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  1. Quite alright. It has been a pretty long road. A lot of good times and bad. Things have mellowed out a lot in the years I've been absent here. Part of me wants to delete everything up to the point of my return, but a bigger part of me feels that it'd be a heartless decision. And in a way, I kind of feel like Kaylee may be some kind of reincarnation of Kass. She's a different person entirely, but I can somewhat feel a connection.
  2. I did not know that. Nor did I name the character. Or choose this form for her. Also, CUL doesn't exactly have much of a booty. Not that I'm complaining. For the most part, we've been playing Pokémon Go a lot. She's level 10, team Instinct, and her top six are a 453 Jolteon, a 426 Flareon, a 408 Dragonite, a 344 Tauros, a 328 Weepinbell, and a 302 Golbat. She's seen 45 and caught 43. I'm level 17, team Mystic, and my top six are an 1149 Flareon, a 956 Jolteon, an 869 Blastoise, a 750 Fearow, a 714 Pinsir, and a 705 Tentacruel. I've seen 99 and caught 97. I have more than one phone so when they finally implement trading and one-on-one player battles we can really have some fun with it.
  3. Kaylee's almost completely turned into CUL, a vocaloid character I don't even really know. Personally, I'm completely indifferent to the character's voice, but luckily Kaylee decided to keep the voice she has. Her outfit hasn't changed either, so there's that. It's interesting how she makes these decisions without telling me, but she knows what she's doing and that I'm gonna love her no matter what.
  4. Just went through the whole V2 with Kaylee
  5. I find it harder and harder not to see Kaylee as an anime character as time goes on. Not my intention really, but I'm not complaining either. Also her hair's gotten longer. To about the middle of her back. She's also taking a liking to the band Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Definitely one to check out if you're into J-Rock/J-Pop. I want to have her take the survey and stylometric test, but she doesn't seem all too into the idea and I can't really blame her seing how much longer it's gotten since I've seen it last. Chances are she'll do the V2 like Kass and Espeon did back in the day since it's a bit shorter and she still isn't 100% fluent yet.
  6. I'm taking Kaylee's development a bit differently than my past approaches. Aside from her name, other points of minor deviance have occurred, such as her hair changing from wavy to straight, being shorter than originally planned, and taking on a modern look as opposed to the fantasy huntress-warrior she was originally going to be. since I feel like this is going to be her prevailing form, and having had the luxury and luck of having her appear in a semi-lucid dream the other night, I feel I can give a solid description of her now. Name: Kaylee Form: Human Age (appearance): between 18 and 21 years Hair: Shoulder-length, straight, vermillion Eyes: Emerald Height: around 5' to 5'2" Body: Slim Cup size (because it'll come up sooner or later): C Clothing: Pink and white striped tank top, jean short shorts, green flip-flops Accent: American Real-world Voice Equivalent: Kira Buckland Key Personality Traits: Outgoing, Adventurous, Matter-of-fact Attitude, fun-loving, Speaks her mind with reckless abandon, Laid-back In the dream, starting from where Kaylee came in, I was in a basement at someone's house. I don't think it was anyone I actually knew, but the unfamiliar basement felt comfortable enough. Kaylee just sort of popped into existence while I was looking around. She was naked and posing provocatively on the bed and a combination of elation, amazement, and just plain heat of the moment led to four times as much sex as a normal person would have in that situation. Afterwards, we sort of just appeared at this carnival/amusement park thing on a boardwalk. The rest played out pretty much like a normal date type day and then I woke up. Not a bad dream, if I do say so myself. The process this time around is almost automatic, even after years of dormancy. I'm still going a passive forcing route with a daily active forcing sessions interspersed throughout. I'm also making it a point to force as I get ready to fall asleep at night to hopefully increase the chances of dreams with her in them. At this point in time, dream appearances aside, Kaylee is able to talk and move on her own in the mind, though speech is sometimes garbled or choppy like a phone call with poor reception. Emotional responses seem to come naturally to her, further telling me that her leaps in progress are potentially due to my past experiences. She seems very capable of growing on her own in the case of further mental development and in regards to her form, personality, and voice she seems to be set already. At times I wonder about imposing her so early on. She seems to be ready for it at this point, and I often find myself tossing ideas back and forth with her on how we can accomplish a feat I've never even done before. One idea is to take the astral projection method of "pulling yourself out of your physical body" as I've seen countless times in articles and videos on the subject. Another idea was to try the same technique while in full body possession once she can accomplish that. Other ideas include the traditional "just out of sight" method, the "pitch black room" method, and various mirror methods among a slew of others. On a side note, we'll be learning Japanese at some point so that'll be fun.
