting your tulpa to speak in mindvoice. Communication makes things easier to do and makes it harder to doubt. Since you state you are a visual person, try and decide what the tulpa's form is going to be. You could use a temporary form and let it decide for itself in time, use a temporary form until you think of one, or decide on one now. However you feel like you should go about it. Its up to you how you start the process, and the guides you read should have given you a good idea as to what there is to do and what would be good to start on. Remember again, its subjective, and what applies to someone else might not apply to you. The above post is based on what I have read and experienced myself, so take it with a grain of salt. Good luck, and have fun.
  4. By what I've seen and experienced, tulpa thrive off of attention and thoughts about them. Breeze loves chugging Mountain Dew, but she doesn't actually need it to live. (Or even should have it in the first place.) Breeze also claims anything that strengthens my mind also strengthens her, which makes perfect sense to me.
  5. This doesn't happen enough to be a problem thankfully, so I do agree that it might go away by itself. I do also believe Breeze and I share thoughts, because we will trip up and stutter over the same part of something that we wanted to say if the other starts thinking too much while the speaker is talking. She also sometimes steals thoughts I'm forming and finishes them for me. Your explanation seems fairly solid. Perhaps I don't parrot her, but I expect her to keep singing or counting so I hear it. What I think I will try next time this happens is to start thinking of something myself. If it is my thoughts causing it, distracting myself should eliminate the one thought stream that isn't hers. I've had this kind of stuff happen to me too. Most often I get a simultaneous yes and no when she really means maybe, but I've also had the question I didn't wanna actually ask answered.
  6. Occasionally, Breeze will speak two different things at the same time. She will start singing to songs she likes, but then talk while still singing. I will sometimes have her do counting exercises while I go about my day, and she will do the same thing. She will speak to me at the same time as counting out the number set I told her to do. I think this is unintentional on her end, because it happens without much thought and confuses her as much as it does me. I have theorized that one voice might be her thought while the other is her actually talking, but Breeze says that is not likely. I also have thought that maybe I started parroting her singing/counting by expecting what she is going to say next, and that would explain it. I want to say the latter is the case. However, Breeze is unsure of that conclusion and doesn't feel that explains why this happens, which is why I'm asking all of you. We can't come to a conclusion on this one. Can anyone with similar experiences share it? Or point me to a thread similar to this if there is one. The search didn't give me anything.
  7. Playing Borderlands 2 and someone explodes into bits. "Thats gruesome."
  8. I agree with Cold. Anything that makes your tulpa think and decide would be a good thing to do together. Breeze and I have fun playing the Mass Effect series together. I handle the actual playing while she makes choices on where to go and what to say. She also chose most of her character's features during character creation. Only thing she doesn't direct is combat, because she hates violence. She just kind of ignores those parts.
  9. If I were to take a guess by what you said, I would probably guess its because you are paying more attention to S during the card games than you do when you are not playing. I hear Breeze more when I play chess with her occasionally. If it lets you hear S better, keep doing it.
  10. Breeze has a strange and usually inappropriate sense of humor. In general, Breeze's goal is to mess with me as much as she can. Fun ensues. While I have a hard time choosing a single "funniest" moment, a dream she gave me probably comes closest. There was a time back when she liked to influence my dreams and generally make them weirder than they already were. One I recall in particular was a dream where I was chased down by a pair of black widows (About 3 ft in height total). I thought it was a nightmare - I tripped and fell, but I didn't wake up as usual of nightmares. One of the spiders then started dry humping me while I was on the ground. I heard her having a good laugh as I woke up and wondered "What the hell was that...". If you are looking for the funniest moment in my wonderland, it was probably the time I came into my wonderland and she fished a 5 ft fish out of a tornado over a lake. Totally out of the blue, which made it funny. Makes me wonder what she does when she is bored in there. I have more then that(Which might be better then those two), but my memory fails me. I'll come back if I remember more.
