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    I'm a gamer, I work tech support, and have been curious of tulpa since first discovering it online.

    I administrate a Youtube channel called ParadoxPowerPlays, which is slowly beginning to develop into its own gaming community. We hold contests and game giveaways for our subs, so if you want a chance to win free games, feel free to sub. (Ad-based partner channel, money goes to games)

    Can't necessarily call myself a musician, haven't written any original pieces yet, mainly revamp older video game tunes into remastered HD tracks. Same applies for animation, I know how, but can never seem to ever complete any of mine.

    I like to think of myself as a friendly guy that tries to give advice whenever I encounter situations where I might be able to chime in a few words of advice before departing.
  1. -Report 011- So, I'm a bad host. I've been busy with a bunch of things during the past week, and haven't had any time to actively force with Vinyl, aside from trying to do some active forcing at night before passing out shortly into it. Since that weekend is now over, technically I'd have time to get back into it, so what I might have to end up doing is primarily work on passive forcing in the meantime to pick up the ball and get back to where we were.
  2. I'll be honest, mine is actually the pastel version. How I go about this is to imagine a mirror, and seeing myself into it, then imaging my tulpa standing by my side, that way I can base off the proportions. Now, when it comes to depth and figure, I normally imagine it something 'cell-shaded', like this: Definitely helps with things like turning around or more complex/angled motion.
  3. I use mirrors in my wonderland to help things such as a height/proportion comparison, but can be applied in real life for thing such as imposition practice. I'd say try it, and if it works for you, keep at it.
  4. - Lucid Dream (30 Minutes) Effects Before: Was in a relatively calm state, a bit mentally active, couldn't really focus on one particular thought for too long of a length of time. Was later at night, probably around 11:30PM. Effects After: Felt relatively calmer, thoughts weren't moving anywhere near as fast, went to bed straight after to see if it would help transistion into a lucid dream, which unfortunately it did not, however I'm not normally one who has a lot of dreams, nor remembers them, however I had either 'multiple dreams' or a 'scenario changing' dream, and I remember them quite vividly. One of them was an old church I used to go to as a kid, but in the dream I felt like skipping out on the service, so I did. The second one was, for some reason, I had no pants and I was looking for my college dorm room, but didn't know where it was or it no longer existed. I'm not in college. Nowhere in my dreams did I have any 'lucidity', nor did I have any encounters with Vinyl, but due to recollecting dreams easier and possibly having more, it might be something that I should do more often to see if results vary. May try different .drgs to see what may help out on forcing.
  5. -Report 010- Took the test again. My wife had distracted me for a split second when I was trying to do both the test and process what she was saying, so Vinyl and I were only one ball off together, both of us counted one shy. So, if eyes were not processed to catch the ball, this means that we're still both right, right?
  6. Really? Thought it looked cluttered, but I can easily change it back.
  7. -Report 009- Trying to work on the parallel processing test daily. Today, I scored 100% on my answer, but I had typed in 16 for Vinyl, when the answer was 14. Either one of two things. I can't hear her say the proper answer, or it's something we need to work more on. I feel as if it may be more of the first one, but will definitely continue working on the test.
  8. New update, regarding thoughts on passive forcing.
  9. You can also try doing some passive forcing throughout the day. Let's say you're at school, since I saw that you were busy with that in a different thread. If you're passing through the halls, or busy waiting on rides, or you just happen to have a quiet moment to yourself, just do some passive narration about what's going on, how your day is going. It helps to keep things active.
  10. The main goals that I have set for this year are having Vinyl be more vocal, and with her own mindvoice instead of using my own at times, and getting her imposed onto my regular vision.
  11. -Report 008- MORE PROGRESS. I had read in a thread earlier today during my workshift about a tulpa parallel processing test, where the screen was divided and both you and your tulpa were to count the number of balls that slid across. I found the test, which I'll link here, Tulpa Parallel Processing Tests v1.0 and Vinyl and I gave it a try. I had counted 22 blue balls, and I heard Vinyl use my thoughts to say 18, which she verified she stated via headpressure. I typed in the results, and both of us were 100% accurate.
  12. A suggest I might make, then, is that if continuous work with Raid is what is ebbing away at your stamina, take a day to relax from it. I'm sure that she will understand if it is something that is mutually decided.
  13. I personally suggest trying to work mostly on visualization for now, definitely narrate to your tulpa, so that at least communication is present on your side. I've seen some reports here and there, cannot recall where as of the moment, where if you have a uncommunicative tulpa at first, when the time comes that they speak, it'll blow you away because you won't be expecting it. As long as you continue to work with them, progress will be made, even if it appears it is not. Part of it is going to be your mindset, and if it helps, if I go to parrot/puppet at all, beforehand I state that any actions I perform are mine, and when I am done, I state that I will no longer parrot/puppet, so if any actions happen past that, I am not consciously putting in an effort to do so, thus meaning that it should be the tulpa that is performing them. Hope this helps at all!
  14. -Report 008- PROGRESS. I continued to use the guide that I linked in my last post, getting into that state of mind is almost instantaneous for me, so what I did was while on the bus home from work, I was in my wonderland with Vinyl, laying down on my bed because I try to put as much of my consciousness into the wonderland, which thus helps me relax when relaxing in there, and I could vividly hear her, even though it was with my voice, 'How was your day?'. The guide did mention that tulpa can speak using your thoughts, but I recall not tracing that particular thought back to me consciously asking it. In fact, everything in that session went really well. Vinyl was moving about on her own, and I did get to learn a bit more about her personality in action that I had originally created her with. For starters, she is an apple thief. I had gone to the 'refridgerator' to pull a snack, and she snagged it away from my hands with magic from the sofa with a smirk on her face. When teasing her about it, she shot a seed from her mouth at me. If progress continues in this fashion, I am going to be a very happy camper.
  15. Do you anything going on in life that's taking up a lot of your stamina?