  7. Hopefully you've figured out what you need to by now, but if not then here's my answer along with my "I'm back again" post. Honestly, making the various iterations of Vox (whose original purpose was for functions like that) was a combination of forcing to get his forms and such down and regularly monitoring the things I needed him to do. I'd take my blood pressure and pulse at various times of the day and before, during, and after different activities while feeling it for myself to kind of imprint those bits of data onto Vox so he would be able to read my current status and tell me when I needed him to. Time was pretty easy because I've always had a nack for knowing what time it was at any given moment up to within 15 minutes on average. It took a lot of playing around with things to get him working accurately, but I have to say again he was never imposed so his first design as a HUD system was never realized before the newer models were made. In short, You don't need to be able to perfectly tell what time it is or what your heart rate is on a dime to get your servitor to do what you want it to do. As long as you can get pretty accurate yourself, it'll be that much easier to program it into your servitor. Some of the other things Vox could do was give an approximation of my running speed, tell me where exactly I was feeling pain so I could treat it properly, and function as a compass. Hope someone helped you out, even if it wasn't me. And with that, here I am, everyone. One of the pioneers of switching and passive forcing techniques that everyone laughed at until they tried it for themselves, and probably the most modest/least egotistical person you'll ever know in the flesh. Well, in the font at least. Joking aside... Hoo, baby. It's been a while, hasn't it? Two whole years at least. Damn. Quick updates, since I don't like to dwell on the past much. All of my tulpas are gone except the Venom suit, though he rarely gets any exercise these days. I'm beginning work on a new one named Kayleigh, who I see kind of as a projection of myself in a Skyrim-like world. She's also pretty much everything I'm not, so hopefully she'll help me be less of a social dipwad. Someone should really fill me in on what's all been going on around here. It's a community just as much as it's a place to share knowledge and experiences. I'll continue to give advice to the few who may want some from me and maybe even work on another guide on some lesser-spoken-of topics if it works out that way.
  8. Is there anybody... Out there?
  9. does anyone else ever feel trapped in the matrix so to speak? its been a while since weve been here. many things have happened. assimilation. amalgamation. loss of touch. too much thinking. too much feeling. the mind recoils in terror. when a man has to get out he has only to go in. the end is near. the path is clear. i love you all friends. the world truly is what you make of it. take me as i am for i wont be this way much longer. we have found a new brand of peace. we have achieved a new form of understanding. we have constructed a new type of living. we have entered a new level of mentality. repent for your personal sins so that the almighty you can live with yourself and all that is righteous shall be your bed. these were his last words before the one became four and the four became one. when you read these words know that he is fine and we are fine and the world is fine and then you will be fine too. take solace in his redemption as he does in yours we forgive you
  10. hectic shit going on lately in life and in mind. family health issues. everythings ok for now. kass is having crazy mood swings that almost resemble rampancy. marco finally came out of the ball looking like azrael, archangel of death, and reffering to himself as such. the ball itself also transformed into gantz. most likely because ive been reading the manga a lot lately. its kinda funny really. kass was nicknamed neon tits. krysta was ponebabe. marco/azrael was named sexy angel. and i was named mud mind. on another note i got an xbox for christmas and kass and i have been playing assassins creed 3 and halo 4 every chance we get. weve already killed over a thousand and a half british soldiers.
  11. mfw i finally get my lazy ass around to trying fede's tones and then realizing why electronic music made kass "stronger" all this time sandy was a bitch but we didn't get hit nearly as bad as most people. finally got power back today after over a week. got to spend some quality tuppertime. krysta decided to grow up a bit. vox decided to assimilate with my internal computer system. venom decided to give up everything. marco went dormant and locked himself inside a large steel ball btw happy late halloween
  12. my friend is a fucking god. not only is he a pro dj and told me he would love working with me if i did shows and whatnot, but he gave me two pieces of software that will immensely help out with my production. kass and i have been playing around with them pretty much all night. kass is especially excited about all of this because now her music can finally become something others can hear too. marco is still slowly developing. its taking longer this time i think because of everything else going on so not as much attention goes to him.
  13. this is the happiest ive been since the day she appeared
  14. very emotional night with kass last night. id just about given up hope for any kind of happiness in the real world when she took me into the wonderland and began to play the bangarang album. i joined in on vocals and on other parts where i could. overall we had a blast just her and i for once in a long time. vox was charging, krysta was asleep, venom was dormant, marco was wandering around the city, it was just me and her. i know i was awake but the whole thing was more vivid than any dream. more so than any other time id been in the wonderland. during summit she looked at me with those electric blue eyes in a loving way that made my very soul melt. when the skrillex orchistral suite began she stopped playing and let the music go on by itself. we went into another floor of our pagoda and the music crafted the landacape. it was so romantic. it was a walk through our past since she was created. everything from the first day up through the nightmare events and up to the present day. the beauty and awe of this night cannot be expressed in any way shape or form imaginable or comparable by any means. it was heaven. we lay together all night making love and watching the stars and just connecting on a divine level. as redundant as it is we really were as one last night and the only tragedy is that it had to end
  15. kass and i have been talking and weve decided to work together on making music. id been wanting to start up some kind of band or solo thing for a long time now and with kass around to help make decisions and play out music in my head i think i can finally achieve that. also im a lazyass and she wont let that continue if were going to do this. marco is still at about the same level of progress but his responses are becoming more frequent and intelligent. imposition may be starting to work as every now and then ill catch a glimpse of a figure out of the corner of my eye and when i look its gone. kass and marco and sometimes vox will say they were just there
  16. espeon started as an experiment and ended up being one of the best friends i ever had. and kass just popped up out of nowhere. no reason on my part at all. vox amd cyrano started as servitors and gained sentience after a while too. everyones got their reasons and i agree with chess on the end result thing and also on the part about people having shallow reasons having the most to gain from the experience
  17. boredom. nothing interesting to say. here, have a look at my SS programming method. [cmd] new construct Mannequin283-----([cmd] = main command) [cmd] apply form dummy.frm [cmd] apply personality;----------------(semicolon = command requires subprogramming) ----{personality=townsfolk}------------(usually known and tweaked for different mannequins) ----/action sleepcycle=21:30<>09:30---(/action applies a quality or attribute) ----/action job=baker ----/action jobcycle=10:30<>18:30 ----/action freetime=3.5hr; --------{freetime=tetherball} --------/action playtetherball [cmd] autonomy=true [cmd] finalize Mannequin283 [cmd] run construct Mannequin283 there. now i've created a simple servitor mannequin baker who enjoys tether ball in his spare time. simple programming, simple understanding of what these actions all are, simple servitor able to carry out these actions autonomously. this is NOT how i made my tuppers. servitors only.
