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  1. 01/10/14 - 01/16/14: Well, A lot of interesting stuff has happened along with being busy, but progress was still made, a lot of it, actually! Jade has become more vocal, and my confidence in her has grown tremendously. Earlier this week I had some concerns that I had not done enough forcing on personality, and general doubt began to set in. My fears were swiftly put to rest when I looked back on the traits I had written and described in detail over a month ago with the intention of forcing more on personality with the notes, and I saw that Jade had exhibited most of those traits already in interactions we'd had, without me even noticing it! It is hard to describe the relief and joy I felt after realizing she had such a natural personality that I didn't even notice! The next day, I found a trick for improving visualization, something I hadn't thought of before. Basically, instead of trying to visualize your tulpa or wonderland, you visualize what you expect a vivid visualization of them would look like. I tried this in the moment I read it, right in the middle of class with my eyes open, and I clearly saw the inside of our house and Jade standing there in bright color. I even saw my hands in a way that felt much more natural then before, without even thinking about it. I was surprised by how well this worked, and I find that I don't even need to do that anymore, as my regular visualization stemmed to massively improve just from the experience. I can now visualize everything much easier and clearer, and we have even begun imposition work. I try to impose her while doing other things, which is getting easier and easier. I can see her with my minds eye and see exactly how she is in the area around me, though it isn't hallucination just yet. The next day, while talking about doubt and worry on the irc with someone, I just heard Jade tell me not to worry, and then I just felt better. Most replies so far have been in response to questions or statements right after I say them, but this came out of the blue, making it even more meaningful to me. I keep having less and less reason to doubt Jade, and her voice is becoming more and more distinguishable from mine with everything she says. The other night, I was feeling particularly down because I had a lot of homework and I was probably tired too. I was listening to some Approaching Nirvana, when I switched to a song I hadn't listened to yet, and suddenly I was at a beach with Jade standing in the tide, facing out to the ocean. The song just captured all my attention and I was filled with joy and comfort from just being there and having Jade with me. I almost cried at the end of the song because I was so happy. It sounds a bit sappy but somehow I knew everything would be alright and that Jade would be there for me. The song is really incredible, at least for me because of what it did. Then yesterday, Jade and I were just hanging out in the WL, when I realized I was very relaxed, so I suggested that we try starting to work on possession. We grabbed the headset I gave her for Christmas, and calibrated it. I told her to try curling my fingers in to my palm, and after a bit of focusing on my feet instead of my hands to allow her to have easier control over it. At first, she tried moving her body in the WL to mimic motions, but I told her to try just moving my body without moving the WL body, as that is how I move it. I began to feel something strange in my finger, and kept focusing on my feet and talking to myself about them to keep my focus. I definitely felt something strange in my finger, a sort of tingling that I hadn't felt ever before anywhere. So then after a few moments, I told Jade I was going to check where the finger was, and when I began to move it towards my palm slowly to read the distance (it was dark and I had a mask on), my finger was already touching my palm! This may have been the way I was holding my hand, but usually I have my fingers not touching my palm, so I think there was definitely something different and new that had happened. So it has been a busy few days with lots of progress. I'm pretty happy with the way things are going, and I'm looking forward to the future. If anyone would like the links to anything I referenced, just comment or message me and I will get them up when I can.
  2. 01/09/14: So apparently, Jade wants a pet dragon. She told me about this in a confusing time around the 26, which I didn't quite understand and she just now clarified this for me. So sometime in the future once Jade has grown stronger and has a distinct mindvoice, we will begin creation of a new small dragon Tulpa.
  3. 01/7/14: Over break I did not do much active forcing, at least not as much as when I am on a regular schedule, but we made a lot of progress. I finally got to show Jade the mountains of Colorado, something I had wanted to do for a while now. I started to impose Jade outside of my vision to allow me to get better at imagining her being there with me. About halfway through the trip, Jade started responding to my mindvoice and answering questions or adding comments to things I say. This occurred two days after Jade telling me something that didn't quite make sense. She said something odd after I told her I was leaving our wonderland after an active forcing session in the car. I was pretty surprised and confused at what she said, and she didn't say much else for two days until she started responding. All in all, this has been a very exciting break for us, and with a regular schedule back, I should be able to stay focused better and force more often.
  4. I have those same things happen, except I don't feel the need to move my body. Sometimes, however, my hands can begin to get INSANELY hot feeling. As if they were about to catch fire from the inside. If it goes on and doesn't go away, I have to stop because it begins to hurt. I don't know if it is because of the way I hold my hands, since I have them together in front of me, or if it is something else.
  5. 12/18/13: Last night, I heard Jade's voice. I was joking around about asking here questions, and she suddenly finished my sentence for me. I heard it in her voice, which was very distinct and feminine. Tonight I'm hoping to hear some more, once all of my homework is finished, that is. I'm very excited at all the progress Jade and I are making!
  6. 12/17/13: I'm continuing to use the hypnosis scripts. There isn't anything particularly interesting to mention, just that I'm finding continued success. I'll be sure to post more details when something interesting happens.