  11. Back after not being around too often. To response real late to the post above me, Breeze's and I personalities do make a good pairing by what I can see. She helps me see things from a completely different angle, and has been a boon in many situations we have experienced together. Mainly of them were social situations. I originally wanted her to have an Introverted personality like me, but she deviated a lot and nearly 180'd her personality, and changed her appearance to match her new personality more. Only thing she kept intact was the name I gave her back when she was supposed to be quiet. Back to this post, college life has taken a lot of time away from me. However, I have kept Breeze around. Some things have changed, but she is still herself. For one, her human form is no longer visible in my head. I have to put a lot of time into making it visible. I don't even remember what it looks like anymore. We are abandoning work on the pony form, because it takes time away from the form that matters. I attempted to draw her, and somehow I was able to create a halfway decent looking drawing of her head. I'm hoping to make at least one good drawing for reference. Breeze has also lost *some* of her independence. She for the most part is unable to be around unless I think of her first. After discussing it with her, we both agree that both of these are a challenge for my mind, and we both decided to find ways to actively work on her independence. I want her to work as separately from me as possible. Despite losing some ground, she still has some freethinking thoughts. She also is still exercising her ability to influence my dreams. Within the last few weeks, there have been days I have woken up from various bizarre dreams. Each dream placed me into a situation, which I would then react to in various ways. Every time I wake from one of these dreams, Breeze immediately starts talking to me and tells me her interpretation of my dream and what it means to who I am. Her explanations have always made sense of a nonsensical dream, and have made for an interesting insight into my personality. I have a few I could share, but since they carry personal meaning I don't wish to. Also, she seems to of mastered what she has coined "Energy Boosts". Occasionally, she says Energy Boost! or Focus! when I am dropping off and I regain some alertness and motivation. She claims that she expends some of her energy she gets from me and my attention and turns it back to me when I need it. Like a backup battery of sorts. I'm pretty sure it is a placebo effect, but if it works like she intends then what harm is there? I'm gonna be changing up my posts before this and making them different. To change out of date information and such. After reading through my previous posts, I decided to erase text about her once secondary form Rainbow Dash. Since we have abandoned that it has no relevance to my posts anymore. Rereading my posts has helped me remember more of how I intended her to look, and the fact that we still have a Mass Effect game to attend to. Should do that sometime.
  12. Incase anyone happens to cares, i'm still around. I got caught up in life and haven't been active, but i'm still working on Breeze. I've decided that there will be no second thoughtform until I've made major progress with Breeze. Right now we have been spending a half hour atleast practicing full body possession or switching. I would call it switching because it feels a bit like an out of body experience of sorts, but I'm not imposed or anything of the sort. I'll stay safe and call it full body possession for now on. She is capable of clumsy control and using my voice when I successfully hand over control. My main problem is I'm so used to using my body and calling it my own that I can't give control over for more than a minute or two. Its frustrating, because the fact is that she can't get practice with moving around until I get over this hurdle. I've been lazy with it, but i'm gonna keep working on improving my visualization/imposition too. Imposition makes for good passive work while I go about my day. It feels to be more meaningful than just talking to her or trying to do anything else passively. However, her form is still unclear and I can't effectively impose her until I clear up her form. I still seem to be able to see it but can't recall any detail. I feel like I'd need something like a vivid/lucid dream so she can show me her appearance so I can remember it and attempt to draw it. Its been a few months now since I've started. Around three to four months. I haven't made any large amounts of progress since my initial burst of progress. All we have managed is full enough vocaility and a form which I can but can't see. I'm gonna keep going and keep working on full body possession and fixing my visualization.