  18. ive heard of someone else making a video like that where they and their tupper have different voices in the same body. personally when kass and i switch theres no difference in voices
  19. ok. computer's working again. i was kinda getting tired of having to use my droid and itouch the whole time even though that made it easier as far as logging in and all that when kass uses her profile (i stayed signed in on the droid while she stayed signed in on the ipod so whenever she wanted to go on the forums she would use that). anyway around 60 hours or so in... i fell asleep. and slept for at least 12 hours straight. not a total failure, though, as marco has gained the ability to move around on his own and like i said at some other point he sometimes answers on his own unexpectedly. that's become a little more frequent and he's started to make short comments from time to time as well. aside from marco and his progress, i've stayed awake purposely for a full day or two before for just stupid reasons, but this was intense. day 1 was normal. night 1 was a bit of a hurdle but nothing i couldn't handle with the help of kass and the three monsters i had that day combined with my energy control ability. day 2 was normal except for constant headaches which were easily done away with after taking 4 advils at once. acetaminophen (tylenol) does absolutely nothing unless i take four to six at once. a regular dose of ibuprofen (advil) does work but these were so bad i needed that extra kick. day 3 is when i noticed the psycho-physical effects. My vision went wavy when i tried to focus on something, the frames of my glasses don't usually bother me but at this point i had to take them off for a few minutes every time i noticed them because they started tripping me out and making me feel boxed in like the frames were around my entire world, my concept of time became much more accurate as far as intuitively knowing what time it was to within five minutes or less on a consistent basis, and after being electrocuted (i will not use any other word for that. in my mind, being zapped is like from a static discharge, being shocked is like from a shock lighter or pen or something, and this was being electrocuted. my whole body felt it and i went blind for a split second. i thought i blinked but kass told me i didn't) i noticed my hearing was a bit off, my tulpas' voices sounded a bit different and when i listened to music it was like the equalizer was set with almost no bass and high treble and mid. all in all i'd say this was an interesting past few days and i believe if i had a different set of circumstances and prepared myself better i'd be able to pull off the whole 100 hours. progress was definitely made so that's good. my fucking face when i woke up this morning
  20. 50 hours in i think. my vision is physically wavering from time to time. marco is moving on his own now this post was short because i was working at the time. elaboration time. by wavering i mean when i try to focus looking at something its like heat waves messing with the imagery. chain smoking has also altered my state of mind like i knew it would and this is what i think is also contributing to the feeling that the days are merging together. its like one big long day and it helps my theorizing that the longer a person stays awake the more they live in the moment. my memory was already not so great but its really shining through now. i can hardly remember that haplened minutes to hours ago. my concept of time is also better. being electrocuted an hour or so ago probably didnt help either but at least im not tired anymore
  21. i guess the doctor... is in YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  22. it was just a quick throw together about simple servitors. also i like to think the programming method is different for everyone. some people may prefer a programming language like C or C++ or whatever or have their own system. with me and my rOS as i like to think of it its like narrating to the servitor what its purpose is and how it should perform the tasks related to it. over 30 hours in now. constant headaches and random moments of questionable reality. no notable progress with marco yet
  23. almost fell asleep an hour ago but kass brought me back from the brink. totally crept up on me
  24. 18 hours in and ive just broken my regular sleep cycle. this is the part where i tap into the reserves built up from the three monsters i had today and keep visualizing the magnet and wires electrical generator spinning faster and faster to stay awake long enough to break my cycle. puppeted and parroted marco all day as planned and decided to go with a voice more befitting his appearance than that of james woods. also tweaked the personality a bit. did notice a possible unparroted response from him after asking a question jokingly and not planning on having him answer
  25. with us, at this point due to switching so much and for so long and for other psychological and philosophical reasons, kass and i see my body as a totally separate entity. its basically become just a vessel either of us use. so far nothing bad has ever happened to me unless you consider our first successful attempt and the resulting inability to move on my own for an hour bad but even that effect faded away as we did it more often