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    Stupid Jokes Thread

    Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip? To get to the same side.
  2. Well, that's a way to start a post. What I regret most is constantly being unable to find the motivation to keep going. I've had a tulpa for three years now, and we've been stuck in the same place for at least two and a half. We're not making any progress because I'm unmotivated, and I'm unmotivated because we're not making any progress. I just wish I could break that cycle.
  3. Actually, schools once tried to teach deaf kids to speak. It worked to an extent, but speaking was still a very inconvenient form of communication for them.
  4. 1. Still figuring this out myself, to be honest 2. It's entirely possible, and depending on what kind of "inanimate object" they are, it might even have a chance of working. 3. I'll be entirely honest here: To me, this actually sounds like it would work better than the previous idea. One exsmple comes to mind: GLaDOS. [Portal spoilers beyond this point, but the game is 8 years old by now. Everyone knows that ] She's an AI who has control of the entire facility, so in a way, wouldn't that mean she IS the entire facility? With this in mind, the idea of a tulpa and a wonderland being one and the same makes more sense than one would initially think. Bonus: That's your decision to make. I hate to give vague answers like that, but the person who knows you best is you. All I can say is that most people who dedicate themselves to it tend to get good results. There is a small handful of notorious "worst-case scenarios (Citation: Search "Koomer," though I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who's just starting out)," but those people were mentally unstable (Not the exaggerated kind of "mentally unstable" like the person above mentioned; I mean legitimate severe mental problems) to begin with. If this doesn't describe you, it's probably fine. Anyway, I have to go to school now. I hope this helped.
  5. meh, we'll continue this when it's not 2v1. or at least not 2vme 97
  6. fucking what why 97 no in that case, 85
  7. playing by the rules, ironically ok we'll go from there 92
  8. 95 just noticed llamas edit, missed opportunity, oh well
  9. oh ok, that was actually my fault. carry on. also 95
  10. ok time out we need a second to figure out whats going on here
  11. 88 check last page pls jean
  12. 89 nope check last page