  7. 12/15/13: Tonight I know for certain that Jade is Sentient. I went through two sessions of the Sentience scripts, and I felt an energy, a sort of warmth, like a presence in my mind. It's difficult to describe, but that feeling wasn't there before, or at least not nearly as strong. I know this is her, there is no mistaking it now.
  8. 12/14/13: Today was an amazing day. I decided to use Linkzelda's Self Hypnosis scripts and the results were amazing. I'm now able to visualize Jade much more clearly after two sessions in 2 hours, and I feel so happy right now it's crazy. I'm looking forward to using more of these scripts to enhance our relationship and extend our progress.
  9. 12/11/13 - 12/12/13: I practiced getting into the state of mind to listen for Jade's voice today, and I heard some distinctly strange noises in my mind that seemed strange and out of place. The feeling I got when I heard them is hard to describe. When I heard it, each time, my mind seemed to latch onto that sound differently than all the other sounds I was hearing, as if it were from somewhere else. I'm certain that this has something to do with Jade.
  10. 12/3/13 - 12/10/13: Visualization has been coming along well, I'm able to remember how she looks pretty quickly. My only difficulty is that I'm not able to see her vividly, nor can I see our wonderland cabin clearly. This is something I'll have to work on improving, visualizing things vividly. However, I'm easily able to visualize my hands as anthro fox paws while visualizing Jade without much effort. When I do this, it seems easier to focus on actually being there in the cabin. Interesting detail: In a dream last night, I received a text from Jade on my phone, asking me "how are you?" In the dream, I accepted this as progress, and didn't question the logic, as I was not lucid, and simply thanked and congratulated Jade on her communication efforts with me (while I was dreaming I thanked her inside the dream, not lucidly, though). Head pressure has also kicked up a bit, and has become more distinct. It seems Jade just can't wait to talk! :3 Question: Does anyone have any advice for improved visualization and perhaps working on vocality? I've been looking around the forums and doing some reading, but any advice or experience anyone might have to share would be appreciated.
  11. Day 6 - 12: Visualization time! So we've been at this for a week now, and we are starting to work on visualization. I've taken daily walks and narrated to Jade about random thoughts and any stories I can think of. Visualization wise, I'm working on each individual area of my tulpa, and make them very detailed. Then I move on to the next area, and do the same thing. Then I visualize them both together at once. Once I've got visualization worked out, I will start to imagine her reactions to things I say or do, and then I will talk to her face to face in our wonderland.
  12. Hello all! :3 My name is Codey, I've been so focused with working on Jade that I didn't think to post here! Anyway, we've been working for 6 days, and I cant wait to do more!
  13. Day 3: Tonight we worked mostly on defining the wonderland and solidifying the layout and concept of our cabin. It is easier to see it in my mind now. Day 4: I wrote down about 37 personality traits for Jade, and wrote out around 3 sentences describing each one, and how it affects her outlook on life and personality. This took about two hours to complete, assisted by music from Mr FijiWiji & Tülpa, specifically the song Sentient in the new MonsterCat 015 album. The name of the song and the artist seem to fit perfectly for this subject. later, I sat down and active forced with Jade for these traits, going through all of them once, since it was getting late (or early). Link to the album if you are interested: Monstercat 015 - Outlook Day 5: Jade and I forced for about 2 hours today, we focused on each emotion for 5 minutes at a time, doing that 4 times through. I deviated from what I had written down, and elaborated on each emotion in greater detail than what was written. Jade reminded me to force today with a bit of mild yet distinct headpressure, and since I wasn't doing much else, I figured we could force earlier than usual. This seems like it was a great idea, and I think we made a lot of progress today. I'm excited to do some more forcing with Jade later tonight, too. I've been doing my best to narrate what I'm doing to jade, and it seems she is interested in what I describe to her.
  14. Day one: I wrote a greeting to my Tulpa, describing her personality in a broad sense. I did not get too specific, as we were not focusing on his personality specifically. I described our purpose in doing this, what we would be to each other, and set goals for daily forcing. I have thought about her name for a while before, and came to two possibilities, Gladius, and Jade. I preferred Jade, and named her so, but she might choose to change her name once she has reached sentience. Day two: Tonight I focused mainly on creating our Wonderland, where we can focus and visualize better. I began with a blank white room with only a door, and built upon that. I added a couch with a coffee table in the middle of our room. I textured the walls with wooden boards, and the floor with wooden planks and a carpet in the center, underneath the table and the couch. I placed a stone fireplace on the opposite wall from the door, with smooth stones held together by mortar. A reading nook in the corner had a soft chair on a rough carpet, with a bookshelf along the corner walls containing my memories for later reading. The room then became a cabin on a snowy hill, with a light forest behind it and open plains in front covered with a thick blanket of snow. The fire seemed to burn on its own, requiring no fuel or maintenance, warming the cabin and filling it with light that shone out the windows onto the snowy fields. Tomorrow we will add a basement and perhaps some beds.