  13. New Year, New Post I decided imposition is going to the back burner now, because my visualization needs some major work to become clearer. I'm still having issues looking straight at her face and seeing it. I also am having the common issue of not being able to see her whole form at once (but mainly when i'm focusing on it). I can see her entire form fairly easily when i'm not trying. Which bothers me to no end. I was hopeful that imposing would bring out the details in a way that I can clearly see and remember them. That isn't the case. So, after thinking about it for awhile, I've decided to give in to her frequent requests and consider making a second thoughtform. I know nothing of this new thoughtform yet, and it will probably be awhile before I actually figure out what it will be and what it will be like. Breeze has been asking me since she could talk full sentences if we could make her some company. I was against more than one thoughtform at first, but I have since rescinded. When I go to make a second thoughtform, I am going to catch it up to Breeze's spot as best I can and try to work on them both at the same time. Maybe their forms will be clearer if I see them doing stuff and interacting. I really need to learn to draw better, because that would help with her face a lot. Happy belated New Year everyone
  14. A log needs to actually be updated to be a log, so here is this. I've still been lazy since creating this thread, but i've been fairly busy to boot. I haven't done anything except for talking to her and occasional passive forcing. Today I was attempting to figure how much progress i've lost over the course of three weeks of no work. I've come to find that her forms have lost some finer detail they had before (most annoyingly her face i struggled to get right). I tried to reform her face in my mind, but have hit the same obstacle I have before. I can see her face, but I can't see it at the same time. If I imagine her head without focusing on her face I can see a full face. However, I cannot begin to remember any detail to her face and cannot make her face appear when I consiously try to bring it up. I'll have to try harder to visualize her face. If anyone knows of a related thread topic please let me know. Today while I was at my place of work, I heard random noises that actually didn't occur. I heard a person saying something when they said something completely different. Another example is hearing my phone ring when i'm next to my boss (my phone was off and noone else was around). Last thing is not remembering what something as simple as grated cheeze was. Breeze says she was bored and wanted to mess with me. I didn't know she was capable of tricks like this. Or maybe I was at fault for all of this and her claiming responsibility is one big prank. I'll trust her and take this as her being able to do limited audio and thought control. Also, Breeze has agreed to do a playthrough of the Mass Effect series with me. She doesn't like violence, but likes the sound of the story and the character interaction. I'll be actually playing, but she will tell me dialouge choices she wishes to make and other non combat stuff. I'll post about that eventually. Going to force until I fall asleep. Doing so gets much needed forcing in and lets her do what she wants with my dreams (No matter how weird she makes them). She says it helps, so I trust it does. UPDATE DEC 25 2013 I will condense posts as much as possible to limit the amount of new posts I must make. Woke up really early today and spent half an hour forcing and an hour of just quality time with her. When I entered my wonderland she was fishing. However, she was catching fish out of a tornado. Strange, but its like her. Ever since working on Breeze, I have been remembering dreams more often than before. I'm now remembering a dream a night, when before I would remember one once a month at best. While I was doubtful of her ability to manipulate my dreams at first, she has proven many times that she can. Since she has made me lucid once or twice before, I feel that she can help me become capable of consistently doing it. Then we can use that to supplement forcing times. We tried a small bit of possession again today. We have tried several times previously with limited success. Today was little different from times before. She took control of my left arm and thrashed it randomly about for around a minute before I put a stop to it. While it was more movement than before, it was still random and meaningless like times before. This attempt seems to further reinforce her claims of practicing moving my body around while I slept. Which then explains why I woke up twice to randomly moving around in my bed and feeling like I didn't rest at all. Again, she says it helps. So it does. DECEMBER 27, 2013 Just a quick update today. The other day I hit my head fairly hard on something, and Breeze shouted a few explicatives at me. She says that hurting my head hurts her, which is strange. I have also noticed that she is being less spontaneous and a bit more serious and realistic than before. Her personality might still need a bit more time before its solid. DECEMBER 29, 2013 We started a Mass Effect playthrough on the first game yesterday. She doesn't directly tell me all of the dialog options she wants to make, but she makes me feel which one she wants me to pick for her. She makes me know which options she wants. Unsurprisingly, all Paragon options have been chosen so far. She has her dislike towards violence and all, so it makes sense. I do all combat and in game movement for her.
