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  1. This was so much fun! Host: Tulpa:
  2. Do you find that although your tulpa's sex/gender is male he acts more female than you do? >.< Just typing that made me curious - do you consider tulpas to have a definite "sex", or would tulpas only have genders? If I could elaborate, human "sex" is what they are born as and "gender" is what they identify as... so keeping in mind that tulpas can switch between male/female at will, would there ever be such a thing as a transgendered tulpa? I'd like to write a whole other thread about this but I'm both afraid it's been done before and I also don't want to spam the forum lol.
  3. I was looking specifically for "female tulpamancers". I honestly don't know why I didn't look up gender and I feel so stupid now lol.
  4. I must not have used very good keywords because I seriously looked everywhere -.- But thank you for linking me, though!
  5. It feels like this community is dominated with male hosts (and so often female tulpas!). Not that I'm complaining or anything, I was just wondering how many of you are actually girls, so I don't feel so alone, haha. I'm making a poll which may be biased due to the title of this thread, but whatever :P For reference I am 20/f, and my tulpa is female as well. Edit: I'd be interested in everyone's age and genders of your tulpa(s), if you'd feel comfortable posting that info, of course. :) Mods feel free to kill this thread, seems I am not very adept at googling things >.<
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