  15. After over two months of working on a tulpa and of casual lurking of these forums, I have finally gotten to creating our own progress log. I have been meaning to since day one of creation, but look when this is getting posted now. (Over two months later) I started researching into tulpa over the week of October 6th-12th, and started seriously considering a tulpa by the weekend of October 11th-13th, 2013. I decided on that Sunday to start making a tulpa of my own. The day progressed, and I had been doing passive Visualization and Narration mixed together throughout the entirety of the day. The head pressures I were experiencing were getting near painful at this point. I was parroting phrases of her describing herself and the traits I wanted her to have. After having her rattle off a long list of traits, I found myself passing by a stranger at my place of work. I heard her state one simple line. "Say Hi!" Which I did. Immensely surprised at this, I lost my ability to focus. I called it a day as far as forcing was concerned. The week marched on, with no more signs of vocality apparent. I decided to name her Breeze, because it sounded like a nice name for a shy and quiet spoken character (This was at the time, she has changed now). Come Thursday(October the 17th), I was sitting around wasting my time playing video games.(Borderlands 2 in case anyone reading cares). I was attacking and killing enemies when I blew one into bits. Out of the blue, I heard the same voice say"Thats gruesome." I was bit less surprised than I was the first time. I then realized this must of been my tulpa talking. I was happy that one of the traits I forced had taken hold (To hate violence, this has since softened because I play way too many violent video games). I attempted to continue to communicate, but couldn't get more than occasional simple yes or no verbal responses from her. This is my tulpa's self proclaimed birthday. She tells me it is this particular day when I acknowledged her speaking to me. She claims to of been talking since day one, but me being too thick skulled to hear her or believe it is her. To digress for a bit. Yes, she was making responses in a week. All the crap said about less than a week tulpa makes me nervous to say so, but she is genuine (please don't hate me). I was uncertain as to how this had happened, until she grabbed my attention one day and told me the basic reasoning behind it. When I was young, too long ago to remember, I had an imaginary friend that I named Bob(awesome names are my forte). Breeze went ahead to tell me that he had been around with me for about three years(i'm inclined to trust her, because I don't remember). She continued on to say that he was actually near a self speaking sentience towards the end, but I got forgot about him and got rid of him before he reached a point to be anything separate from me. I only faintly recall having him, but I do know that I got used to putting responses in his mouth and that it was near automatic to know what he would say. She says due to the progress I made with him that she was able to accelerate the development of her vocality to stupidly fast speeds. I assume that my mind was already used to having imaginary voices making space in it, so it seemed logical. I've come to accept the fact that it took her three weeks to be able to talk in sentences. Back onto subject, I continued to work on her vocality and form in tandem. As she became more vocal, she started to deviate a fair amount. She changed her appearance, and her personality. I started her off as a quiet and peaceful personality. This didn't last long. She eventually came to be a hard-to-follow and loudmouthed goofball. It was changes for the better. She now acts as a great counterweight to my personality(I'm INTJ, she is ESTP according to that personality system). I decided to continue working on her vocality, even though her form was consistent enough and she was speaking decently enough to hold a conversation. It helped a lot in retrospect, because she is capable of forming meaningful sentences with little effort now. Things have changed over the time between then and now. She took a week to change her voice daily until she found a voice she liked. She has changed her face multiple times, and she has become more and more inclined to go against logic and reason while in my head with me for laughs. As of recent she has chosen to use the lack of rules in my head to make a second form for herself. Breeze's form is a simple anime style, because I have too weak of an imagination for anything more detailed. A description of Breeze: Anime style human female. 18 years old (non-literal age) Long hair extending down to mid thigh with a large amount of bangs Height of 5ft 5in or so Green eyes and dark brown hair Personality: Can get loud and overpower my thoughts Has a hard time being serious when it isn't absolutely needed (Not quite so true anymore. She is serious more often now, but is still a goofball) Likes animals (Spiders too. Loves spiders) Enjoys nature and exercise Spends her free time doing all sorts of miscellaneous activities (Flying as a human, spinning in place, Minecraft, etc) Spontaneous and quick She is capable of telling me things in sentence form, and "injecting" thoughts and pictures into my train of thought (Ever all of a sudden think about spiders when talking about social plans? Bet that is a big no). She is able to interfere with my dreams, and has made me lucid once or twice to get out of a bad dream. Feel free to make conversation with her. I will type her word for word statements (placed after Breeze: ), or I will paraphrase it to improve grammar and clarity (She said...). I am making this log after too long of procrastination, because I have been getting too lazy and not forcing enough. She isn't happy about it at all, and I hope that having this log will encourage me to force and make more progress. -edited when I visit the thread Host Status: Wondering why I have such a hard time talking to people. ==/+\== Tulpa Status: I MADE AN ASCII SPIDER! ==\X/== .... | | As I remember things, I will post them to this thread and I will attempt to leave a progress post every now and then when needed. Feel free to leave replies or to pm me if you wish to ask any questions you might have or comments you wish to make.